Steal Me Now, Steal Me Forever

Summary: When Ben is abducted by Eon, he can only pray he'll survive, especially when Eon has a more sinister plot planned for him. Gwen and Max are at their limit in worry. The Omnitrix won't work. And Ben is on the verge of losing himself...Put to the test, will the boy's sanity conquer or cave against an entity's vile intentions?

Note: This is based off the movie "Ben 10: Race Against Time"

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Ben struggled helplessly against Eon as the alien grabbed him, lifted him up easily, and silently took him away from the Plumbers and out of the hardware store while his henchmen played decoy. How could he have been so oblivious to the danger?

"Ugh! What are you doing?" the boy cried, kicking and trying savagely to escape the iron grip that held him.

"Rescuing you," he hissed, reaching over and tampering with the Omnitrix. In response, it shone a bright lavender as if short circuiting, sending shockwaves through Ben before completely shutting down.

"Let me go!" he screamed, managing to twist his body and elbow Eon in the gut. The alien relinquished his grip momentarily, clutching his side and giving Ben his chance to escape.

He sprinted several paces and paused. Frantically, he tried to activate the watch, twisting and pushing its face, anything to get a response, but to no avail. The Omnitrix remained white-faced and silent. "Come on!" he pleaded, voice wavering, willing his watch to work. Why did it never work when he most needed it? Glancing back up he saw Eon recover and approach. Utter fear welled up in his small chest. Spinning on his heal, he ran as fast as his legs could take him; his enemy close behind.

"There's nowhere you can run," Eon called after him in such a calm way that terrified the boy to no end. "Benjamin."

"Help!" he yelled as he rounded a corner in the desolate street. His cries fell on deaf emptiness. Casting his eyes about, he caught sight of a bike parked in a rack in front of a building across the street. Without a second thought, he came to it, threw the helmet on, and swung his leg over it, taking off into the night. He needed to shake his pursuer to then double back and find Grandpa.

Coming down the slick street, he eventually had to stop to catch his breath which had become exceedingly ragged. He coughed a bit and wiped his brow with a shaky hand as he tried to regulate his breathing. "M-Maybe I lost him…" he assured himself as he looked around the abandoned street. His hands were still trembling in the wake of his distress.

Then, without warning, the Omnitrix sparked and glowed again. An eerie screech penetrated his ears and he gritted his teeth as tendrils pain shot through his body to such an intensity that he toppled off the bike. Jarred as his mind was, and wholly encompassed by the agony, he barely noticed when a car wheeled to a halt next to him as the foreign shockwaves battered him mercilessly.

The passenger door of the car swung open as Eon reached out and grabbed a fistful of the brunette's shirt. "Nice try!" he hissed, hauling the dazed boy in and shutting the door into oblivion.

"They're gone…?" questioned Gwen as she looked about.

"Hmm...Something's not right," Max said suspiciously. "Those creatures wouldn't have retreated unless they got what they came f—,"


"Where's Ben?" he yelled, old eyes frantically searching for something.

"I-I don't know," Gwen stuttered. "Last I saw of him was when he backed up to go alien…Oh god! They must've got Ben!"

"We have a serious problem," declared Mrs. Dalton somberly, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Who knows what Eon will do to the poor boy?" She threw her arms out in emphasis of her worry.

"But why take him away if the Hands of Armageddon is here? It makes no sense," protested Principal White, scratching his head in confusion.

Max rubbed his temples in frustration. White had a point, and Max had no answers; a fact that effectively made him livid. "I'm not sure why," he said, trying to retain his anger, "but what I am sure of is that we need to find Ben, and fast." The Plumbers nodded in unison at the declaration.

'I hope he's alright…' Gwen prayed as she buckled a laser-blaster onto her belt.

A soft groan escaped Ben's lips as he slowly came to.

"Ah, finally awake are we?" came the deep voice, seemingly resonating from everywhere at once.

Opening his eyes, he took in the blurry area around him, pausing a moment when the world spiraled in his vista. "Where…am…I…?" he whispered dizzily.

"In your new, but temporary home, Benjamin," said the alien as he loomed over the large table that Tennyson lay on.

His light-green eyes widened a fraction, finally recalling the past events. "Eon!" he gasped. He sat up quickly only to be yanked back by the shackles on his wrists and ankles.

Eon simply laughed and waved a finger back and forth. "No, no my dear child. Can't have you running away from me now can I?" He turned, plucking a needle from a tray and faced Ben once more.

"W-What are you going to do with that?" the brunette asked fearfully as Eon squeezed it slightly, releasing a tiny stream of limpid fluid.

"This?" he pointed at the instrument in his hand. "This is a special sedative, just for you. I simply want to make sure you don't attempt anything when I relieve you of those shackles. And," he continued, a malicious grin darkening his frightful features, "because it'll be delightfully pleasurable to see you squirm."

Ben's breath caught in his throat and his heart all but stopped. "P-Please don't!" he cried as Eon lifted his shirt and pulled his pants down slightly. What did that freak think he was doing? "S-Stop!" Tears rolled down his cheeks as he saw the syringe settle just above the right side of his lower abdomen. He wanted nothing to do with that thing!

"Calm down. It'll only hurt for a moment," Eon sneered before sinking the needle into the hysterical child. Ben screamed at the top of his lungs as the instrument penetrated his skin and poured its sickly contents into him. He shrieked all the more as a burning sensation spread throughout his body. Oh God did it hurt! "Shh…It's alright," Eon whispered into the sobbing boy's ear, delighted at the pained sounds, though Ben was too far gone to hear.

After what seemed like an eternity, the pain died down into a full-body numbness that left his ears ringing. Even when the shackles were removed, he couldn't find it in him to move.

"That's it my little Ben. Just let the sedative do its job. Meanwhile, I'll be having a bit of my own fun with the rest of the Plumbers," the alien purred, passing a hand across the boy's cheek. Turning away, he snapped his fingers. Three of the monster-like servants materialized before him. "Take the boy to the room. Make sure no one enters or leaves it." With that, he disappeared in a billow of violet smoke.

"Well, the most we know is that Ben was abducted from here," Mrs. Dalton said, pointing to a street on a map of Bellwood. "It seems he fell off his bike. Most likely he was abducted by car."

"Do you know where it went?" Max asked hopefully.

"No...we don't. Look, I'm sorry, Max, but we can't find a single trace as to where they went."

"...No, no. You've done a good job…" Max couldn't shake the feeling that his dear grandson might already be in Death's hands. He shook his head, quickly pushing the thought aside. He had to keep trying. He couldn't give up on Ben. He wouldn't. "We must keep searching though! Ask the every resident around the area if they saw anything, anything! I want to know every car that has gone down that street in the last twenty-four hours and to where!"

Mrs. Dalton smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. "As you wish."

Gwen was running on thin ice. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that she would be so affected by the disappearance of her dumb cousin. But as she considered it, how could she not? Ben was around her age, ten, maybe a two or three months younger—a fact that she cherished and taunted him with—and was definitely much more immature than she. He was a dweeb in her book. A silly boy that wouldn't wear colored socks because he was afraid they'd color his feet, and who cried terribly after she'd pinned him when they were five. And don't get her started on how obnoxious and dense he was on a daily basis.

But then again, he was always fun and unpredictable. A great hero, too.

She felt a tear roll down her cheek. "I'm so sorry Ben. I wasn't there to protect you."

Ben would always find his way into trouble. Either intentionally or unintentionally, he'd always get himself into something way over his head. That was where Gwen Tennyson would jump in and save the day, even if it was just her cousin's.

Sometimes he would trip or stumble and practically fall off a cliff or into a bottomless pit, or sneak into some store and play a new, off-limits Sumo-Slammer game and get chased down by a group of buff-looking security men. And who was always there to pull him from the edge and bail him out of trouble? That's right. Gwen. Sure, Grandpa Max did a heck of a lot, but he was getting old and slower and she, being young, was always around and keeping up with her hyper ball of annoyance.

She was crying now. Thoroughly sobbing; hiccupping occasionally. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them while resting her chin on her knees. Thinking about him and his stupidity made her miss him all the more. She too, was pushing away the thought that her cousin was no more among the living, or being tortured in some sickly cruel way and having the Omnitrix ripped from him painfully… She shook her head savagely. He was still alive. She knew it. "I swear I'll find you. I'll rescue you, and don't you dare doubt that for a second! I'm coming, Ben."

Leafs floated down onto the flattened grass at the base of a tree where it was once occupied. Empty it was now as the person walked determinedly away in search for a close friend and family member. This was her resolve.

As Gwen joined the group of Plumbers that were congregated around the Rust-bucket, she noticed that something was wrong. Very wrong. It was dead silent and everyone was standing still. She regarded at them curiously while she approached.

"W-What's up you guys? Looks like you've all seen a ghost…" She didn't finish her sentence as she turned to the direction in which they were all fixated.

She gasped, covering her mouth with a trembling hand. There, right before her eyes, stood her cousin, Benjamin Tennyson. But Ben was not Ben anymore. He was something else. Something brutally broken.

His cloths were torn and burned and slipping down his shoulders in shreds. Deep gashes covered his arms and legs and purple-black bruises lined his dirt covered face and chest. His hair was soaked with blood—probably his own she feared—and ragged. But most frightening of all were his eyes. Irises once a bright green were now dark grey pits. Tears were flooding down his face, mixing with blood as they ran over a cut on his cheek.

"…Ben…?" she whispered, not believing that that was her cousin.

"It hurts…," he said, his voice ghostly faint and raspy. He was trembling.

"Dear, lord. Ben!" Max cried and ran over to his grandson.

"YOU did this to me!" he growled, his words laced with sudden venom. He pointed an accusing finger at Max, causing him to stop. "And you did too," he continued, glaring at Gwen.

"B-But Ben, we didn't…and Eon he…" she couldn't find the words. How could she? "Ben I'm so sorry!" she screamed shaking her head and rushing to him. She stopped two feet from him and met his pain filled eyes with her own.

"Ben, did Eon do this to you?" Max asked as he reached out to touch him, but his hand was swatted away. He lowered his gaze. That's when he noticed something even more horrible. The Omnitrix was gone! The boy's left wrist was terribly mutilated. His skin was ripped off and covered in drying blood that still leaked through cracks. "…The Omnitrix…" His old eyes widened considerably. "Ben come here! We need to get you medical treatment immediately! Those wounds—,"

"It's because of you that I've had to suffer like this. You guys didn't come to rescue me."

"No, Ben!" Gwen protested. "We tried our b—,"

"You abandoned me!"

"NO!" she sobbed frantically. "I'm so, so sorry! I just couldn't…" She lunged at him, wrapping her thin arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "I never wanted this to happen to you! I wish I had protected you better! Please forgive me!"

"It's too late," came a malicious voice.

Max turned and locked gazes with Eon. A rage like no other began to boil inside him. "Eon," he roared, barely sustaining the urge to pull out his gun and blast the alien's brains out. He wanted to make the alien pay. He wanted him to suffer slowly, to make sure that the pain he had caused Ben hit him ten times as hard.

"Tennyson," he countered calmly, a grin plastered on his face. "Hmm, it seems like you've met little Ben here."

"You BASTARD!" Gwen screeched, still gripping onto the unresponsive male whom kept whispering 'It's all your fault,' to himself. "What did you do to Ben?"

"Me? Whatever I pleased."

The sound of laser blasters powering up echoed throughout the area as the other Plumbers gathered their wits and prepared to take down Eon.

Gwen felt sick. Everything was going too quickly for her. She looked at the cousin she gripped onto like a lifeline. She just couldn't fully believe that that was her Ben. Her immature Ben that always had a goofy smile plastered on his face, even in the face of danger. She'd let Ben down. She really had abandoned him—condemned him to such torture. Her heart was ripping itself in half. She was a monster. A monster that couldn't even look after her little cousin. More tears rolled down her cheeks mixing together with his.

Suddenly, she noticed something strange. Something that she had failed to notice before she was so close to him. In the crook of his neck, on the right side, was a small purple tattoo of a target. She leaned closer for a better look. Yep, it was there alright—smooth and shiny.

Her brows pulled together in thought. She never remembered Ben having a tattoo anywhere. Sure it could have been Eon who decided to have some sick fun and do that to him, but that was defiantly not the case. This tattoo was different. She lifted her hand and ran a finger over the mark. Ben stiffened and stopped his muttering. The tattoo was frigid to the touch. Something was defiantly off; unnatural to say the least. She was absolutely positive that Ben never had any tattoos on any part of his body. How did she know? Let's just say that barely a week ago, Ben forgot to lock the bathroom door and she had walked in on him while he was showering. It took a total of five seconds before a hurricane of screaming and air born shampoo bottles erupted.

It was a mortifying experience, she knew. And, from then on, they both always knocked on the door, even if it was obviously empty before daring to even touch the knob.

Her cheeks were burning at the memory, but, as embarrassing as it was, she had seen Ben's entire body and there wasn't a trace of markings anywhere; just flawless tan skin.

Gwen began to loosen her grip and pull away. Without a second thought, she unclipped the laser-blaster from her belt and blasted Ben in the gut sending him flying thirty feet before smacking into a tree and crumpling to the ground.

"GWEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Max screamed when he saw what happened.

"That's NOT Ben!" she declared.

Eon's brows pulled together, his grin dying into a frown for a moment, but altered back to the amused look a moment later. "Smart girl."

Fire Chief Woodington whirled around. "Where's the real Ben?" he demanded, knowing full well that Gwen would never lie about such a thing.

"Hmm, so you've discovered my little trick. Sorry, he's taking a little nap right now, so he can't come play yet. But I promise he and I will have some fun of our own."

"Even if you have the Omnitrix, you need the Hands of Armageddon to bring your race to earth, so you might as well give up and give us Ben back!" shouted Mister Hawkins, the postman.

Eon grinned all the more. "You see, dear Plumbers, there's been a change of plans. I'm not after the Hands anymore." Gwen and Max looked at each other in confusion. "Ah…I believe it is time for me to bid you a farewell."

"You're not going anywhere, Eon!" shouted Max aiming his blaster at the alien's chest. The rest of the Plumbers, including Gwen, followed suit.

"Too late." As his words left his mouth, a torrent of beams littered the area as the blasters were fired at the already disappearing Eon. Only a dissipating cloud of violet smoke remained where he once was.

"What could he be planning…?" Max wondered, nausea dominating his innards.

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