12 Months After

Author's Note: I just finished watching A Good Day to Die/We are Robin Hood, and couldn't believe what a terrible way to end that was. What is Robin without Marian? She just can't die. Which got me thinking. The result is this little story.


Robin looked down at Marian, her body cradled in his arms. Tears streamed down his cheeks, so that he could hardly see her dear face. The lump in his throat almost prevented him from saying his last words to her, before he put her in the ground.

He brushed his lips over hers one last time.

"Goodbye, my love," he whispered, slipping his arms out from under her. He stood up. The sight of his beloved Marian lying there on the ground, her arms and legs at odd angles, her face still, he could bear it no longer.

"I can't watch this," he said, turning away. Little John laid a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, trying to give all the comfort he could.

"I can't watch her go in the cold ground. She loved sunlight so much," Robin choked.

"Don't worry, Robin. You will not have to see it," said the King gently, steering the grieving man towards the house and out of the sun. Everyone followed, except Will and Djaq, who stood where they were for a few more minutes, and Bassam, standing beside them.

"I will instruct the servants to bury her later today," he said to them, "You stay here; I will go and fetch one to stand guard."

He swung onto his horse, and began to ride away, leaving Will and Djaq. For many minutes, they did not move, but stayed as they were, watching over the body of Marian of Locksley.

Presently, Will slipped his arm out of Djaq's and placed it around her shoulders.

"I've come to a decision," he said, his eyes still fixed on Marian's body.

"What is that?" Djaq asked.

"I'm not going back to Sherwood with Robin."

Djaq turned to him, her face a study of confusion.

"Why not? You love Sherwood."

"Not as much as I love you," he said, "and I know you were homesick in Sherwood, and I know how much you hated the cold, and I've seen how much you love being here. I want you to be happy, Djaq, and you are happy here. So I'm staying. With you."

Djaq shook her head in amazement.

"Will Scarlet, I do not deserve you. That is the thing I would like most in the world," She said, hugging him close.

"How long had you decided this for?" she asked when he pulled away.

"After seeing you with those birds, I knew you belonged here. And where you are, I will be. If that means I live here, than I will. Besides, it's nice here."

Djaq smiled wanly. She was filled with such joy, but it was tempered with the anguish she felt for the loss of Marian, and on Robin's behalf. She did not know what she would do if she were in Robin's place, and it was Will who was dead.

The thought of never seeing Marian again struck her in full force once again. It was stronger now for having been forgotten for a few moments. A tear trickled down her cheek.

"I will miss her," she whispered, "it was she who first told me that if I wanted you to notice me, I should stop looking like a boy," she chuckled slightly at the memory, "she had such fire, such conviction. And she was so brave, even to the end,"

"I know," Will said, gently holding Djaq as she began to cry in earnest.