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Waking up later and finding him gone wasn't surprising. As I got up I quickly put on a pair of loose jeans and half shirt. The jeans turned out to be Jake's. I sighed and kept them on because I liked the way they hung off my hips. Walking to the window and opening it. The sky was black. The rain gently hit my face and I smiled. Then I picked up my brush and put it through my hair. I heard a soft knock at the door.

"Come in."

The door opened and Sam stepped in. Closing the door behind himself. He sat on the edge of the bed.

I turned to him, "So?"

Sam "Ok Aubrey we all know something is going on."

I looked at him confused, "What am I doing?"

He sighed, "It's not what you doing, but what you NOT doing. We haven't heard any of your thoughts since we got you away from the bloodsucker."

I shrugged, "Maybe it's because of the toxin that you can't hear me anymore. Either way I can still hear you guys."

Sam "I think tomorrow you need to go and talk to Carlisle. Maybe he'll know what is going on."

I nodded and he got up to leave. When his hand was on the door I spoke out.

"Sam I think sometime soon something bad is going to happen."

He turned around slowly, "What do you mean?"

I sighed, "Well I have this feeling that something will happen. I don't know what, but something."

"We'll ask Alice about it tomorrow."

With that he left and I starred out into the night. I stayed there for about an hour. Then I started to feel restless. I leaned out the window a little more and saw the moon. As I looked at it pain seared through my head. An image flashed through my head.

Forest. Edward, Bella and Jake near the mountains. In a tent. Edward was glaring at Jake and he was smirking back. Bella in Jakes arms.

Then it was gone. I collapsed on the floor. My breathing was ragged and my hair tumbled into my face. Slowly I was able to get my breathing under control. Once I got myself fully under control I stood up. My legs were slightly shaking as I walked towards the vanity. I forced myself to look at myself. As I saw my eyes it reminded me how close I had been to lose everything. Then I saw the scars on my stomach. The reminder of Jacob, the one I knew before Bella was involved. I sighed and turned away from the mirror and looked towards my clock. The red print read 1:57.

Focusing my mind I tapped into Sam's mind, "I know you aren't going to approve, but I'm going to the Cullen's. I have questions that won't wait."

After a few moments went by I heard, "Wait for Jacob. He's on his way back now. Warning though he's going to try and stop you."

Then I heard Jacob's thoughts, "How could she want to go back to them? I'm going to stop her. I can't let her go back to them so soon; she may decide to not come back."

I sighed and sat down on the bed. Staring out the window. The rain had the usual calming sensation over me. I heard someone's footsteps coming in fast. It could only mean one thing, Jacob. Suddenly he was jumping in the window and then was in front of me in seconds. I looked down at him as his hair lightly dripped onto my pants. I smiled down at him.

His eyes pierced through mine as he growled, "Don't go."

My smiled faded from my face, "What are you afraid of?"

He put his cheek against my thigh, "Aubrey you won't come back."

I slid my hand through his damp hair, "I won't be the one to leave."

As the words left my mouth I hoped he wouldn't get the meaning. Thankfully he didn't.

Feeling his mouth move against my leg as he spoke, "Aubrey do you promise you won't ever leave me?"

"Jacob I will never leave you, my promise to you my love."

He smiled, "Little one I promise to never leave you as well."

My heart shattered at these words, but I wouldn't let it show. I put my hands on his head to have him looking at me.

"Jacob I need to go. I know you prefer it that I don't go, but I need to do this. For me. Please tell me you understand?"

He slowly nodded."You also know that I'm going to have to be there a lot, so I can control myself."

His eyes clouded.

Then his thoughts ran through my mind, "She's going to be there? For how long? Will she like it better?"

Before his mind could get further in questioning I spoke, "Love, you know I'm going to be coming home?"

His eyes still questioned me, "Aubrey I almost lost you before. I don't want to go through that ever again."

He got up and pushed me onto the bed and looked down at me. He lowered his lips to mine. Letting myself get caught in his kiss knowing it maybe a couple days before I saw him again. His softly bit my bottom lip and I opened my mouth as his tongue caressed my mouth. Minutes later I realized what he was doing. I flipped him over while still kissing him and slowly pulled back. His hands were on my hips and pulled me down. I groaned in frustration. Then pushed myself off. His hands pulled me back down.

"Jacob no."

His hands let go and pushed me up. He stared at me with a confused expression as I stood in front of him.

Thoughts ran through my mind, "What just happened?"

"Jake I love you."

He gave me a confused look again, "I love you too Aubrey."

I wished he would fall asleep so I could get away before he could do anything to stop you. Thinking back to what Carlisle said and then thought about the bloodsucker than bit me.

I simply said one word, "Sleep."

His eyes started to close and before he was about to fully pass out my hand touched his cheek.

"I'll be back in four days."

I kissed his lips softly. As I walked to the window I stopped for a moment. Concentrating on sending the memory of what happened between Jacob and I to Sam. Moments later I heard footsteps coming towards the room. Quickly climbing out the window and landing on the ground. Then I ran to the Cullen's. Knowing that again someone would either 'see' me coming or catch my scent. When I was about fifty feet away from the house Alice was there. When I got near her she took my hand and pulled me into a hug. Once her arms were there I crumpled. My knees wouldn't support me. I sobbed gently. As much as I knew I had to do this, I also knew that the things I saw are going to happen. She picked me up and ran to the house. She didn't stop until we reached her room.

When she sat me down I mumbled, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For not taking me to the other room."

After that my eyes closed.

Again I dreamed of the thing that haunted me the most. Jake leaving me for Bella. More vividly, as if I was Bella in the dream. Or maybe it was because I have kissed him before? I would never know.

Finally a voice came into my mind, "Aubrey we're all worried about you. Please wake up."

The voice slowly continued to speak to me, "When you left I knew that you had to do it, but you need to wake up. To do what you said you would. To keep your promise to me."

As the words stopped my mind started to respond, making me wake up. My eyes opened and met no one's eyes. I opened my mind and saw Jake in my room.

He smiled, "So you finally woke up."


"You've been out for two days."

"I'm sorry you worried you."

He stood and looked out my window, "So you'll come home soon?"

"Yes Jake. I'm sorry for making you fall asleep."

"You can make it up to me once you get back."

I faintly smiled, "I promise I will. For now it's time for me to do what I've come here for. I'll see you soon."

In my mind I saw a sad smile went to his lips, "I love you Aubrey."

"I love you too."

With that said my mind closed. As I went out of the room and down the stairs five people stood there. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Edward and Bella.

Carlisle "Aubrey there is something you should know. Alice saw it."

Esme "Edward's going to show you."

I nodded.

Soon a vision came into my mind.

I saw myself in a hospital and a doctor talking to me, "Ms. Ateara your results came back. You're pregnant."

I looked calm as i spoke, "When am I due?"

"December 13th."

Then the visit ended.

Esme "It means your carrying the baby now."

Alice "So you can't fight. We won't be able to see your abilities."

I sighed, "Can I ask a favor?"

Bella "Anything."

"Don't ever mention this to Jake. Or anyone else."

Alice looked shocked, "Why not? This is a blessing."

"I have my reasons."

Carlisle "You're not going to have an abortion right?"

"Never. Just trust me."

I felt something pull at my mind. As soon as I felt it I blocked my mind.

Looking at Edward, "Don't."

He looked at me, "But-"

"No. I'm going to go lay down. Then I'm going back to La Push."

I walked back up the stairs. I keep my mind block from anyone reading my thoughts. I walked into the room I used before and fell to my knees. Tears silently streamed down my face. I knew the baby was there, but somehow the thought that it would be so soon. Quietly sobbing, knowing what was to come next. I heard the door open and close. Although I almost didn't catch the sound. Soon someone had me in their arms. There cold arms wrapping around me and I sat on their lap with my head buried in their chest. They gently shushed me for what felt like hours. Finally when my sobbing slowed to a random sniffle I looked up at the person, scratch the vampire that cared enough to soothe me. It was Edward.

"Do you want to tell me?"

My arms pushed away from his with all the strength I had, but his arms held me.

I tried to get away from a few more moments until I sighed, "It will just hurt you."

He frowned, "No matter how it will hurt me I'd rather know. Now tell me."

"I'll show you. Look."

I closed my eyes and brought the images up when I knew he was in my mind. I felt his anger, jealousy and his hurt. Then I saw him attacking Jacob.

"Don't even think about doing it."

I opened my eyes and he looked shocked, "What are you talking about?"

"If you attack him you'll be handling it like a child. She will go back to you anyway. I've already seen it. If you don't believe me look through my mind."

"I believe you, but answer me something. Why won't you tell him?"

Looking down at the floor, "Let's just say that I know something is going to happen. I don't want him to be forced to stay because of it. In the end I will have him back, but I know he will be with me in the end."

He nodded, "Well that makes sense. Now we need to talk to Carlisle about your powers. It seems like your power copies other vampire's powers and lets them become yours as well."

I simply nodded and he unleashed the grasp he had on me then helped me up. We walked out of the room and into Carlisle's office. He was behind his desk going through a rather old book.

When he looked up he smiled at me, "So it seems you have a rather unique power."

"Yes, but I would like to know why the powers we get are chosen?"

Carlisle looked at me for a moment, "You know for someone who the supernatural life was thrust upon you have come to terms with it well. As it seems since you had no problem with our lifestyle and you had none with the lifestyle you had to adapt to. So to put it simply you have been able to take what powers we have and the power of the ones you have come in contact with."

I nodded, "Gottcha. One last thing I know you don't want a spar but, I think we should. I can handle it you'll just have to trust me."

Edward looked at me like I was crazy.

Carlisle "Aubrey you know that they won't go at you as hard as they would if you weren't pregnant."

"I know this."

"Well then I guess we'll call them outside and you will spar."

Nodding and then I walked out of the room with Edward behind me. Then I stepped down the stairs.

Edward gripped my arm and turned me around, "Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into?"


I pulled my arm away from him and went out the door. Bella, Esme and Alice were already out there. Then a few moments after I came out so did Emmett, Rosaline, Carlisle and Edward. Rosaline smirked and Emmett shook his head.

Carlisle spook, "So everyone get in there places. When Esme says go begin."

I stood in between both of them. They were both twenty feet away. Esme looked at the three of us. I gave a slight nod saying I was ready.


Emmett didn't move, but Rosaline did. She sprang into attack mode. As she got within five feet of me I vanished. I landed on one of the trees and they looked around trying to pinpoint where I was.

"Afraid to fight little Aubrey?," Rosaline said in a mocking tone.

I vanished again and came twenty feet away from Rosaline.

"Why do you hate me so much?"

She glared at me, "You have the powers, your immortal and you don't need to feed to survive. Do you think that none of us find that unfair?"

I laughed under my breath.

"What do you find so funny?," she yelled.

I blankly looked at her, "Do you think that I don't know how unfair it is? That I don't feel bad because I am not tempted by blood? As Bella stands there doesn't she fear being bitten if she bleeds. She knows you will get far enough away to not harm her. This is only because of Edward. Am I right? I know I am. Although she doesn't fear your family she still fears others of your kind. She feared the thing that attacked me. Do you know why? Not because she would be turned, but because she knew he wouldn't care if she died."

She sneered, "Spare me your little speeches."

"Why does it annoy you? While I'm at it why don't I point out that you couldn't beat me unless you where teamed up with Emmett?"

She growled and launched herself at me. She was in front of me in seconds and she used her nails and scratched my arm. She got that attack, but then I threw her towards Emmett. They both flew backwards and slammed into a tree. Without looking at my arm I knew it was bleeding. Suddenly I could smell Bella's blood even stronger and I thirsted for it. Then the urge was gone as the wound healed. I heard Rosaline coming at me; her footsteps were soft against the ground. She was behind me and she shoved me and I was flying in the air. I forced myself to have my body feet first. When I landed my feet touched the ground and I slid backwards.

I took a breath and then my determined eyes met her amused ones, "That's all you got?"

As I unsteadily got up she growled, "You don't know when to just quit and lose gracefully do you?"

I smirked, "Not when I know I can beat you within a blink of an eye."

She laughed, "You've got to be kidding."

My smirked turned into a smile, "Didn't I once tell you not to underestimate your opponents? Well if you want me than come and get me."

She smiled, "My pleasure."

Then she ran at me and my smile never wavered. Closing my eyes, concentrated and wished for Rosaline to be unable to move her arms or legs. I opened my eyes to see her standing in front of me with her arms at her side.

"Anything to say?"

She smirked, "Yeah watch out."

Her eyes were looking behind me and I heard Emmett's footsteps. As he got closer and I knew he wouldn't be able to stop I jumped up ten feet and back flipped behind him. Landing with a faint thump. He ran into Rosaline and she was still unable to move. So she was knocked over with Emmett on top of her.

Emmett "Oh I'm sorry Babe. I'll mak-"

She glared at him, "Get her."

He quickly got off of her and then turned towards me.

Emmett "I don't want to hurt you Aubrey."

I just sighed, "Emmett either attack or forfeit."

He frustratingly sighed and then ran at me. He pulled back his fist and was an inch away from punching my temple. Suddenly he stopped. I took a step back. Rosaline was still in her place and Emmett was frozen in place.

I smiled, "Emmett thank you for actually caring about me," I looked around him at Rosaline, "But I'm not sorry for beating you."

She glared at me, "Yeah well you can let me go now."

Turning back to Emmett, "Sorry."

Then I released him and he fell to the ground with a loud thud. He got up and looked back at Rosaline. I released her also. Although she didn't taking losing well. She ran at me and Emmett grabbed her before she could get within ten feet of me. He ran off with her in his arms. Carlisle came up to her and looked me over. Then he looked back at Alice. She had her eyes closed.

Few moments later they were open and she smiled, "The baby is fine. By the way it's a-"

I interrupted quickly; "I don't want to know."

Jasper, "So I see she wasn't right."

Everyone turned to him.

Esme "What are you talking about?"

He looked at me, "You do have the thirst."

Carlisle looked at me then at Jasper, "Explain."

"It seems she only feels the thirst if she spills her own blood. I felt her thirst. Then once the wound healed she was fine. Although in those few moments when see felt is she was easily able to resist. It seems although she would be a new vampire she wouldn't have the violent need to feed."

Everyone took the information in.

Then Edward spoke, "It seems as if she were to lose her blood that she would turn into a vampire. Even so that is just my theory."

I nodded, "I think that would probably be close enough to the truth, but I'm not going to try it to see what happens."

Carlisle "Wise words. Now it seems you have the ability to make vampires do whatever you would like them to do. Now if Bella agrees can we see if it works on humans?"

Bella spoke for the first time since we came outside, "I don't mind."

I looked at her and made her do something she'd never be able to do she did a front flip. She landed perfectly.

Carlisle "So you can. Now that we know what you can do we have nothing to worry about. Although if you come across another vampire you may gain another power."

I nodded, "Well since we have that settled it's time for me to go back."

Esme smiled, "We understand, but just so you know you're welcome whenever you'd like."

I smiled back, "Thank you. You'll see me soon."

They nodded. Within a flash I was running back to La Push. Once I was on the La Push lands I opened my mind and saw Jake at the cliffs.

"Thinking of me love?"

He looked around and then realized I was talking in his mind, "Aubrey I miss you."

I smiled, "It's good to know. I have a surprise for you. I'm coming home."

He jumped up, "I'll meet you."

Within a mere minute he was in front of me.I ran at me and he pulled me into a fierce hug. Not tight enough for me to worry about the baby, but enough to know he missed me. He pulled back and kissed me gently. I pressed my lips against his just as gently.

I pulled back and rested my head against his chest, "Jake?"

"Yes Aubrey?"

"Take me home."

He held me a little tighter, "Anything for you little one."

As he picked me up and we ran back to Sam's I know that things were going to get complicated soon. When we got back everyone was waiting outside for us, well more for me. He set me down and Quil hugged me first. Then everyone else gave me a hug. Once Paul (who gave me the last hug) unwrapped his arms from me Sam cleared his throat.

Everyone turned to him, "Ok everyone I think Aubrey needs some rest, with everything that happened in the last week. So Jacob take her to her room."

He nodded and gently pushed me into the house. When we made it to my room he closed the door behind us. I kicked off my shoes and he did the same. Then he turned to me and helped me slip out of my clothes until I was in my bra and boy shorts. Slowly I put my hands to the end of his shirt and looked into his eyes. He didn't show any signs of restraint. I pulled it up and got on my tippy toes to full pull it off. Then he kissed me slowly again and whisper soft. My hands went to his belt buckle and undid it. Letting his pants fall down and he stepped out of them.

I looked up at him, "Jake would you be mad if I said we can't do anything right now?"

He pressed his forehead to mine and smiled down at me, "Little one right now I'll be fine with holding you close to me right now."

I smiled, kissed his neck and let my head stay in the crook of his neck, "Thank you for understand, my love."

My feet left the ground and he moved towards the bed. He gently set me down on the bed and I moved to the right a couple of inches to give him more room. As he got onto the bed he pulled the covers from underneath my body and covered the both of us. I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arm around my body. I put my head against his chest.



"I love you."

He pulled me closer and his hand pushed my head up softly.

"I love you too little one. Now go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up."

As our eyes met he leaned down and pressed his lips to my neck and gave me a butterfly kiss. My eyes closed and soon I fell asleep with his heartbeat as my lullaby. Although I knew that when I woke up I would have to tell Sam what had happened at the Cullen's and that I would somehow have to keep the baby a secret from Emily or tell her and hope she won't tell Sam or anyone else. But that was tomorrow and all I was worried about now is getting enough sleep for my baby to grow healthily.