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The sun was setting, the sky was amber and mauve, it wore a myriad of fiery colors. The little ones and the rest were lounging around in the small alcove on top of our little mountain, nestled between thick, leafy, alien foliage. The jungle, as opposed to most day, was usually steamy and full of life. But now, after what had happened, everything seemed to be going to sleep, somehow as if everything and everyone knew what had been going on and were resting after and exhausting ordeal, like after a war.

-Indeed, there had been a war of sorts. You see, I am a Xenomorph, named Sergio. But I didn't start out as one. I'm pretty sure you are confused as to what I mean. I'll try to sum it up for you in a way you can understand.

-Lets seeā€¦..

-I was born as a human being, my parents were from the planet Carkalo. We were trying to get away from the war in a civilian ship there but things didn't go out way after we entered into the hibernation capsules.

-Some mercenaries caught our ship and sent us into a massive laboratory ship or some shit for the military. There, my parents died, they were impregnated as hosts with facehuggers. I was the youngest and healthiest of the lot and the scientists decided to try a new approach as to their experiments with me. They took out some of my blood and at a molecular level they reconstructed my DNA. In a sense, they drew the sketch of what I was to become and what I am now.


-They had failed miserably with their experiments in combining a human with a xenomorphic DNA. They were using some lady as a host, apparently she died and they cloned her and messed around with their DNA like they did with me. They made her look like a human but with xenomorphic characteristics. Her name was Ripley, she was kind of scary but we got along ok.

-The scientists basically wanted to have my body change into a Xenomorph hybrid. They introduced me into a holding cell with one of the Hive's members in another next to me. I was surprised that the Xenomorph was not aggressive, rather curious instead. I was horrified as they opened the bars separating us and let her in with me. She was a praetorian, named Sky, praetorians are all females, and are in a sense "princesses" rather than "queens" if you catch my meaning. You see, in my "spare time" as their guinea pig, the scientists allowed me to go through their databases. The alien life cycle and the organism in itself is a really interesting thing. Little did I know the shattering stomach aches and the feeling of my skin crawling was not a sickness but my body taking to the DNA as I became one of them.

-Sky followed me around the cell as I ran away from her into corners and behind the pillars. She stayed away from me sniffing my pheromones and she seemed confused at first but later on she mock attacked me. I ended up trying to fight her as...well...I had to give it a shot, to try to survive. She later on followed me around the cell making me run in terror from her to one end to the other. I swear, I think she was smiling, seeing me the poor 17 year old human boy run away from her terrified.

-Anyway, after she was bored playing with me, she took a nap, or stayed awakeI don't know. And after that I was let out of the prison. After a few more tests I was placed in the cell again, but instead of being placed in with Sky, I was placed in with an egg. Knowing well what was to follow I was rightly dismayed, I wanted to die rather than being subjected to the death that was before me.

-The egg to my surprise, didn't do anything. I even strayed close enough to it to touch it. Nothing happened. I was let out again. I noticed that night while taking a shower that I didn't smell like myself, I smelt; different. That's when the stomach aches and the crawling skin started to get worse.

-To my great dismay I began to lose my hair the following day. I was proud of it, I let it grow longer, and had managed to make it manageable and soft rather than letting it resemble and feel like hay.

-In two days after that I was placed into the worst position anyone in the galaxy could find themselves in; a lone, unarmed human, in a Xenomorph hive.

-I crawled around without making a sound, trying to find a duct or somewhere to escape or hide, or both. I did find one, only to find myself face to face with a member of the hive, which I had the misfortune to spook by sneaking up on. The creature latched onto me and dragged me to the Queen. I was horrified, I had the warrior who caught me with its second mouth aimed at my neck, two drones snarling at me and Sky amongst the eggs staring at me. The Queen was fully alert at the whole scene, from when I was dragged in, to when I was brought to the eggs in front of her. She cocked her head to the side, carefully she nudged the eggs in confusion. They weren't reacting to my presence. She cocked her head to mine, I was wishing she would just kill me, as I stared down her maw. My head was a fat grape to her mouth in comparison. She then backed off. I presume she was sniffing me, as she nudged the top of her eyeless face through my bald head and then leaned back on her black throne of chitin. The warrior and the drones then backed off. I sat there for a moment wondering what the hell was going on. And if you think that was strange to me, you haven't seen anything yet.

-I remained in the hive for a week. During which time, my teeth and nails fell out, my ears followed suit, my skin became waxy and I was ravenous all the time. The doctors dropped meat daily through a special lift, I was the last to eat; always. The hive members ganged up on me in hissing me away as the food was dropped. I had to wait until, the Queen, then until Sky was finished, then warriors and drones. I would get the scraps, but on most days the hive members would simply not be hungry and let me stuff myself. At the end of the week I was overwhelmingly sleepy, I laid down in my corner and went to sleep.

-I woke up after I had a nightmare about soldiers hunting me back in my home planet, I heard a woman's voice calling out to me to wake up, I obeyed, it sounded like a mother's voice. As I woke I couldn't see anything too well. I tried to move around but couldn't, I tried smashing out only to bump my head on the wall of something hard, but it didn't hurt. I smashed my head out of the chrysalis I was in after a few tries. I was avidly surprised the I had been moved from my corner to the front of the queen . She lowered herself to my eye level and sniffed me, she began to speak to me in my mind. I also began to hear the voices of all the other ones that were around me. The three drones and the warrior were curious about me.

-Welcome to the family.

-I found my body had changed over the past two weeks that I was asleep. I was a full blown Xenomorph now. I couldn't form words for normal human speech anymore, but I could see and read like a human. Those first few days were weird.

-All in all the scientists lost control of the other members of another hive on the same ship. We took the opportunity to escape as I knew how to mess around with the wires at the doors. And of the small lift since no one was at their stations in order to prevent any escape. I took a large cargo hold ship and got everyone of the hive inside. We escaped to this jungle planet. But the crap didn't end there. We survived and made our home in this mountain.

-There is a race of primitive human looking natives here. They resembled the Aztecs from Earth to some degree. They didn't worship us like the Queen said some did, a long time ago. They tried to hunt us but to no avail. Whilst we enjoyed ourselves in our new environment, playing, building stuff as I showed them how.

-They showed up.

-Some hunters that I had heard about, not humans, aliens. They had plasma guns and spears. We named them Predators as they are our only real threats. A detachment of marines from our space ship that had managed to get away also landed on the planet, our hive had to fight both of them.

-We came out on top thankfully. But not without losing dear members of the family, it's funny how I've let go of my view of myself as a human. I'm happy here. I don't miss my grandma, or my friends, or my girlfriend, or my family for that matter. I'm happy here.

-My name is Sergio Alexander Grants. I am part of the Hive.

-But I suppose you might want to hear about how I came to be since you are listening?

-Lets see...

-Ah yes, it all started...

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