Title: Slytherin Nights Take Two

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Timeline: Harry's 6th year, no Voldemort

Summary: Sixth year at Hogwarts and Voldemort is no more. Lucius Malfoy after visiting his son, he decides to stay behind and attend a 'Slytherin Night'. There he gets caught in the seduction of a mischievous Gryffindor.

Pairs: Harry/Lucius

Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Great Hall:

Gryffindor table:

Hermione and Ginny sat close to each other talking in hushed tones. Both noticed when Ron came in but said nothing to him. They did not miss the looks he was giving them either. They had trouble suppressing their laughter.

Luna walked by them and joined the two girls. She was preoccupied with a copy of the Quibbler, which was as usual upside down.

"How's it going?" she asked the other two girls.

"Just choked on his milk the moment I put my hand on Hermione's shoulder," Ginny informed. "You were right. We look as though we were up all night."

"We were," Luna replied.

"Not the way he thinks," Hermione pointed out.

"Has he come to talk to you yet?" the Ravenclaw inquired.

"Not yet. He's busy choking, again," Hermione commented.

"Good," Luna replied. "Has Harry returned?"

"No," Ginny said with a frown. "Do you think he's alright? He went to crash a Slytherin party after all."

"Time will show," Luna replied in her usual calm way. "Your brother is coming this way Ginny."

The girl and Hermione looked up to see Ron. His ears were red and his face looked scrunched up in an odd grimace.

"Want something Ron?" Hermione asked.

He took the seat next to them and for once in his life showed enough restraint and did not yell. "What were you doing last night in the boys' dorms and then in the girls'?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" Hermione suggested.

He turned a bit green. "Merlin Hermione! You slept with Ginny? My little sister?"

"Luna was there too," Hermione muttered.

"Yes, Luna slept with me," Ginny informed her brother.

Ron spluttered.

"Hermione is bigger and her bed was not large enough for all three of us," Luna logically pointed out.

Ron gasped. "W-what?"

"Haven't you ever been at a sleepover party?" Hermione asked him.

"Sleepover?" he echoed.

The three girls nodded and he started laughing.

"You had me worried there," he told them.

"Of course we had a sleepover. All that excitement of the evening," Luna trailed off dreamily.

"What excitement?" Ron demanded.

"What do you thing we were doing all afternoon in your room Ron-Ron?" Ginny asked.

"No!" Ron gasped.

"What could be more fun? And he was nice enough to let us," Hermione pointed out.

The other two nodded.

"He?" Ron whispered in a strangled voice.

"Who else?" Ginny asked.

Seeing the poor boy close to having a heart attack they decided to spare him. Hermione started chuckling, then Ginny joined her and the two laughed their hearts out. Luna was the only one collected as everyone turned to stare at them and a gaping Ron.

"We just played you around for fun," Luna informed him. "We spent the night doing each other's nails. Mine is a nice pink colour, see?"

He noticed that all girls had a fine manicure. "And the male shirt?" he asked.

"Harry had a date. He needed a female opinion on the matter," Luna told him.

"Oh, man."

Slytherin table:

Draco dropped onto his seat with a groan. He had not slept much and neither had the majority of the Slytherin's. He knew that only Pepper-up potions kept most of them going. Pansy even with it was ready to fall head first into her breakfast but he did not care about her. His eyes were scanning the hall for the familiar face of the one and only Harry Potter. When he was nowhere to be seen he smirked.

'I'll ask for details later,' he mused as he tucked in with gusto.

Slytherin Rooms:

Lucius stared at Harry like he was Stunned and the teen thought wryly that he was in a way. He thought about waving a hand in front of the blonde's face but he decided he was not suicidal anymore.

"Come on Lucius, say something," Harry told him.

"I'm going to kill Draco," the blond muttered.

"Who's going to be your heir then?" Harry asked.

The blond aristocrat eyed the teen with a slowly forming smirk. Before Harry knew it he was pinned to the bed and starting another bout of steaming sex.

It was hours before they stopped to get some sleep.

Slytherin Common Room:

Draco paced in front of the fireplace while the rest of his classmates dozed on various couches. The house elves were still cleaning after the party and the younger years tried to get information on what had happened in vain. But he was thinking only about his father and his rival-turned-newest-friend. He only hoped it would work out for them because there was no way he could stand watching them pining for each other.

Slytherin Rooms:

Harry panted as he collapsed against Lucius. The blond caught him and prevented him from getting off him, instead pulling him closer for a kiss.

Harry smiled when he was released. "I think I'm done for," he admitted. "I just want to sleep for a day.

Lucius chuckled and pulled the comforter over their sweaty bodies. "You gave me quite a ride, Harry. I just want to sleep for now. After some food of course and a shower. The last one we both desperately need."

"Hm," the teen agreed as he snuggled against Lucius' neck. "And I have to let Dray know I'm still breathing."


"Your son," Harry replied.

"Are you two…?"

"Friends? Yes. Don't ask me how. It just happened. My friends don't know yet. Well, except Luna who saw us once. She can be quite perceptive."

"Fine, but not yet," Lucius relented. "I have some questions for you."

"I'll answer if I can," Harry promised.

"That tattoo of yours…"

"Ah, yes. Bill Weasley and the twins are to blame. We were playing 'Truth or Dare' and my dare was to get a tattoo this big. I liked this design best. It helped that I could talk to it," Harry admitted. "Nothing big of course, but it helped me learn all the passages in Hogwarts that open with Parseltongue. It's how I snuck in last night."

"Ingenious," Lucius commented.

"Thank you."

"The clothes?"

"Draco suggested them."

"The dancing?"

"All me."

"And after we leave this place?" Lucius asked him.

"Well, I'd like to have a boyfriend," Harry replied. "One not after my money or name. You have all this already so I only have to worry about you liking me. Do you like me Lucius? "

"Very much Harry," the blond admitted.

"Will you date me?"

"I think I already am."

Harry smiled. "All set then. Let's take a shower."

"We might even manage to go to the great Hall for lunch," Lucius told him. "If you want that is."

"I'm not ashamed of you. Have you looked into a mirror lately?" the teen told him.

Lucius smiled and kissed him.

They barely made it to the Great Hall for lunch.

Great Hall:

When Harry missed the morning classes Ron grew curious of his whereabouts while the girls were worried. When Slytherin's were concerned all things could go wrong. During lunch they all sat together and Hermione toyed with the idea of telling Ron about Harry's idea to crash a 'Slytherin Night'.

The hall was almost full by this time and even as they finished eating Harry had yet to show up. Hermione was about to blurt it all to Ron when the twin doors to the hall opened and everyone turned.

The bushy haired girl gasped as did the rest of the school population, students and professors alike.

In the doorstep stood together Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy talking and smiling like nothing was wrong.

Draco stopped whatever he was doing just to see what they would do.

Everyone just watched as Lucius led Harry over to the Slytherin table right next to Draco Malfoy.

"Morning Draco. Rest well or did Parkinson wear you out?" Harry asked.

Many people gasped and spluttered.

"You should know Harry. You were there after all," the blond replied with a smug smirk.

"You saw me and Draco?" Pansy asked.

"He crashed the 'Night'," Lucius informed.

"WHAT?" was heard throughout the hall from various people.

"Eat your breakfast Harry," Lucius instructed.

"Father wore you out Harry?" Draco asked slyly.

"I was surprised no one heard us," Harry replied.

"The music was rather loud," Draco offered.

A thud came and Harry saw Ron had collapsed on the stone floor.

"Hm, I better talk to him after lunch. And I have to thank Hermione, Ginny and Luna," Harry replied.

"Hey! I helped too," Draco reminded him.

"We'll talk about you later," Lucius told him.

Draco gulped.

Up at the head table the headmaster was looking sullen.

"Albus, what is the matter?" McGonagall asked worriedly. She was afraid the news had caused him a heart failure.

"Severus, I owe you fifty galleons," the headmaster announced formally.

The Potions master smirked.

The end