Title: Año Nuevo

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.
Pairing: Shino x Kiba x Hinata
Rating: PG (K+)—My humor kicked in a little at the end.


It's ten minutes to the New Year and I don't know what to do. Sure, I could drink a few more beers; I'm not a lightweight like the others. Sure, I could gather her into my arms and kiss her when the chiming of the clock echoes. I could take him into my embrace and kiss him when the clock strikes midnight. I could drink until I don't remember anything about tonight.

It's nine minutes till midnight. I still have no clue about what to do about kissing. Maybe I'll kiss her next year, show her what she means to me. Maybe, I'll kiss him, because he's never had me kiss him in public. Maybe, I'll go to the next room and barf my guts out. I think I drank one too many.

It's eight minutes to 2008. I'm worshiping at the porcelain bowl. I look up to catch a glimpse of color in the otherwise white bathroom. I look over my shoulder and see her and him watching me. She sits beside me, rubbing the back of my head. He sits on my other side, running long fingers down my back and back up. I spill my guts again and collapse back. I look at the two of them.

It's seven minutes to the New Year. They're both looking at me like they know what they're doing. I form a grin on my lips and watch them carefully. He leans over and whispers into her ear. She giggles softly. They pull me up to stand and sling my arms over their shoulders.

It's six minutes till midnight. We are sitting on the couch. She's sitting beside me with her legs draped over the armrest of the couch. She's obviously comfortable. He's got his arm around my shoulders whispering words that I cannot catch.

It's five minutes to 2008. Everything is so blurry. The words I hear him say seem to be the only sense-making thing yet. Time seems to have slowed a little bit; people are quiet, staring at the clock. She burrows closer to me, linking her fingers with his behind my neck. I look at her, and she's all smiles and soft touches. I look at him, and he's still whispering a mess of words.

It's four minutes to the New Year. His words become quieter, but not gone. Her fingernails scratch the back of my head. I know she's nervous. They're hands squeeze one another as the second hand reaches the twelve once again.

It's three minutes till midnight and I don't know what to do. I look at the both of them. I can't think straight anymore. I want to kiss them both, but I only have one set of lips of which to kiss them with. I look between the both of them, my head whipping this way and that.

It's two minutes to 2008. I'm dizzy now, but still indecisive. Seconds pass slowly, ticking softly in the back of my mind. I glance at him and his shaded eyes. I shift my eyes to her and her innocent pearly eyes. I stare ahead, still unknowing of what to do. I feel the two of them shift ever closer, taunting me to kiss one of them.

It's one minute to the New Year. Everyone seems to have held their breath, except for him, he's breathing on my ear, whispering. His words seem to have slurred a bit, or maybe it's just my mind. Her eyes seem trained on him, like he has something that they're supposed to do. I don't shift my eyes on either one of them, relying on scent alone.

The clock has stru-- My mind blanks. I feel their lips on my cheeks. She pulls away first, only to lean to my ear and whisper 'Happy New Year, Kiba-kun'. He pulls away and whispers into my other ear 'Happy New Year'. The people that are screaming don't matter anymore. I look between the both of them, and a grin settles on my lips.

"I haven't been laid since last year."


Happy '08!