The sky above began to turn blood red. The wind sent chills up and down their spines, and all wildlife seemed to fade out. The wind began to cackle with thunder, and slowly started spitting out bright white lightning streaks that hit the ground continuously. The ground screamed in pain, as the lightning ripped away at its body. Tree limbs could be heard snapping, sending dangerous debris to fly about. A group of young warriors look up at the sky, and the leader is screaming while pointing at the moon, and the others bow their heads in an understanding manner. The group ran as fast as their human legs could carry them, trying to keep up with the leader, the weakest one falls, causing the others to halt. A strong warrior female lifted her friend up by the arm, and started to help the smallest one regain balance and pride.

The strong female warrior leads her friend to a rock, and clears her friends face,"Kagome, are you sure your alright?"

Kagome wiped away the mud from her legs, a slight irritated look on her shook up face,"Yes Sango. I'll be OK. I just gotta get this mud off of me, though I guess I feel bad because I'm slowing Inuyasha down..."

A small fox demon walked up and patted Kagome's knee,"Its OK Kagome, its not like their gonna get away..."

Inuyasha, the one in the red fire robe kimono walked over,"Dammit Kagome, who cares if ya fell in a little bit of mud. The Siren Sisters are gonna get away if we don't hurry! I'm to close to destroying them now, and I won't let them get away so easily. Now get off your ass, and lets go!"

Another warrior came running back,"Inuyasha! The sisters are banding with Naraku!"

"Dammit Miroku, don't just stand there! Do something!" Inuyasha ran off towards Miroku, while Miroku led the way to the no good alliance. Shippo massaged Kagome's swollen ankle,"Kagome...what are you gonna do? You can't go after the sisters like this...You can barely walk..."

Sango walked away, and began to search in small bushes trying to find herbs for the wounded warrior priestess. Sango's faithful demon friend Kirara, began to sniff around for something that could also be of use.

Kagome winced,"I don't know what I can do..." She sighed. Then a split second later, turned into a frightened gasp,"Inuyasha is in trouble, we gotta get to him!" Kagome screeched, leaping up from the rock. She limped away as fast as she could, her bow and arrow in hand. Shippo quickly transformed into his flying ball, and lifted Kagome up,"I know, you can fight from up here Kagome!"

Kagome smiled,"Yeah, come on Shippo! Hurry Sango!"

Sango dropped the herbs,"H-hey, wait up!" She grabbed hiraikotsus' strap, as to position herself to run, to catch a leap onto Kirara. A small cackle, and twigs snapping, caused Sango to turn. She squinted into the now raining scenery, carefully examining her surroundings. The small cackles slowly began to fade into whispers and gasps. Sango shivered, and began to back away. She turned, and leapt onto Kirara. Sango looked down behind her, and saw 2 small shadows smirk from underneath a large tree. Sango gasped,"K-kirara! Go back, leave me there! Go get Inuyasha and the others, their going after a demon puppet! The sisters are right there!" Kirara growled, and flew towards the ground, low enough to where Sango leapt off. Kirara quickly averted, and flew in the direction of Inuyasha.

Sango winced as the wet sharp wind lashed into her eyes, she felt the ground slowly approaching, and grunted,"HIRAIKOTSU!" She stopped in mid-air, and flung hiraikotsu into the trees, causing laughing to erupt from all over. Sango landed on her feet, and reached her hand up to grab hiraikotsu. A strange wet feeling surrounded her body. The cool wind sent ice cold shivers to cover her body. Sango gasped, as one of the Sirens latched herself onto her. She felt the wind of hiraikotsu slip by her two fingers in midair.

Sango's eyes widened in shock, she blinked and, her facial expression grew intense. Sango grabbed her sword tied into her slayer outfit, and thrusted the sword behind her. Hearing a shocked gasp, she felt the grip of the siren loosen. Sango grinned triumphantly, and quickly elbowed the weakened Siren. Sango leapt away, and ran towards hiraikotsu. A sensation of pain sneered through her right leg, causing her to growl in pain. She turned and looked at her leg, and saw a small sword through her leg. Sango's shaking hand reached for the small sword, she saw the siren change into a young lady. The siren smiled wickedly, and skipped over.

The siren grinned, and ripped the sword out of her leg. Sango screamed in pain, her instinct took over. She reached for her gas mask, she quickly slipped it on, and thew her largest pouch full of poison powder. The siren screamed in pain, as the acidic acid began to tear through her water body. The siren growled and hissed. Sango began to pull herself away, when she saw a red blur flash in front of her eyes. A quick tug, and she was in the arms of someone strong. Inuyasha set her down near a small rock, and quickly winked at her. Sango tilted her head sideways confused, and heard the bloodcurdling scream of the Sirens death. Kagome limped towards Sango,"Oh, your hurt!"

Sango winced, the pain was slowly fading, since her leg was becoming numb,"I'm fine."

Miroku knelt beside her,"Oh my dear Sango, if you need any assistance, please let me know."

Sango growled,"Sheesh Miroku...I'm hurt, and then you try hitting on me...Don't you care at all what happens to me?"

"Of course I do!"

"Yeah, and I'm sure, that one day when I die, you'll be feeling up my corpse as well..."

"I would never do such a despicable thing!" Miroku swore, as he rubbed Sangos hand.

Inuyasha came back, and sheathed Tetsuiga,"Hey Sango...You alright?"

Sango half smirked,"Yeah, I'm fine..." She forced herself to stand,"Ugh...hopefully I won't be cursed with a limp for ever..."

Miroku gently carried her bridal style, and she felt half at ease in his arms. She began to relax when she felt a hand massaging her lower cheeks. Sango growled, and slapped him,"Put me down Miroku! I can walk fine on my own..." She limped away, and felt that the forceful exercise would help her leg heal faster. Inuyasha grabbed her wrist and gently tugged,"Sango, let me carry you...I've seen wounds like this. Its shattered your bone. If you keep walking around like that, you will be cursed with that limp as you said."

Kagome's chest quickly heaved with jealousy, as she saw the wounded strong female be swept up in her mans arms. She looked so content there with him, and he- Kagome gasped,' he blushing?!'

Shippo looked up, and saw Kagome's face slowly turning purple,"Huh? Kagome...are you OK?"

Inuyasha turned,"Whats wrong? Are you hurt Kagome?"

Kagome chuckled to herself,'Duh Inuyasha...first my ankle is sprained, then you go and break my heart...' She shook her head,"I'm OK, I'm just not feeling to well..."

Miroku frowned,"Have you caught a cold?"

Kagome shrugged,"I don't know...can we start looking for shelter?"

"Yeah, we got the Siren sisters anyway...Right Inuyasha?" Shippo asked.

"Well..." Inuyasha pondered.

"No...there was only one that attacked me...I don't know where the other one was..." Sango closed her eyes, and grunted.

Her leg was slowly becoming infected. She could feel the venom that the Siren spewed on the sword, travel through her leg, causing sharp stabbing pains to run through out her leg. Sango lifted her armor shoulder plate, and pulled out a small container. Inuyasha smelled the strange odor,"What are you doing?"

Sango winced as she rubbed something on her leg,"Its an ointment used to help with infections."

Kagome stopped acting snobby,"Infections?" She gasped,"Oh no! Is it infected?"

Sango nodded,"The siren must've covered the sword with her venom..."

Kagome stomped her foot,"Thats it! We've gotta find somewhere to stay! My ankles killing me, and Sango's leg is infected. Lets get moving before things get worse!"

Miroku lifted Kagome onto Kirara,"Shes right, lets get going."

Sango felt the venom surge through her leg, causing small grunts to come from Sango as her body began to grow uncomfortable. She felt something touch her, and then in an instant, she began to feel tired. She shook her head, and looked around, trying to keep awake, until the urge to sleep got more and more powerful. She felt her world become smaller and smaller, and watched through dreary eyes as her world became engulfed in darkness.

Her dream came as soon as her eyes fully closed. Sango looked around, and saw a dense forest with an eerie orange glow illuminating from it. "What is that?" Sango walked forward, and could hear the quiet chirps of birds, and thunder could be heard. She looked up, the sky had a blood red glow again. She resumed walking towards the glow, when she heard a females bloodcurdling scream. She ran as fast as she could towards the scream, and herself screamed at the sight before her. Kagome's mutilated body lying motionless on the ground. Her head had been sliced off, her eyes were still wide with fright, her arm had been chewed on, her stomach had been cut open, and the entrails of her intestines lay beside her. Sango heaved, and closed her eyes, hoping to urge the feeling of throwing up away. She heard a deep male laugh, and quickly looked around, to her horror. She saw a body hanging in the air, and slowly walked towards it. She saw Miroku, his eyes wide with fright as well. Sango screamed, and cut the rope that was securing him to the tree. She ripped off the gag on his mouth, and hugged him,"Oh Miroku! Tell me who did this to you?!" Miroku shook with fright, and touched her face. Sango took hold of his hand and rubbed it against her cheek which was covered with tears.

She lifted him up by taking hold of his arm, and put her arm around his waist to drag him along. She saw a small bundle lying on the ground. She set Miroku down, and walked over to it,"Stay here Miroku.."

Miroku just limply fell to the ground, while Sango cautiously walked over to the small bundle. She knelt down,"Please...please don't be Shippo..."

She slowly unraveled it, Miroku screamed,"Sango! No! Don't look!"

Sango covered her mouth, and bit her tongue. The small fox demon lay there, skinned, and burnt to a crisp. Sango staggered away, and ran towards Miroku, who was now in the grips of someone in the shadows. She stopped,"Let him go!"

The shadow laughed, and before she could see what happened, a cool splash of water quickly woke her up from her dream.