As the sun began to set, Sango began to feel uneasy. Her heart began to palpitate, and she felt a cold sweat begin down her back. Inuyasha began to feel uneasy as well. He turned and looked at her, "Hey, do you feel that?"

Sango nodded, "Yes, I can't quite put my finger upon it, but what ever it is, it feels very sinister..."

"Maybe we ought to head back to Kaede's. After all, we left her alone who knows if Ashina went there looking for us."

"Right." Sango began to head back when the smell hit her ran a bit towards the hill and saw smoke. "Its Kaede's hut! It's on fire!"

"What!? It can't be!" Inuyasha joined her at the hill and he felt his body quivering with anger.

"Kirara!" Sango ran towards the hut, when they found themselves surrounded inside a black barrier.

"What the hell is this shit!?" Inuyasha scratched at it, but to no avail.

"Look up there it's Ashina!" Sango pointed to the top of the barrier.

"Well it certainly surprised me that you two actually managed to get away from me, but I did tell you there was no stopping me, didn't I? Now look at what you made me do? That old hag is being burned alive by my flames." Ashina laughed.

Sango gritted her teeth, "What about Kirara?".

"That little cat...Well I need her alive if she is to be your only companion in my world. I've already caught her and sent her to hell. She's waiting there for you Sango."

"Your a liar!" Inuyasha snorted, "You'll say anything to us to get us to believe you!"

Ashina rolled her eyes, "Fine, believe what you will. But my fun has only begun. It's time to release your true passion Inuyasha."

In a flash they were transported to a desolate place,where the sky overhead was pitch black with storm clouds, and the surrounding area was rainforest. Thunder could be heard in the distance, and it began to rain.

Sango felt around her, "The barrier is gone..."

"Where the hell are we?" Inuyasha sniffed the air, "It smells rotten here."

Sango suddenly felt her body grow heavy, "I feel sick..."

A sudden roar in the distance caused them both to jump. As the roaring grew closer, Inuyasha began to smell a new scent, "Hey, did you bring a weapon by chance?"

"What? No... did you?"

"No, but something is coming."

As the sky thundered and lightning struck the air, a horde of demons could be seen approaching, "Sango! Quick you gotta hide somewhere!"

Sango looked around frightened, "Hide where?" The trees were gone and replaced by burned tree trunks. "This enviornment keeps changing. We have no choice but to fight!"

"Well you better be ready Sango. There's a shitload of demons headed our way." Inuyasha readied his claws.

The demons began to merge into one, and as they were right above them, they turned into a red gas. The smoke fellupon Inuyasha and Sango gasped, "Don't breathe it in!" She ran to him and tried to wave the gas away. The smoke twisted around Inuyasha and he clawed at it, trying to dissipate it. His hands suddenly became uncontrollable and he felt his claws dig into Sango's shoulders as he gripped her, and he shoved her to the ground.

She felt the fear begin to build up, "Inuyasha, you've got to fight it!"

Inuyasha managed to surpress the rage that wasn't his, "I'm trying to. You've got to get away, its Ashina, she is the one doing this."

Sango rolled her hand into a fist," I can't keep running away! She wants me, and once she does, she will leave everyone alone!" She punched Inuyasha," FIGHT IT!"

Inuyasha's eyes winced with both pain and fear," I can't!"

Ashina appeared behind Sango and whispered into her ear," Run sweetheart, lest you desire him to rape you here in front of all these demons..."

Sango backed away from Inuyasha who was still trying to fight, and turned around to the hazy image of Ashina," Rape...?"

Ashina cackled," YES! I told you once before that I release hidden desire...and his desire was to rape you. Now run, unless you want the demons to have fun too..."

Sango felt her anger grow, as well as the nausea in her stomach became more bitter," You're doing this aren't you?! You're making him feel things he never felt before!"

Ashina began to disappear," Believe what you want. Your time has run out."

"Wha-?" before Sango could finsh Inuyasha's claws sliced through her backside. Sango fell to her knees," Inuyasha stop!"

Inuyasha used his claws and ripped her sleeves of her warrior outfit, then part of her stomach outfit as well as scratching her. Sango could see the blank lust in his eyes and managed to deliever a kick to his stomach giving her a chance to run.

"Dammit, of all the times for me not to have a sword or Hiraikotsu..." She looked behind her and she could see Inuyasha running after her slowly but he seemed to be right on her tail. The demons in the sky began to disappear, and Ashinas shrill laugh could be heard echoing," Thats right run! I'll release your desire as well...I got a glimpse of it when I kissed those lips..."

Soon the enviornment began to change into a garden of golden flowers, and a nearby flowing creek. Sango immediately recognized the area as her and Kohaku's secret garden," No..."

Ashina laughed once more and Sango looked around but to no avail, she was no where to be seen. In the blink of an eye, Sango felt something heavy land on top of her, and she hit the ground, flower petals flying upwards. She felt Inuyashas claws rip into her shoulders and shred the remaining cloth on her backside, and she screamed," Inuyasha stop it!"

"He can't hear you pet. He is too delved into his lust to stop."

Sango felt his hands and claws reach under her stomach and she saw her world turn as Inuyasha flipped her over. Sango felt hot tears fill her eyes as his claws scratched her and ripped off her clothes. In a matter of seconds the only thing covering Sangos body was a small amount of cloth on her breasts and her womanhood. Inuyasha had blindly ripped her clothes off in a way that mimicked Kagome's bra and panties.

Inuyasha lowered himself ontop of Sango and she felt his body heat. Unwillingly she felt herself get wet, and she began to let her tears fall. Her desire was for Miroku to take her in this garden, not Inuyasha, and not to be raped. Inuyasha's desire was to go all the way with Kagome and start a family, but since both their lovers were killed, their new desire became each other deep down. Ashina smiled as she saw Sango struggle.

Inuyasha began to lick her neck and gently nibble on it, while Sango muffled her cries of unwanted pleasure. He began to lower his tongue and his claws gently remove the remaining cloth from her breasts. Sango's face became bright red, and she slapped him," Stop it now!"

Ashina rolled her eyes," I hate fighters..." She then made the flowers stems wrap around her arms and held her in place," Much better..."

Sango struggled against the stems, but the flowers now had thorns and every move she made they cut her wrists. Inuyasha began to fondle her breasts and lick her nipples, and all Sango could do was cry and feel her face burn with embarassment. Inuyasha bit her gently and began to lick his way down her chest, down her stomach and to her womanhood. Sango felt his hot breath, and she kicked him away. More vines wrapped around her legs and held them in place as Inuyashsa came back to her. He used his claws once more and ripped off the last bit of cloth and Sango began to scream," Please don't!"

Inuyasha lifted her legs and began to smell her, before taking a small lick as if to taste her. Sango felt herself get wetter, and she began to loathe herself. Inuyasha began to lick her harder and faster, focusing on her clit. Sango began to cry with pleasure and humiliation as she felt herself near her climax. Her inner thighs closed around Inuyashas head as she felt her buttocks buckle and her stomach tingle with an orgasm.

Ashina, invisible yet around, smiled," The real fun is about to begin Sango..."

Sango looked at the blank expression on his face and her eyes traveled below to his pants, and she saw his dick protruding outwards. "Oh no, please don't. You have to stop now Inuyasha, please don't do this!"

In a matter of seconds, Inuyasha stuck his dick inside her and Sango screamed as she felt her insides rip. Blood slowly came out as Inuyasha began pounding her. In her mind she saw Miroku, and she felt so guilty; being screwed by their friend; taking her virginity. Inuyasha began pounding her harder and faster, moaning and groaning and Sango knew his own orgasm was yet to arrive. He reached his hands forward and squeezed her breasts hard.

Then in a matter of minutes Inuyasha smiled," I'm gonna come.."

Sango closed her eyes," Not inside!"

But before she had any chance to react, Inuyasha shot his load, and at the same time he bit her neck, and clawed her thighs. Sango felt a small amount of demon venom go through the bite, and she knew deep down he had marked her as his. Ashina growled," Hey you dumb mutt, you weren't supposed to mark her! She is mine!" Ashina appeared beside them and with her might slapped Inuyasha off. Sango felt the thorns release, and immediately she got up and ran.

Ashina rolled her eyes," Sango please. You are in my dream realm, there is no where you can run to or hide."

In a matter of seconds she appeared before Sango who was crying as blood and semen ran down her thighs. Ashina frowned," My poor pet. You need a bath."

Sango rubbed her neck which burned," Why me?!"

"I didn't want that stupid mutt to mark you, it seems with his last bit of will power he fought me and marked you so I wouldn't do as much." Ashina giggled," But its no matter. As I've said before I am not an ordinary demon. I am a devil, and it doesn't matter if some low rate demon marks his mate, I can still make them mine." Ashina moved closer," What you don't understand Sango, is that you are the purest soul I've found. You've never spilt human blood, you've never tainted yourself, you care for others more than yourself. You are as pure as they come. Once I devour your soul, I'll be stronger than any demon or devil alive. This is why I want you. But I need to grow a little more before I devour you. I'm powerful at my age, but I need a few more years, and in those few years I plan on torturing you. Physically, mentally, and sexually. Only now, I must see how this plays out. He's coming to." Ashina laughed as she vanished.

The world began to turn back to the hills outside Kaede's hut. Sango knelt on the ground and began to sob. Inuyasha rubbed his head," What the hell just happened?" he looked around and saw Sango, who was naked, bleeding and crying.

Immediately Inuyasha picked up the scent of blood and semen, and he knew what had happened," Damn you Ashina! This is far from over you goddamn bitch!" He ran over to Sango, who punched and slapped him," Get away from me!"

"Sango, stop. I..I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." He looked at her neck and saw the bruise like bite on her neck that was beginning to turn silver, the mark of a mate. "I didn't mean to rape you, and I didn't mean to mark you."

Sango pulled away from him," That's all you keep saying, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean this or I didn't mean that', I'm tired of hearing it! Everything's gone to hell ever since those goddamned Siren Sisters. I've been branded as your mate, I've been raped by you and I could or could not be carrying your child." Sango cried.

Inuyasha began to let tears fall himself," Look I know what happened, and I know my apologies could never amount to anything to take anything back. But we've got to get past this, and we've got to put our heads together to find a way to bring Ashina down. I...I'll take care of you"

Sango laughed through her tears," Take care of me? How can you when you become so easily possessed by her?"

Inuyasha sighed," I don't know but I can try. Kaede is the one who forged this damn spell for Kagome. Maybe she can conjure up one for you."

Sango looked at her naked body," I cannot possibly walk all the way towards the village, and you can't lend me anything, you aren't wearing a top."

Inuyasha ripped the lower half of his pants off, and wrapped them around Sangos breasts and lower half. He picked her up and carried her back," Your wrists are bleeding badly..."

"I'll live."

They walked towards Kaedes hut who was just about to call them for dinner...