DISCLAIMER: I don't own Digimon, but I do own the OCs introduced in this story (except where stated).

This is an idea for a fic I had as a more casual fic to work on alongside Dimensions, although it will also be just as emotional. The first half of this chapter at least will seem all-too familiar, until we move into the main 'what if' idea about this fic.

The basic premise is this: What if Rika and Takato were the only two Tamers, at least to start with? Would Renamon have beaten Guilmon? How would they get along without Henry there to act as a calm voice of reason? Would Takato have become a better Tamer, and how would Rika have affected him in him becoming so? What would they do if there was no hope of any backup?

At first, I thought that this wasn't such a good idea, but then I fleshed it out somewhat in my plan, and I really like the idea, and so I present:


Chapter 1

Similar Yet Different

The growling frightened the life out of the brunette as he fell ungracefully backwards onto his bottom, his voice cracked up by fear as the golden eyes stared into his azure ones.

"Okay, just stay calm…everything's going to be fine…" the boy said, his voice anything other than confident on what he had said.

The red dinosaur, black lines crossing his skin and an unusual mark on his belly, had just pulverised some rats into oblivion, and now seemed prepared to do the same to the boy with scruffy hair, a blue hooded pullover and grey pants, complimented by a small white device with a red ring hung around the screen hung around his neck on a string. The dirty grubby industrial facility he had ended up in, the grey concrete dominating the walls of the circular pit, added to the boy's opinion that his outlook was bleak.

'I just wanted a friend…' the boy thought, releasing the rapidly approaching fate, and how he had caused it. 'I thought I'd have a partner…like in the TV show…why do I always mess everything up?'

The monster stepped forward slightly, the boy recoiling in fright as the growling increased in intensity.

'Whoever gave me that blue card has got to have the sickest sense of humour I've ever seen…'

The boy's name was Takato Matsuki, and he was your average, if slightly eccentric, twelve year old Japanese student. Homework was bad, goofing around was good. He had particular interests in the form of Digimon Cards and drawing, but the former he rarely managed to see much competitive play in. In his school, few played it, and those few were the same few that thought he was goofy, leading to him having few friends, and none of whom he was particularly close with. Although occasionally having a loud mouth, he was mostly quiet in class, until of course Mrs Asagi, their teacher who he once joked "couldn't laugh even if you gave her a laughing machine", found his drawings, and questioned what they were, like she had done the previous day.

The drawings on that particular day were of the creature which now threatened him, sharp claws on his arms placed out to his front, and the ever-present peril of flames propelled from the mouth. Burned alive by Pyro Sphere or stabbed to death by Rock Breaker; neither of the opportunities were particularly enticing to Takato, but he couldn't for the life of him, which was ironically exactly what was at stake, move his legs or arms in an attempt to avoid impending doom.

And how did he know the attacks of this creature? Simple, he had designed Guilmon in the first place. Having drawn the dinosaur and his stats, he scanned it through his D-Arc, an attempt which originally ended in failure, but then began to work, scanning his drawings one by one until a digi-egg appeared on the screen. Takato did find it odd how the device had taken in his page of random scribbles as well, the result of frustration at his teacher and the clock at the front of the classroom's lack of movement, but he presumed the device was smart enough to ignore them. Even if it read them, what harm could it possibly do?

Speaking of the device, it had once been his card reader, which he, along with his cards, left in his hiding place in a dinosaur play structure every day. He would leap at the opportunity to play cards with anyone, be they unbeatable, girl or otherwise, but he just never seemed to have the luck. It almost seemed as if his friends were missing, as if he were meant to have something else.

The blue card had once been a speed modify card, which had suddenly altered when dropped from the mostly-hidden cavity in the top of the dinosaur down to the floor below, landing with an odd metallic sound which still bewildered Takato, although not as much as what the card had done when he scanned it through his card reader in a futile attempt at identifying it. His card reader had suddenly, and seemingly impossibly, changed shape, expanding outwards, upwards and sideways into the D-Arc he now had around his neck. For the average person, this would be surprising enough, but for Takato, a boy who had an obsession with Digimon in general, and always dreamed of having his own personal partner who would unconditionally be his friend, this was the most surprising thing that ever happened in his entire life, and also that would ever happen, excepting a particular incident that was yet to occur in the future that would leave him not only surprised, but strangely happy at the same time.

And that incident would change his entire life from that point on (and it was one he would eventually claim to be the best moment in his life, despite the events surrounding it), just like this one would eventually be until then.

The previous night, he had had an odd dream; it was one where he floated above a road, in his pyjamas, watching a battle between a Renamon and a Lynxmon. What he found most surprising of all was that the Renamon had a partner, a girl with red hair, who seemed to show indifference towards her partner's wellbeing, and seemed only to care about winning. What it meant was something that he couldn't for the life of him figure out.

Then again, he had had plenty of nonsensical dreams that amounted to nothing. The dino in front of him was one of the few exceptions.

"Okay…here's a plan…I scream…then run…" Takato pleaded, putting on a dumb smile as he did so in an attempt to reason with the beast. It was to no avail, as the dinosaur once again made the noise, one eerily close to giggling. "Or not…" he added quickly.

The dinosaur approached closer and closer to Takato, leading him to worry that the beast would soon break into his secondary move, Rock Breaker, a fierce slicing of his claws across the foe using the momentum of his considerable bulk to increase the attack power. Takato knew that he wouldn't withstand that, and, even if he did, he would be hospitalised for a long while. He didn't want to even have to begin considering how to explain this to anyone, let alone his paranoid mother, who would ring the police if he was late home from school, and refused to let him have a pet.

"Please…" he pleaded. "Don't do it Guilmon!" he added, fear dominating his voice as he moved his arms over his head and looked down in a futile attempt at self-preservation, as the dinosaur growled.

Electricity sparked between broken pipes and wires behind him, as Guilmon drew closer, and closer.

"Oh no…" he exclaimed. "I created a Digimon and now he's going to blast me to smithereens…all I wanted was a friend…"

"Friend?" the dinosaur asked, sniffing him and poking his snout into the boy's hair.

"And the last thing I'll hear is that horrible…" Takato began, hesitating when he thought he heard the dinosaur say something, as he looked up in curiosity. "…what did you say?"

"You want friend?" the dinosaur asked, his voice defying attempts at description. It sounded childish and unthreatening, despite Takato's fear.

"Um…yeah…" Takato replied, now completely thrown for a loop. Was he meant to be cowering in fear? Was he meant to be happy? He had absolutely no idea.

"What is friend?" Guilmon asked, cocking his head in confusion.

"You're not going to attack me?" Takato asked.

"No…why?" Guilmon asked. "Do you want me to?" he then added, Takato quickly shaking his head.

"No..." he replied, smiling dumbly at the question, before beginning to rethink the situation. "This is the coolest…" he said, laughing. "You're really mine? You're really my partner?"

"Am I?" Guilmon asked, pointing with his claw to himself.

"Yeah…" Takato replied. "I'm Takato…"

"Ah…" Guilmon replied. "I'm Takato?" he asked.

"No, I'm Takato, you're Guilmon…" Takato clarified, somewhat surprised at the confusion.

"I Guilmon?"


"I Guilmon, you Takatomon?"

Takato laughed exasperatingly. "No…I'm not a Digimon…"

"Aren't you?"



"Stay in the box…" Takato whispered, taking note of the surrealism of what he was doing. Inside the box that had been designed for shipping televisions, he had a Digimon, one he had created as well. And what did that make him?"

"Okay…" the thing inside replied, a bit too loudly for Takato.

"Quiet…" he whispered, as he moved within earshot of his parents.

"Hey Takato…" his father asked nervously, glancing up from his paper to see his son with a cardboard box that he proceeded to push up the stairs, somewhat ungracefully as he let go and it appeared to continue up all on its own. "What's in the box?" Takehiro asked curiously, with a hint of teasing in his voice.

"Um…it's nothing…just a box, a regular ordinary box, full of nothing…" Takato replied.

"Why exactly do you have a box?" his father asked.

"Well, you know me, I'm crazy…" Takato replied, laughing nervously, before moving out of earshot, as Takehiro contemplated what could be in the box.

'Probably a pet…Mie'll kill him when she finds out…'

"It better not be any more trash Takato, I'll only throw it out as soon as I find it…" replied the aforementioned Mie, the mother of the boy who was currently lugging a box up the stairs.

"Okay…" Takato replied nervously. He opened the door to his room, and Guilmon ran out of the box, looking at all the new delights he could see, as Takato quickly closed the door. Mie sighed; Takato seemed to do the strangest things. Why would he bring a pet home when he knew that she specifically forbade him to have one?

Guilmon knocked a series of papers on the floor, before looking at some already there. "It's me…" he cheered, seeing the remains of the notebook, before sniffing it.

"Guilmon!" Takato complained. "Look, you've got to try not to demolish everything you see, and you can't cause trouble…this is the human world here, not the Digital World…"

"Digital World?" Guilmon asked. "What's that?"

"Didn't you come from the Digital World?"

"No, why?"

"So I really created you…"

"Really, Takatomon create me?"

"No, it's Takato…"

"Ta…ka…to…mon?" the dino asked, Takato's enthusiastic expression turning to exasperation upon hearing the last syllable.

"I'm not a Digimon…"

"Aren't you?" the dino dumbly asked.

"No…hold on, one sec…"Takato told his partner, before having an idea. He rummaged around in a box behind him for a pair of goggles he had found discarded in the park. Sure, it'd make everyone think he was nuts, but at the same time; every leader of the Digidestined had to have goggles, didn't they?

Was he a Digidestined? Was he the leader? Did these things even matter, he pondered, as he strapped the black strap round his head and displayed the yellow framed goggles for his partner to see.

"See, I'm a Digimon…um…" he pondered, looking for a name.

"Yeah, you're a Digimon…" Guilmon replied, presuming that what he had said all along was true.

"No, I'm a Digimon Tamer!" Takato cheered, thinking of the name on the spot. It wasn't bad, although he had an odd feeling he'd heard it somewhere before.

"Ooh…goggles…" Guilmon exclaimed.

Not far away, computers worked away, providing all the heat that the Tokyo Metropolitan Building needed, the problem being when they got too hot.

The computers used by Hypnos were some of the most powerful computers in existence, despite not officially existing. They were a result of the SIGnal INTerception system, better known as SIGINT, that began to be created in the cold war, but in the 1980s were fully established in the United States, known as Echelon. The Japanese version of it was Hypnos, established in 2001, was created to catch up to them in information surveillance. Several countries now featured these systems, in secret naturally. Echelon was today controlled by the SDCO (Special Digital Control Organisation), and the projects were all similar, based on a common pool of research. The main thing that varied was how effective they were, and how often they had to be used to deal with the new threat.

Effectiveness was both related to how many attacks there were, and the quality of the person spearheading it. In Hypnos' case, it had been a young Mitsuo Yamaki, an enthusiastic scientist who was put in control after the systems' construction was completed in 2001. The project looked able to prevent all of the threats to the country, and was highly secretive, hidden within the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, known to others as simply being a part of the government. Compared to other secret projects, it was easy to hide, given that all of its infrastructure was entirely within a building, and so the future looked bright for Yamaki, his enthusiasm allowing him to deal with the number of threats they received that was natural for such a high-tech country.

The enthusiasm didn't hold out.

The lighter clicked within the control room, a sound which the two technicians, Riley Ootori and Tally Onodera, had grown to ignore as they continued to watch the systems for 'Wild Ones', the names given to the renegade data patterns that came from the Digital Plane, and were a diversion from the intention of Hypnos, a network surveillance system, but had now seemingly become the system's purpose.

What made this particular branch of the SIGINT project different was that this one had a far higher frequency of threats than others, and this in turn had led inevitably to some of the Wild Ones escaping through the firewalls. They would bioemerge into the real world, taking a form made of false proteins created in a Digital Field, a natural consequence caused by the real world's matter colliding with the other world's data. The unnoticed irony of the situation was that it was Hypnos itself that had created the weak point that allowed them to escape, although this did have the benefit of limiting most bioemergences to being within a nearby range of Hypnos.

At this particular moment, the operatives were tracking a wild one that threatened to escape into the real world, and avoid any untold destruction that it could cause.

"Lock on the target has been acquired, tracking sequence initialised…" Riley said, pressing buttons on her keyboard at a rate acquired through her skill and experience as the chief technician.

"Send a tracer…" Yamaki ordered.

"Affirmative, tracer meeting target in 5, 4, 3, 2…" Tally said, pausing as a visual came up on the screen of a being, which looked somewhat like a goblin. It was a render of the digital plane using the complex systems, but it was enough to disgust Tally and Yamaki, although the later was out of contempt for the being's existence rather than for its visible appearance.

A bone-like club smashed through the tracer as the picture went blank, Yamaki frowning in response. "Send Yuggoth…" he ordered.

"It's too late; he's going to breach…" Riley said in alarm.

"Don't question orders!" Yamaki snapped, Riley frowning as she gave the program coordinates.

"Yuggoth activation in 5, 4, 3…target has breached…" she read.

Yamaki frowned, the wild one had escaped into the real world, where it could potentially cause unknown levels of destruction.

The thing which bugged him was that so far, none of the wild ones had managed to do so. All had been eliminated by an unknown assailant, the identity of whom Hypnos was currently investigating. Naturally, they would be arrested and questioned as soon as their identity was confirmed, and it was only a matter of time before they managed to do so.

"Send a team to that location…" Yamaki ordered.

"Doing so…" Riley replied, dispatching government agents to the location. Whoever or whatever was there was in for some trouble…

A girl ran along a square paved area of the park, passing a couple appreciating the seemingly calm atmosphere of the area, which was doused somewhat by the appearance of a dense fog from nowhere.

The girl placed a pair of tinted sunglasses onto her face, as she raced towards to fog, a contradictory movement to that of the rest of those enjoying the evening. A shadow gracefully leapt from tree to tree, perfectly timed to coordinate with the redhead with a ponytail who ran along the path, determination dominating her features as she entered the fog, the view clarifying as she moved past its outer layer.

"There it is…" she noted, removing her glasses, having already passed through the part that would normally cause temporary vision impairment. A bipedal yellow fox leapt in to the side of her, as the girl stopped, looking to the shadow in the mist.

The girl wore a white shirt with blue shoulders and a broken blue heart in the middle, along with blue jeans complimented by pair of brown belts; one in the usual place and one around her leg. She held out her blue-ringed D-Arc as the fox's eyes trained on the foe.

A hologram showing the shadow's image and its details appeared above the screen, the girl reading it out. "Goblimon, Virus Type, Rookie Level, attacks with Goburi Bomb and Goburi Strike…how pathetic, turn him into data Renamon…"

"As you wish…" the fox replied, leaping into the air.

The girl smiled a cold smile, watching her partner pummel the goblin, taunting him for fun, but every time the Goblin seemed to continue on as normal, a fact which bugged the girl and it became clear that it was bugging her partner Renamon too.

"He's not loosing strength Rika…" the digimon told her.

"Then we'll liven things up won't we…" she replied, lifting a card to her D-Arc and sweeping it through a slot on the side, calling out the name as she did so. "DIGI-MODIFY…Hyper Chip Activate!" she yelled, clearly having done the same act so many times that she didn't even need to check that she had lined the card up with the slot correctly.

Renamon glowed as she gained the new abilities, but Rika frowned in annoyance as Goblimon began to glow as well, changing shape to an alternate form of a digimon she identified as Ogremon, a quick glance at her D-Arc telling her that this new form was called Fugamon.

"How did he digivolve?" she asked, annoyed. "He shouldn't be able to…"

Despite the new level difference, and the outstanding weakness due to types, Rika still had no doubts for her partner's success in this battle. Renamon had taken on champions before and won with ease, she made it look effortless. And it would be, once Rika had her way, once even modify cards were unneeded.

She didn't even need any worthless co-Digidestined like in the TV show, so much of which she had discovered was a lie. All she needed was herself, Renamon, and her D-Arc, and once Renamon was strong enough, even her D-Arc would become unnecessary. Nothing could stop them.

A pair of golden eyes opened in the darkness, interrupting the gentle breathing of the brunette as he slept. He looked across to see Guilmon, growling by the window, and stood up, trying to see what his partner was looking at.

"What's wrong boy?" Takato asked, narrowing his eyes. "There's nothing there…" he added.

He looked uneasily at his partner, who continued to growl, before the noise gradually died down.

Rika frowned as Renamon and Fugamon faced off, trading their first blows, as she frowned.

"Renamon, I'm going to be very vexed if you lose…"

Renamon nodded, leaping forward and attacking, demolishing the structures that lay around the baseball pitch as she did so.

Renamon would beat anything. Rika knew that, and she smiled as Fugamon fell to the ground, Renamon leaping into the air and preparing her signature move.

"DIAMOND STORM!" she yelled, the ice diamonds she had prepared let loose from her crossed arms and flying at Fugamon, before each one exploded, turning the enemy into mere data.

Rika smiled as Renamon began to absorb the data. "One by one…" she noted. "Champions, rookies, anything will be beaten by you Renamon…" she added. "Even without needing cards…"

A fresh day dawned as Takato sneaked out of his room, running to collect the day old bread, the day day old bread, and, in some cases, a loaf that had been there for at least a year. He frowned, glancing at it, but the stern words of his mother detracted his thoughts. He quietly pondered whether Digimon could get food poisoning.

"Takato…" she began, as he continued to shovel bread into his rucksack, pockets, and even his hood.

"Yeah?" he asked, trying to act innocent.

"If you've got a pet up there, you've got to get rid of it, you know we can't have animals in the house…"

"Don't worry; it's not an animal…" Takato replied, smiling as he left.

"See, what did I tell you?" Takehiro noted to her from his position reading the newspaper. Mie frowned, what could Takato be keeping if it wasn't an animal?

"Ya hey!" Guilmon exclaimed, leaping off the roof in his box and onto Takato.


"Sorry…" Guilmon replied.

Takato smiled, looking at what he had managed to cobble together from cardboard boxes near a construction site. It wasn't particularly good, but it'd do until he found a better place to hide the dinosaur.

"Now, Guilmon, you have to hide here until I finish school…" he told his partner, before noticing his partner's confused expression. "School's a place where they try to make us learn things, it's boring…"

"Nothing's boring with you around Takato…"

Takato smiled, nodding. "Yeah, but Digimon aren't allowed, so you have to stay here, okay?"

"Okay…" Guilmon replied, as Takato remembered something and placed down his bag, chucking out all the bread he had accumulated.

"Here, it's food, you can eat it…" Takato said, taking a bite to demonstrate. What he failed to realise until a few minutes later was that he ate the bread that had been there for a year.

Guilmon nodded, and began to eat. Or rather, wolf down without chewing.

"So I'll see you later, okay?" Takato said.

"Okay…" Guilmon replied, as Takato left. Having finished the bread, he looked up, smiling. "Can we play now?" he asked, frowning when he saw no-one.

Renamon frowned from the roof above. Rika would be interested in taking care of this particular threat. She landed behind the dino, surprising him. He turned around and looked at her, dumbly as ever.

"Hi…" he greeted.

Renamon frowned, and simply kicked him aside.

"Ow…" he complained, groaning in pain. "What was that for?" he asked. "Do you ever talk?" he added, after receiving no reply. Renamon advanced on him, kicking him again. "Leave me alone!" he complained, turning and running away from the cardboard boxes through the makeshift wall of cardboard that Takato had made, and into the street, where cars screeched to a halt at the sight of the cardboard box on his back crossing the road. Renamon narrowed her eyes, watching him leave.

'Who was he?' she pondered. 'He didn't seem interested in fighting or anything…Rika will be interested to hear this…'

Moments later, there was no evidence that she was ever there.

Takato frowned, he was late once again to school that morning, and he had been forced to assist in the sports lesson of some of the higher grades instead of doing Art (since the headmaster had required a pupil to do so right when Mrs Asagi was scolding Takato, and of course, she knew exactly how to punish him), who looked at him with a look somewhat of contempt. He seemed to get a lot of that, particularly since, apart from occasional friendliness from pupil, even in his own class he didn't seem to fit in. There just didn't seem to be people similar to him, who he could be friends with, and he had never really become friendly with those in other classes either. Still, he had a digimon now, a lifetime friend who would trust him and do everything he said.

Takato looked on nervously as he saw a cardboard box enter the school.

'Please tell me I'm imagining things…' he thought.

Rika sat in her class, wearing her dull grey school uniform, bored as ever, watching her teacher lecture about god-knows-what while her snotty fellow pupils continued to talk about her behind her back. She glanced in her pencil case to note Renamon standing behind her, the fox nodding in response.

"I think I have found something interesting…" she said through their telepathic link.

The alarm bell rang, the upper students looking annoyed, and Takato looking worried. The teacher frowned, heading to find out what was going on. Takato glanced to an entrance to the school, and quietly sneaked away from his task. He passed students looking joyful or confused, teachers looking vexed and stresses, and cardboard boxes…

Takato paused, looking down the particular hallway to see a group of students crowded around a cardboard box, and the headmaster looking frail and scared on the floor, something which surprised the goggle-headed boy.

'He escaped…' Takato thought sadly, as he ran to find his partner. "Guilmon…I've got to find him…maybe the cafeteria…" he moaned quietly, but at a level where one person heard him.

Henry Wong, half-Chinese, half-Japanese, wearing an orange jacket, black shirt and brown pants, glanced up at the complete nobody that passed him. "Hmm…" he pondered, before deciding to find out what exactly this kid was talking about. Particularly since people who liked Digimon had become fewer and farther between recently, and the potential for having someone he could play cards with interested him. He followed the kid, quickening his pace slightly to keep up with the distressed boy, before realising that he could probably find another way to outrun him and ducking off down a corridor to one side.

Takato frowned dejectedly, arriving at the now empty cafeteria. The combination of it and the mouldy bread he had eaten earlier made his stomach churn, as did the fact that he knew Guilmon had done this. He turned, walking sadly outside the school.

"I get a Digimon partner and he doesn't even listen to me…" he moaned.

"Digimon?" asked a voice, and Takato turned to see Henry, looking at him curiously. "A Digimon partner?" he asked, now more surprised.

"Um…no, I'm just crazy, that's all…" Takato replied, faking a smile and running away. Henry watched him go, confused and pondering what the kid could possibly be talking about.


Takato arrived at the only place in the school he knew Guilmon wouldn't have been noticed by now, the roof. He smiled happily despite his tearful expression otherwise, upon seeing the red saurian staring up at the sky curiously.

"Guilmon?" he asked, attracting the dinosaur's attention.

"Takatomon!" the digimon cheered, leaping onto his partner.

"Too…heavy…" Takato complained.

"Sorry…" the dino apologised, Takato smiling after he got off. "What's wrong? Your eyes are leaking…"

"I'm sad, that's all…why did you run away from where I told you to stay?" he asked.

"There was this big yellow fox, and she kicked me…"

"Huh?"'Must be confusion here…maybe it was a JCB…' "Was it a big metal thing, with a bucket on the front with two arms connecting it?"

"No, it was a fox…I think it was a Digimon…"

"Really, another Digimon?" Takato asked enthusiastically.

"Another Digimon?" Rika asked, a tinge of boredom in her voice. "And you say it looked like a rookie…"

"Yes, and he acted like he didn't want to fight me…" Renamon replied, the pair walking through a quiet street, Rika now wearing her usual attire rather than her school wear.

Rika paused, turning to her partner. "You must be mistaken, all Digimon want to do is fight, isn't that right Renamon?" she asked.

"Yes Rika…"

"Then we'll deal with this one with ease, he won't even put up a fight…"

"They're called squirrels…" Takato explained as he walked through the park in a grass-sided walkway alongside the dino, who had taken attention in the creatures.

"Can I eat them?" Guilmon asked innocently.

"No, you can only eat what I say you can eat, okay Guilmon?"

"Okay…where are we going?" he asked, as they turned the corner and entered a sports pitch.

"We're going to find you a hiding place so you're happy while I'm at school…this is far too open, we need to find somewhere where…" Takato began, but was interrupted when Guilmon growled, and turned to one side to be kicked in the face, slamming him into the fence behind. "What?" Takato asked, completely confused by what had happened before he panned his eyes to see the source of the attack.

"Sorry to interrupt the moment that you two were having there…" a redhead said, without smiling but with a teasing tone in her voice. Takato's eyes widened.

"Wait…I dreamt you…"


"I dreamt you…in a dream…you know, dreaming…"

"This one has his head in the clouds…" Rika noted, turning her glance to her partner. "Well don't just stand there…attack him!" she insisted, looking at the fox which seemed to be distracted by the situation.

Renamon nodded. "As you wish…" she replied, leaping forward and kicking at Guilmon.

"What are you doing?" Takato asked Rika, panic in his voice as Guilmon's eyes narrowed and he began to return the attacks.

"Isn't it obvious?" Rika asked bluntly. "Doesn't your little goggle-brain comprehend anything that's going on?" she exclaimed.

Takato frowned, annoyed by the patronising, as Renamon and Guilmon began to brawl, trading regular blows, Renamon occasionally feeling the pain but Guilmon somehow ignoring it. "Why do you want to fight?"

"It's all that Digimon do, stupid…they fight, they load data, they get stronger and they digivolve, your dino is just my partner's stepping stone…" she taunted, as Renamon leapt into the air.

"But that's…not fair!" Takato complained.

"DIAMOND STORM!" she roared, the diamonds shooting forwards.

"Who said anything about things having to be fair?" Rika replied bluntly, as the diamonds seemed to bounce off the dino. "Renamon, what are you doing?" she asked.

"My attack did not work…" Renamon replied, as she landed.

"Guilmon, why are you fighting?" Takato asked, but got no response from the duelling dino.

Rika frowned, taking out her D-Arc to try and analyse the dino.

"What the hell, there's no data? Either this thing is a piece of junk, or your partner's not real…"

"He's real!" Takato insisted. "I created him…"

"You must be nuts…Renamon, whatever or whoever he is, destroy him…"

"I will need additional assistance…" the fox replied. Rika groaned, taking out a card, as Renamon held back the dinosaur as he tried to tackle her.

"Fine…DIGI-MODIFY…Wind Cannon Activate!" she yelled, annoyed, swiping the card through the digivice while Takato looked on in amazement. The data began to gather around Renamon's hand, and a metallic cannon appeared in on it, which she pointed to Guilmon's head.

"Guilmon!" Takato yelled in fear.

"Do it!" Rika ordered.

"Leave him alone!" Takato ordered angrily, looking to Rika, as Guilmon's markings on his stomach glowed. He glowed red, before pushing Renamon off him, the blast being fired away into the sky and the cannon dissimilating as Guilmon fiercely sunk his teeth into it. Renamon screamed in pain as she flew the teeth did into her skin, and she painfully leapt away, grasping her injured arm afterwards.

"What the hell just happened?!" Rika asked vexed.

"He…got…stronger…" Renamon said in pain, every word hurting as she clutched on to her arm.

"Huh?" Takato asked.

"ROCK BREAKER!" Guilmon roared, leaping forward with his claw at the fox, who was thrown back into a tree, groaning in pain as she fell to the ground.

"Renamon!" Rika yelled angrily. "Get up!"

"She's injured…" Takato noted in surprise as Guilmon advanced on her menacingly, fire creeping at the corners of his mouth.

"PYRO…" he began to roar.

"Guilmon stop!" Takato ordered, breathing a sigh of relief when Guilmon did so.

"Takatomon?" he asked, his feral nature vanishing as he turned and ran over to his partner happily.

"Your pet digimon is a freak!" Rika complained, looking with contempt as they reunited. "Renamon, come on!" she ordered, looking to her partner, who paused in her pain as she looked at the human and Digimon that had attacked her.

'Hmm…' he pondered.

"Attack, now!" Rika ordered, before pausing as she began to hear the sounds of vehicles approaching. She frowned angrily, turning to her partner, who nodded in return. She turned to the goggle-headed boy. "Kid, let me give you a word of advice, run now, because the men in black are coming…" she warned, before looking at his curious expression. "I'm telling you that because next time we meet, your dino is becoming nothing but data for Renamon, and I don't want them getting you before I do…" she replied, running from the battlefield as Renamon vanished.

Takato and Guilmon looked at each other curiously. Takato began to hear the vehicles, and turned, deciding that he should follow her advice as a set of black vans arrived.

"Come on Guilmon…" he said, as they began to run through the park, away from the sound of doors opening.

The agent frowned, watching the figure run away into the park's blackness, partner following. They would catch these people sooner or later.

Henry having watched the events from nearby, frowned. Something was up here, and he would find his answers in that very park. However, he had to go to martial arts lessons first of all, so his curiosity about what he had seen would have to wait, as he turned to walk away

One thing he knew now though that he didn't when he woke up that morning: Digimon were real.

Takato continued to run, before slowing as he noticed that nothing was following them. "That was a close one…" he noted.

"Who were those Digimon?" Guilmon asked.

"I have no idea…and they were humans, not Digimon…"

"I thought you knew everything Takatomon…"

"Not exactly…" Takato replied. 'I don't know much at all, even less than I thought I did when I woke up this morning…who was that girl, why did she attack us, and what was she doing in my dream?'

Takato looked around to see where he had ended up. It was a relatively secluded spot on a looping path, with some steps leading up to a utility closet on the grassy verge to one side.

"Hmm…" he pondered, walking up them, and Guilmon following. Takato smiled when he saw the place. It wasn't small (although it also wasn't too large either), and it would easily fit Guilmon. Plus, it was a calm area, and secluded too. "Guilmon, what about this place?"

"Huh? What about it?"

"Are you okay with this being the place where I hide you?"

"Um…" Guilmon pondered, walking forward into it, and looking around, before turning around to face Takato and smiling. "Yeah!" he cheered.

"Great…" Takato replied happily. Things were finally starting to look up for him. "Just, can you stay here from now on rather than running all over the place…"

"What do I do if Renamon attacks?"

"Okay, in that case you can run, but once she's gone, come back here, okay? And stay out of sight, if anyone saw you, you'd probably end up floating in a vat…"

"That sounds like fun!"

"I don't think it would be…"

"Okay Takatomon…"

Rika lay on her futon in her room, frowning at the ceiling in annoyance. "Renamon…" she called, the fox Digimon soon appearing out of nowhere.

"You called?"

"What the hell was up with you today?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, you didn't give it your all and you froze up several times!"

"I'm sorry Rika…"

"Sorry just won't cut it Renamon, you've got to fight properly if we're going to become stronger…and you've got to digivolve!" she insisted, standing up and walking out of her room, leaving Renamon watching her do so.

'Why do I feel that the way she treats me is no longer right?' she thought, before dismissing what she had begun to think about. 'That pathetic little Digimon is nothing compared to me…he is treated as a pet and it is disgusting…'

Renamon recalled the events of the battle, and the sudden surprising burst of strength Guilmon had received after the mark on him glowed.

'What was that?' she thought, but no answers came to mind. 'I will stand by her side regardless of what powers this dino has…'

Renamon vanished into thin air once again, as silence fell on the house.

"Guilmon, I brought you bread!" Takato called, arriving back at the hideout with two shopping bags full of the aforementioned food, before gaping at what he saw. "What did you do?" he asked, looking around the now half-destroyed hideout, holes and claw marks in the walls and floor.

"I dug a hole, why?" he asked.

"Why did you dig a hole?"


Takato chuckled; his partner seemed to enjoy things that were fun more than anything else. He put the bags of bread down. "Here's more bread, I'll see you tomorrow morning…" he told his partner, who began to eat.

"Okay…" Guilmon said between loaves, as Takato smiled, before leaving. He hoped that Guilmon would still be here the next day, but then again.

He dismissed the concept that Rika would end up hunting down his partner as a thing he hoped wouldn't happen.

'I mean, she wouldn't go that far, would she?' he thought. 'And anyway, shouldn't we be a team of Digimon Tamers? I have a feeling this isn't going to end well…'


And so the story begins, and I lay out the foundations for a new plot. As you have noticed, Takato, Henry and Rika are all in this fic, but at the moment Rika and Takato are the only ones with partners.

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