I Knew I Loved You

He could be anywhere, but as long as they were together, he was… home.

A new city…

A secluded island…

A dark forest…

Nothing mattered to him… as long as he had his light, that beautiful blonde, beside him…

He was always home.

The alarm chirped happily, waking its owner up for the brand-new day that might be missed if he didn't get up. It kept its sound going, even through the moans and groans of the teen in the bed next to it. But, one can only take the insane beeping of a digital alarm clock for so long.

The poor clock didn't have a chance.

It was suddenly silenced as it was grabbed and pulled away from its spot on the nightstand, and then thrown across the room. Where it promptly broke into many pieces of useless plastic.

The life of yet another alarm clock had come to a tragic end in the midst of Axel Feuer.

The teen leaned up on his elbows, his lower stomach still on the bed. He stared at the broken clock, then flopped back down and throwing another pillow over his head and waiting for the invasion of his room.




"AXEL!!!" A redhead threw open the door and jumped onto the bed where Axel was sleeping peacefully, not even ten minutes ago. This redhead grabbed Axel's hands and put them behind his head, all while sitting on the teen's lower back. "Axel Feuer, you are under arrest," the older, more awake boy said.

A muffled reply came from the pillows. If one listened closely, they could something like "under what charges," coming from Axel.

However, it came out as: "Un'ner 'ut 'arges?"

"Murder. You killed the alarm clock, and this isn't a first offence. I'm afraid, Axel, that you're going away for a long time."

Axel lifted his head off of the pillow. "Fuck you, Reno." He then grunted, and pushed the other boy off his bed. Reno landed on the floor, hard, then whined a bit before standing up and brushing himself off.

Teenage boys' rooms are disgusting- he was there once.

"Yeah, whatever, little brother," Reno said. "C'mon, Ax, it's your first day of school, and Mom told me to make sure you got there on time today." Reno left the room, calling to Axel to hurry up- he'd have to be at school in an hour.

Axel sat on his bed, staring at his new room. His mother had insisted that they move with Reno to Twilight Town, where he was currently attending the local college. She said that it would be easier for Reno to get through college if he didn't have to worry about food not being on the table.

So, for the first time in his life, Axel wasn't sharing a room with Reno- they managed to find a small, three-bedroom house. Much better than the two-bedroom apartment they had back in Radiant Garden. But, for reasons unknown to him, Axel couldn't seem to enjoy the pleasures of having his own space. The door even had a lock on it, but he couldn't see why.

Well, Reno could pick locks, but that's not the point.

Axel sighed, then fell out of bed and went across the small room to pick up the pieces of his "old" alarm clock. It had been Reno's for the longest time, but when Axel got into the habit of breaking his, Reno gave it to him, saying that the "melodious sound of plastic breaking was the best way to wake up in the morning." Axel didn't see the logic behind this, but then again, Reno had weird ideas in general.

As he dressed, Axel began to think about the people he'd meet today in school. He just hoped that he would meet someone before his lunch period, so he wouldn't have to sit alone. He hated sitting alone. He hated seeing people sit alone.

Maybe, someone in his AP music theory would offer him a seat. Or his poetry class.

Axel slipped into his sneakers, grabbed his book bag, and left his room. He reached the kitchen without tripping, grabbed a piece of toast that Reno was holding out for him, and sat down, going over his schedule once more. He had memorized the order of the classes, but he couldn't get down the room numbers yet.

He had half and hour before he'd have to get in the car, then ten minutes more before he got to the school.

Kids. Everywhere.

Axel felt like he was going to drown in a sea of teenage angst.

Did you hear that so and so broke up?

My Dad didn't let me go out all summer!

Bitch, stay away from me this year, got it?

And this was only while he was trying to get up the front steps. For being a college town, Twilight Town was surprisingly small. He looked up information on it last night- the High school had less than four hundred students. Average class size was fifteen.

Axel had a feeling he wasn't going to find anyone that would open his or her clique up for him.

As he entered the front doors with the other kids, though, there was one guy he saw, struggling with an instrument case and being pushed around. He had his blonde hair in a strange style, but what did that matter? Axel went over to the group, pushed his way in, and pulled the kid out of the way.

The other teen grabbed his arm, and led him running down the hall, turning into a basement-like hall, down stairs, and then stopping to rest. He looked like crap- his face was starting to swell, and his breathing was ragged.

Axel stood up from where he had leaned against the concrete wall, and went over to the other teen. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah," the teen said after a bit. He looked up, and they seemed to just stare at each other. Axel felt a little weirded out, but the other teen then continued. "Uh, have I met you before?" He stood up, setting his instrument on the ground.

"No," Axel said. He was new to the area, how could they have met before?

"Oh, good!" The blonde's face lit up. "So, that means that you're new to the school, and that means that you need to go to the office to check in." The blonde started back up the stairs, but Axel caught his arm.

"What's your name?"

"Oh, yeah, that's kinda important, isn't it?" The blonde smiled. "Demyx."


Axel stood outside of his second period class with the counselor, waiting while he tried to get the teacher's attention. Axel sighed, and then took initiative to step forward and knock. That got his attention.

They were waved in, and the counselor decided to become bold, introducing Axel to the class. He described Axel as some kind of genius, to which the redhead scoffed silently. He looked around the room and it hit him.

Whoa… Dèjá vu much?

He must have had a dream before. Apprehension dreams, that kind of thing. He then looked over the kids, and stopped on the last one.

Oh, my…did I fall asleep during the opening speech?

Blonde hair, bright blue eyes half-closed (in boredom, maybe?), and quite an interesting outfit. He had a red and black hooded tee, matching striped armsocks, and ripped, baggy black cargos. If there ever was a stereotype for emo teens, this kid fit the description perfectly.

Axel actually pinched himself.

Well, Axel thought, this can't be a dream.

But, what was an angel doing wearing black? Shouldn't he be wearing something to bring out the color in his eyes more? Like, blue? Or… scratch that, the black brought out his complexion. The boy was pale, sure, but it fit him. Axel could tell, just by looking, that the teen was begging for someone to give him a chance.

He wondered if the teen even had any friends…

"So, I hope you all will be nice to Axel and help him out if he gets lost," the counselor finished, and Axel nodded, going to sit in the empty seat next to his newly declared… obsession? No, not that… well, maybe.

The teacher then went back to the class, telling them what to expect for the coming year. And Axel felt a rush of relief that he started school on their first day.

At least he won't be that behind.

So wrong. He was really behind.

His old school didn't do any of the pre-course material for calculus, he soon found out. Nor did he know most of what was on the course outline for Physics. They were just jumping right into the hardest material possible, and Axel had a feeling it wasn't going to be like back in Radiant Garden. No more good grades for Axel…

Though, his music class was… practically empty. The same blonde from calculus was there, and Demyx. That was it. Just the three of them. The teacher didn't know what she wanted to do with the class, as she didn't know where Axel was in his studies, and Roxas (as he found out the mystery blonde's name was) was just taking the class again for credit.

That made both Axel and Demyx… well, they were speechless. AP Music Theory? Again? Just for credit? Who does that? Especially as a junior? The teacher explained that Roxas had gotten permission to take General Music in eighth grade, so he started early.

Actually, as the day progressed, Axel found out that Roxas had gotten permission to take a lot of courses that were only for advanced seniors. The kid was a freakin' genius.

Physics Lab, his last class of the day, came and Axel had nowhere to sit. There was an empty table in the back, but why would he want to sit there? He'd just have to move again. He waited until the teacher directed him to go sit there and wait for the last student to show up- he'd be sitting there with Axel, anyway. Axel had a slight suspicion that the last student was going to be Roxas, but he kept it to himself.

He was right.

The blonde walked into class ten minutes late, giving the teacher a pass and going to sit next to Axel. Neither bothered to look at the other, but Axel desperately wanted to ask what the teacher was going on about. Granted, it was lab safety, and he should have known the material, but his old teacher didn't bother going into detail- it was just basically no food, no drink, and if you're not sure about something, don't be afraid to ask.

Goggles? Why the hell would they have to wear goggles?

A slip of paper was put into his hand, and he looked at it, startled a little, then at Roxas. He was busy… sleeping. His eyes were closed, at any rate. Axel smiled- the calm look on the teen's face suited him. He looked at the paper and read.

p. 10 in textbook has everything he's saying in chart form- the previous pages go into detail. Read tonight or tomorrow. Test on Wed.

Axel wondered how he knew that there was a test; but a look up on the board showed that he did, in fact, have a test on Wednesday. He would have thanked the blonde, but the final bell rang and everyone- including Roxas- ran out of the room. Axel gathered his things and left slower than everyone else.

When he got down to his locker, he found a note attached to it with his name on it. He figured it was Demyx, as that was the only person he had properly introduced himself to today.

You really should get out of that room quicker. Mr. Bender is known to be sweet on the girls- but he's hit on boys before, too. Chimo, through and through. I'm just warning you because you're the type that he would try that on. Just putting you on your guard.

Oh, and welcome to Twilight High.


What was a "chimo"? Axel had no idea, but he figured it wasn't good. He made a resolution to get out of the class quicker. He certainly didn't want to be hit on by a teacher- especially that one. Bender was creepy.

He left the school building, quite happy that Roxas had… well, kind of talked to him. He had noticed that Roxas didn't talk at all- he had almost all of his classes with the blonde. Just not lunch. But, Roxas didn't have lunch during either of the other two lunch periods. Axel wondered if he ever got hungry.

As he approached the parking lot where he knew Reno would be waiting for him, he heard steps scuffing behind him. He looked and saw Roxas with his hood up, a few of his blonde spikes sticking out and covering his pretty eyes.

He looked so… lost.

"Hey, Roxas?" Axel called out. Roxas looked up, and Axel locked eyes with him. "You okay?" Roxas broke the eye contact, nodded hesitantly, and continued past Axel. Axel took a few steps and caught up with him easily, grabbing the small hand that was holding the strap of his messenger bag.

Roxas gasped as Axel turned him around so he faced him. Axel studied those blue eyes, looking for some sort of message. He put his hand on Roxas' shoulder. "Are you sure? 'Cause I know that you don't look it."

The blonde stood still, but wouldn't say anything. Axel sighed, flipped open his phone and called Reno. "Hey, Reno?"

"I'm waiting on the other side of the bank, if that's what you're asking."

"No, Reno, I'm gonna hang out a little with a new friend," Axel said looking at Roxas. The blonde's head perked up at the sound of "friend," like he really couldn't believe that that word was being directed at him. There was a light blush on his face.

As much as Axel liked the creamy complexion of this blonde, the rosy color was too cute to wish for the old skin tone back.

"Alright. Be home before six, though, 'cause Mom was gonna take us out for dinner."

"Will do, bye." Axel closed his phone and slipped it back in his pocket. He turned to Roxas and nudged him forward. The blonde was startled by the sudden push, but started walking next to Axel.

Finally, we're getting' somewhere, Axel thought. He also thought about putting his arm around the blonde's shoulders, but shook that out of his head. He supposed that this was new to the blonde as it was- hanging out with a friend. He didn't want to overload the boy's mind with new stuff.

"So, Roxas," Axel started. Roxas looked up at him, still not talking. "Where to?" Roxas raised an eyebrow at him, clearly confused. Axel chuckled. "It's your town, right?" Roxas nodded slowly. "So, take me to somewhere you like to go… please?"

Roxas turned his head down, then turned down an alleyway. Axel followed, noticing finally that they weren't in the bank parking lot anymore. Roxas lead him through the mess of small buildings- it was more confusing than back home, Axel thought.

But, somehow, he knew that Roxas wouldn't lead him to someplace stupid. It just felt right to be with Roxas, just the two of them, scurrying around the back alleys of Twilight town. For awhile, nothing else mattered- just that Roxas seemed to be having a good time, checking back on Axel every now and then, no longer harboring that lost look on his face.

Those blue eyes looked so clear now and Axel smiled at him every chance he could.

When they finally came out of the alleys, Axel looked down on the creek that wound its way around the town. There was a matted down spot of grass near the bank that Roxas led him to next, and they both sat down. They both slipped their bags off their shoulders and sighed at the same time.

Axel laughed first. Then, slowly, Roxas joined in, putting his head on his knees after drawing them up close to his body. Axel leaned back on his elbows and sighed again, listening to the soft laughter of the boy beside him. Roxas then stopped, and looked back at Axel, his eyes shining with something that made Axel's smile broader.

And then he couldn't help himself. He sat up and pulled Roxas' hood down and brushed the hair out of his face. The blush came back; but the eyes became a little duller. Axel cupped the side of the blonde's face. "You should laugh more often. It sounds really nice."

He felt Roxas lean a little into his hand, his blush deepening. Axel smiled. No one had ever complemented him this way, Axel could tell. Then again, it was also possible that no one had ever seen Roxas like this, either.

And poor Roxas, he'd probably never met someone like Axel- who was very straightforward with his feelings.

He let his hand drop slowly, dragging it down the petite body before him, then brought it around to rest on the small of the blonde's back. He could feel Roxas shiver- he definitely had never been touched even like this before, had he? Axel couldn't suppress a smirk as he pulled the teen closer to him.

They stayed that way, shifting only a few times to get a little more comfy. When they both stopped moving and started enjoying the presence of the other, Axel was laid back and Roxas had snuggled up close, laying his head on the redhead's shoulder. Axel kept his arm around the teen's body while he looked up at the fluffy white clouds drifting past.

It felt like a dream. A really nice dream.

Axel soon raised his other arm up and pulled his fingers through the blonde hair. He felt Roxas hum, then shift a little closer; Axel took this as an okay and continued. He marveled at how soft his hair was, and almost broke the silence by asking how he did it.

The bell rang four. Roxas started getting a little fidgety. Axel sat them both up, putting the hand that had been going through the blonde hair next to him, on the ground. He was going to ask what was wrong when the tiny body flung itself at him and threw its arms around his neck. Startled by Roxas' sudden move, he only pulled the teen into his lap and held him. Roxas ended up straddling Axel's lap, but it didn't seem that he cared.

He just held onto Axel like… he didn't want to let go. Not that Axel minded. Even if Roxas was just tired and wanted something to rest his eyes against, if Axel could be it, he was happy.

But, fate's a bitch.

When the clock tower tolled five, Roxas pulled away from the embrace and gathered his things together quickly. Axel couldn't help but think that the past hour and a half of just being together was… for nothing. They had a moment, right?

Roxas started scribbling as Axel watched, interested. Why couldn't he just say it? It's not like there was anyone else around, and they had a moment.

Roxas ran off after pushing the note into Axel hand. For one, it had directions back to the school, so he could find his way home. Thanks Roxas! Axel called out in his head.

The rest of it was writing.

Sorry for ruining our… moment… but my step-mom gets pissy when I'm not home by five… actually, she gets pissy when I'm not home by three, but she gets really bad when I'm home after five. See you tomorrow, Axel.

There was a little bit after that that had been erased, but Axel could only make out a little bit of it.

It looked like "I hope."

Why would he have to hope about seeing Axel in school? Of course he'd be in school tomorrow…

Then it hit him. His step-mom gets pissy. What if she hits him? He'd still be in school, right?

Axel sighed, but didn't think more on it as he walked home.

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