The White Room.

"Soon you'll be mine." The dark-haired woman whispered.

Riku shuddered. She had taken off her clothes, and was proceeding to do the same to him. She laid him on the floor, and began stroking his nether region. His eyes grew even wider, and he started to struggle.

A man in dark clothes, with a chiropteran arm burst through the door, and Riku was sure Haji had come to save him. However this man was not Haji, and he explained that Haji and Saya were on their way.

Riku was sure he was safe, but then he felt himself being lifted, and the two chiropterans took him with them. He tried to free himself, but the man struck him of the head, and he fainted.

His vision swam into focus, and his head pounded. He had thought being a chevalier meant his wounds healed fast, but then remembered he needed blood. He got up off the soft bed he was lying on, and surveyed his new environment.

Everything was stark white, and there were no windows. He was even wearing white clothes, which were slightly loose. He adjusted the shirt on his shoulders, and saw a door. He ran to it, praying for freedom.

The door led to a white bathroom, with toilet, sink, and shower. The shower contained several kinds of body soap, hand soap, and hair gels. A rack next to the shower had three white towels on it, along with another set of white clothes.

He walked back into his new bedroom, and saw the dark-haired woman on his bed. She smiled brightly at him, and gracefully moved over to him. He tried to back away, but she easily caught him.

She again removed her dress, and slipped off Riku's shirt. He now knew why they were so loose. Riku twisted to get away, but the woman was much stronger then him.

Riku was desperate. He resorted to the first thing that he thought of. He rammed his forehead into her face. She recoiled, and struck him hard enough to make him pass out.

When Riku woke up, he rubbed his face. Dried blood chipped off on his fingers. The corners of his vision were blurred, and his head was throbbing again. He stumbled groggily towards the bathroom.

He got in the shower, and started it cold. He looked up into the head, and kept that position for about a minute, and threw his head down. He felt totally awake now, and he began trying to finding an exit.

He had no idea how the woman had gotten in, but he assumed there was a one-sided door somewhere. There were no windows. The only light came from the fluorescent lights above his head.

He focused all he could and slammed his fist against the wall. He cried out in pain and began cradling his mangled hand. He heard cracks as the bones realigned, and his thirst grew.

By the bed he saw a glass of red liquid. He could only assume it was blood provided for him. He scrambled to it and drained it. He slowly felt the thirst abating, and sighed in utter relief.

He suddenly regretted it. Now that he could think clearly, he could remember why he was here. He didn't want to be anywhere near the dark-haired woman. After she had raped him, she kidnapped him, locked him away, and when he tried to resist, she had struck him.

Riku started to cry. He missed his brother and sister. He just wished that he could have fought back when the woman raped him. Kai hadn't been able to convince him that he would be useful to Saya one day. Haji had promised to train him, but that seemed unlikely now.

He heard a click, and part of the wall opened. He dashed at the opening, but was headed off by the woman.

"Get away from me!" He shouted, stumbling back.

"Diva." She said, "My name is Diva."

She grabbed him pulling him into a hug. She kissed him deeply, and he soon found himself submitting. She stripped him down, and removed her own clothes as well. She laid him down on the bed.

Riku woke up again. For the first time he could currently remember, he didn't have a headache. He remembered everything, and once he thought his eyes widened. He had made love to the enemy.

He was almost sure that he was useless to Saya now. His eyes watered as he thought of how he had just sexually given himself to what he had sworn to destroy. He licked his fangs, and he thought of the one thing that could get him out of this.

He braced himself, moved his mouth over his wrist, and after one more second of preparation, bit as hard as he could. The skin tore, and blood spurted out of the vein. It would be impossible for his body to fix the wound before to much blood would be lost.

He heard Diva shriek, and dimly felt her embracing him, and heard her cry. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and everything went black.

The End?