10. Double Vision

"What do you mean Amshel?" asked Diva, furious at the cheap copy of Riku standing before her.

"I mean, my dear," Said Amshel, his voice thick with malice, "that this is a perfected version of the flawed chevalier you hold in your arms." At that, he gestured to Riku's hair and lack of chiropteran arm.

Kai leveled his gun, "These bullets have Saya's blood in them, ASSHOLE!" the enraged boy fired several rounds, but Amshel dodged all of them with a sardonic smile.

"You shouldn't announce your trump card boy." Amshel teleported in front of Kai, and bent the barrel. "Now it's useless."

"Di…va…" The Riku clone rasped, reaching for her. She pulled away, drawing Riku closer to her. The clone frowned. "Don't you…love…me…?"

"Get away from me you monster!" the queen slapped the clone's hand away, "I hate you!"

The clone's eyes began to glow, and the chiropteran arm went into convulsions. Snarls escaped his gritted teeth, and the whole of the anger was directed at one person. Riku Miyagusuku. The white-haired boy that was receiving all the love Amshel had promised would go to him. His precious queen even hated him, due to the fact that he was a clone.

"You…can't do this…to…me!" He roared, "You can't…STEAL…my…life…!"

He lunged at Riku, tackling him to the ground.

"Riku!" Diva cried, reaching for her lover. She was stopped by Haji.

"If he needs help," the stoic man said, "I will intervene."

"Haji…" said Saya, on the verge of tears. "He could die!"

"I will not allow it."

"Neither will I." said Solomon, standing by Haji.

The clone smashed Riku's head into the ground, shouting at him the whole time. Shouting about how he was inferior, and how he wasn't worthy of Diva's love. He raised his arm, and punched in through Riku's shoulder. The young chevalier cried out in pain, and attempted to throw the clone off of him. The copy refused to budge, and merely assaulted Riku with more blows.

"Get…off…of…me!" Riku yelled.

With one great heave, he lifted his double, and smashed him into the deck of the ship. This didn't deter the clone for long, as he shot up, viciously punching Riku's jaw. Blood spurted out of the chevalier's mouth, and he fell backwards. The clone raised his chiropteran arm, and all watched as in turned into fire.


Flame shot out in a jet, threatening to engulf the boy. However, Haji jumped in front of the blaze, and Solomon moved Riku to safety. The clone was furious, and seized the burnt Haji, and tossed him aside. Saya ran to comfort Haji, holding the slowly healing chevalier in her arms, and allowing him to drink her blood. She would allow Riku the same once Solomon dispatched the clone.

However, Solomon was not dispatching the clone. Riku was. His arm was firing spikes. Spikes just like Karl's. His other was a sword like Solomon's, and James' armor-like plates covered his body.

"He can mimic the powers of other chevalier…" said Haji, in what could only be described as awe.

"Riku…" Diva murmured

The clone charged. Sending fire blindly at Riku, to no avail. He was so absorbed in trying to kill Riku; he never noticed that the sword arm was extended. The Riku clone impaled himself in the blade, as his eyes widened in shock.

"He is not a chevalier…he will not heal." Said Amshel, staring without emotion at the dying clone.

The chevalier parts sunk back into Riku's body, leaving him the frail boy he had always been. All ran to his side, asking a multitude of questions Riku couldn't answer. He was to busy glaring at the evil Amshel. The man who had caused all the problems, the one who had put everyone through so much bullshit. Riku rose to his feet.

"Let's just finish this now." His voice was harder then it had ever been, and his eyes were full of anger. Saya, Diva, Haji, Solomon, Kai, and Riku stood on one side. On the other were Amshel, Karl, Nathan, the corpse core, and the chiropteran army.


This is the last official chapter. The next two will be the two different endings. The happy ending and the sad ending. If you want something a bit more conclusive, I'd suggest the sad ending. It may be depressing, but it ties up all loose ends.

It's been fun writing this, and I hope you'll like the endings when I post them!