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Chapter 1- Nervous
I woke up to the rain, hammering on the window like most bad weather days. I closed my eyes, hoping for more sleep. This was one battle I knew I couldn't win. In my mind, I raised the white flag, and turned to my side. My eyes fluttered open in realization that Edward wasn't in bed with me. Frantically, I pushed myself up and started scanning my room. It only took a few seconds to find him, rocking himself on the old rocking chair.

"Hey sleepyhead," Edward grinned mockingly. His face was reflecting rainbows beacuse of the sun coming through my window, and every faucet was in place. His eyes were honey colored, and his teeth glistened white. Edward took my breath away again, only this time, I didn't feel the need to get it back. Lightheaded and dazed, I drew in a deep breathe and exahaled slowly.

"Hey," I said, but it suprised me when my voice was throaty." I need-" I started, but Edward finished. "-A human minute." He said with a small smile on his perfect lips. I nodded greatfully, and got up and out of the bed. The cold floor chilled my feet, and I tiptoed to the bathroom. I listened for Charlie's snores, but I didn't here a sound. I felt like an idiot, on my tiptoes, in the middle of the hall.

'Charlie must have left' I thought to myself, finally giving up the charade. When I got into the bathroom, I was shocked. My hair was a big poof ball, lying scrambled on my head. I quickly grabbed a hair band and pulled my 'hair' back into a sloppy ponytail as best as I could. I washed my face, and re-entered the room. Edward was now on the bed looking up at the celing. His expression was deep in thought, his eyebrows scrunched into a tight line.

" You know, Alice told me you still haven't told Charlie about our wedding.." He whispered, emphasizing on the word 'our'. It was true, all the same, and I was so chicken. Charlie didn't react to things very well that included me and him together. But he was just going to have to deal with it, whether he liked it or not. I sighed, thinking that the closer the wedding got, the harder it would be on Charlie. Telling him about our wedding seemed easier said than done. I groaned, and then came to sit on his lap.

" I will, I just need time to tell him though. I can't just say ' Hey Charlie, whats up? How's the game going? Well thats good. Oh, hey, by the way Charlie, Edward and I are getting married' " I replied defensively.

" Well, I guess maybe later today, we could tell him," he said evasively, already knowing how I would reply.

" No! I'll do it." I said, and then muttered quietly to myself, 'On my own time'.

"Ok, have it your way." Edward said. In milli seconds, he was at my side, now pulling my hips toward him. Edward guided me toward the bed, and sat me down gently. He sat, now too, leaning his mouth towards my ear. " I love you," he whispered, and I pulled around to to look him in the eyes.

" I love you more," I challenged, and grinned at my childish attempt.

" Well, I love you this much!" He put his arms around my neck, and put his icy lips against myne. The feeling, it was sensational. I drew away regretfully, trying to catch my breath. My heart was hammering against my chest now, at 100mph. I couldn't compete with that, I thought, as I leaned my head against his chest.

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