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The Wedding: Part One

As I awoke the next morning, I was in a daze. I remembered Alice getting me up and dragging me to the shower, and me letting the hot water run down my body, but that was it. I couldn't believe today was my wedding day. It was the day I never thought about, naturally because I was so young, and also because I had never believed that I would get lucky enough to meet Edward, let alone marry him.

"Bella?!" Alice called loudly through the bathroom door.


"Bella, I need you out of the shower in five minutes or we're going to be late for your waxing and hair! Hurry up, okay?"

"Kay!" I yelled through the shower's steamy door, even though I was scared out of my mind about the waxing.

I finished up, and got dressed into my pajamas, just like Alice had said. But I really couldn't focus unless I saw Edward. Not that I really focused on anything but Edward when he was there.

"Edward??" I said, rocking back and forth on my heels. I spotted a bronze blur, and I knew he was there.

Just as I was on the verge of saying, "Good morning, Edward!" Alice came bursting through the door, almost breaking it off it's hinge.

"BELLA! DON'T YOU TALK TO HIM! NOT ONEWORD!! GET OUT EDWARD YOU KNOW THE RULES!" Alice screamed, hurtling me to the bed and sitting me down. Extremely surprised, I sat quietly on the matress, studying Edward's and Alice's faces. What had I done wrong?

Edward looked at me with a longing and sheepish grin, and exited through the door. Alice sat beside me and took both of my hands firmly, looking me straight in the eyes.

"Bella!! If you would have talked to him, it would have broken the traditional wedding rules. Never ever talk to your fiance on your wedding day until you get on the pew. You see, Bella? I couldn't have let you ruin the wedding, now could I?" She looked knowingly at me, raising her eyebrows as if to challenge me.

"Oh. I understand. But where in the world is this rulebook? I've never heard of it." I said wearily.

"Non to your concern. Just don'ttalk to Edward today and you'll be fine." Alice said, and dragged me to her yellow Porcshe.

The ride in the car was silent, except for Alice rattling out orders to different people on the phone. I knew better than object to anything she did. But sometimes, you just had to.

"No way, Alice. I am not getting a bikini wax and that is FINAL." I screeched in the bathroom, my voice echoing against the white tiles.

"Bella, you have to! Don't you want to be silky smooth for tonight?" Alice forced back, making me blush a crimson shade. I hadn't thought about tonight! I was so... inexperienced. How was I suppose to know this stuff?

"Is it... customary?" I asked, keeping my eyes to the ground.

"Yes, that what I've been trying to tell you! Okay, come on Bella we have to get back in there." Alice said, and walked gracefully out of the bathroom, her black bob swishing through the air. Taking a deep breath, I walked out of the high-celing bathroom and into the bright white room.

It would have been less scarier if every little thing in the room was white. The couches, celiengs, floors, mirrors, hairdriers.. etc. were all white. I felt like an odball, with my ratty red sweat pants and Edward's long T-shirt.

Alice led me to the back room where she told a lady named Madame Bernays to do an eyebrow, bikini, and leg wax. This was just to much for me to take in. I held my breath, and exhaled slowly, relieving the tension in my shoulders. I focused on the white tiles until Madame Bernays called me into the white curtain room.

"Hello. You must be Bella. First we are going to start with the Australian wax. Have you ever gotten it done before?" Madame Bernays said in a light voice. She didn't seem like the person to give a waxing, with her long blonde hair and deeply tanned skin.

"No I have never gotten it done before." I stated, feeling extremely small. I fiddled with my fingers, trying to distract myself from my instincts yelling RUN! THIS WILL HURT HELL!

"Okay well, let me just tell you right now that this will hurt. There are processes we have to go through before we do the actual waxing. So I need you to remove your pants and underwear, and put on this paper thong. I'll be right out there. Oh and please lay down on the white bed when you're done." I nodded understandingly, but inside, I was horrified. A paper thong? Good Lord.

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