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Warning: Femslash themes be here. Spoilers for the end of the movie.

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"What did you have in mind?" Quintana asked coyly, already having a guess as to what Rosa's request would be. It didn't take a genius to figure the Asian girl out – short, spiked hair, seriously buff physique, belligerent and mistrustful attitude. Rosa's entire being screamed 'butch,' and the fact that the vampiress apparently picked up on that fact before the rest of the crew baffled her more than she let on.

Rosa's confirmation of her expectations was merely to raise her eyebrows at her. Quintana's mind drifted back to years ago, before she'd even known any of the crew existed...

"Hey. Whatever turns you on.." Quintana leaned forward and placed her hand against Rosa's cheek. Her tongue darted out to trace along her neck before sucking on her pulse point lightly.

"Oh Quintana.. you are good... For a bloodsucker." Quintana laughed huskily, knowing that by the time she was finished Rosa's attitude with her would be all but nonexistant. 'How I love being me..' she thought in amusement.

"Are you guys sure-" Rosa forced Quintana away from her harshly as the captain reentered the bridge. His face was frozen somewhere between shock and a wide grin – it was sort of bizarre, to be honest. Quintana glared at Rosa, who returned the gaze full force when she wasn't trying to stammer out some sort of explanation.

"Both of you, in my office in ten," Damien ordered uncomfortably before leaving them. They were silent for a few moments, before Rosa turned and glared angrily at the vampire.

"I thought you had some sort of sixth sense for food – or has this been your plan all along?" Quintana spared Rosa an exasperated glance, knowing the end result of this particular line of questioning. "Trying to get me fired in the most humiliating way – no one will hire me again after this and you know it! There isn't a ship in any part of this galaxy that would hire someone known for almost fucking a bloodsucking slut-"

Quintana cut Rosa off with a sharp slap to the face before she walked calmly from the room. It wouldn't help matters to keep the captain waiting.


"I'm sure you know V-San's policy on matters such as this," Damien said. He sounded tired – exhausted even. 'Just when we were all coming together as a crew, these two decide that they should start literally coming together...'

They nodded sullenly, waiting for him to continue.

He looked at them, sensing the tension between them had returned. He rubbed his forehead and sighed. "We'll make a deal – if you two can keep yourselves under control, I suppose the company doesn't need to know about this business.."

The vampire and the purple haired girl glanced at each other, Rosa glaring hatefully and Quintana glancing disinterestedly. "This is more than we deserve, Captain. Thank you for this," Quintana said, nodding gratefully to Damien. Rosa nodded in agreement as well.

"Hey – we miss an announcement?" Roman asked, popping his head into the room along with Gilles, formerly a compatriot of Fiona. Damien waved them in.

"Good – I'm glad we cleared this up. Now, onto other matters – I've just received word from V-San that we're to take on a new mission." He spun in the chair of the ship they'd commandeered from the anti-human expansion movement, hitting a button on his remote. A screen descended from the ceiling, showing the image of a group of vampires. He hit the forward button, and the image zoomed in on a rather striking woman.

"Samantha Hartigan. Began working for V-San when she was 13 – Samantha was placed as an undercover operative in a rather advanced gang of vampires. They call themselves the Sorrow Clan – they send out hunting parties, destroying villages and taking survivors back to their homebase. According to intel gathered by Hartigan, the survivors they take with them are kept as cattle. Bred and kept alive and healthy simply so their blood can be harvested to feed the clan."

Damien hit the forward button, showing grainy images of large, comfortable living quarters and families of people living within them. There were bars over every window, and through them what appeared to be a fence topped with barbed wire. He hit the forward button again, and there was another grainy photo, this time of the grounds. Dozens of domiciles such as the first were in a long row. Several guard posts were around the perimeter, as well as guards walking dogs along the inside of the area. In the background was a rather impressive castle.

"So we go in there and help her free the humans?" Roman asked excitedly. Gilles looked a bit green at the prospect of going into a situation such as that, but Roman clapped him on the back.

"No. Our mission is to attack the hunting party Hartigan is part of at their next destination. We destroy them, and bring her with us to the rendezvous point on Anubis 12. She'll relay the information she gathered to HQ from that secure locale, and they will send in other teams to do the sanitizing of Sorrow Clan's base." Damien stood up. "We'll drop you off when we drop off Hartigan," he said to Gilles. "For now, though, I suggest we all get some rest – we'll be at their next destination sooner than you think."

Rosa and Roman got up and left, griping about not being able to go in guns blazing. Quintana left shortly after they did, heading for her own quarters, and Gilles trotted around her to catch up to his fellow humans. Damien sighed and sat back down, slouching slightly in his chair when the door slid shut. Tensions were already high among his people with just one vampire on board – he dreaded having to take on another, even temporarily.


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