When they finally arrived on Anubis 12, the male crew members couldn't have been more thrilled.

There had been a silent but tension-filled balance between the vampires and Rosa. When either of the vampiress's were in the room, Rosa was bound to make some biting comment or other.

If she were speaking to Samantha the redhead would simply give Rosa a superior look and quip a rather well spoken barb right back at the shorter girl, which would cause Rosa to attempt to strangle the vampiress. Samantha, however, had spent many years dealing with feisty humans with the Sorrow Clan, and would easily repel any attack the Asian would launch.

If Rosa were speaking to Quintana, on the other hand, Quintana would get just as worked up as the Asian. Needless to say, Rosa preferred to fight the passionate Quintana than the redhead with the 'above it all' attitude. Not only did it help relieve some of her tension, but it also helped her to deal with some of her own issues of inadequacy brought about by constantly being brushed off by Samantha.

The only downside to ruffling Quintana's feathers was that she was aware that later Samantha would be in Quintana's bunk, soothing the vampire in a way that Rosa was pained to admit she envied.

Now, however, was hopefully the last time the three of them would be within a solar system of each other. Samantha had been assigned to another V-San ship after she relayed her information, and Damien's crew would be sent to another quadrant in the next system over.

Quintana and Samantha were a bit put out by this fact, but were mature enough to deal with it. So they wouldn't see each other for the foreseeable future – big deal, really. Rosa, however, used every available opportunity to rub this in their faces, and it was getting pretty old very quickly.

"Good luck..." Quintana said quietly to Samantha as they said their goodbyes. Samantha gave her a kiss on the cheek before turning around and heading for the building before her. Quintana watched her go, and Rosa approached Quintana from behind.

"Awww, how sweet. Bloodsuckers in love," she said scathingly. Quintana turned around, breathing unevenly as Rosa taunted her into a fit of anger. She shoved past Rosa on her way back into the ship, and the Asian smiled. Things were finally back to normal, and she wouldn't have it any other way.


A/N: So, what'd ya'll think? Again, started writing this because I'm in this RPG (see my profile for more info) based loosely on Bloodsuckers, and wanted to write something based on the movie more for a while. Not sure if I did got it down, though... Lemme know what ya'll think.