Just a bit of inspiration I got while watching the third POTC movie. This is Jack's thoughts during the part where Elizabeth sees her dad, its really short nothing big, just a one shot. I'm not sure if its been done, but here goes.

Disclaimer: Come on, do I even have to say it. Just incase, no I dont own it.

They were staring at the bodies in the boats and sea. It was eerie, but spectacular to watch. No one could take their eyes off of the people. It was quiet until Elizabeth said, "It's my father, we've made it back. Father!" Jack felt a twinge in his chest. He knew that with his next words her heart would shatter, "Elizabeth, we're not back." Jack saw the sudden realization in her eyes, and he felt a tide of sympathy wash over him.

He watched her as she desperately tried to reach her father. All the while he wished that he could look away. He could feel her pain wash over him in tides. It was a heart breaking sight and yet he could not stop her, could not comfort her. Even though she had practically killed him, even with the treachery still fresh in his mind, he wished that this was not happening to her. She practically jumped after her father until Will caught her, at that moment he felt a flash of jealousy. He was jealous that he was not the one that could provide the comfort that she needed at her time of grief. With one brief look he turned away from the sight; banishing his thoughts on that strong yet vulnerable girl and his feelings of not quite love from his heart. Meanwhile he worked on encasing his heart in a barrier of ice, so that he would no longer be vulnerable to her charms.

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