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Chapter One

Samus looked out the large front window, bored. She was in the Smash Mansion living room, and had been watching everyone else's matches on the big screen TV. Link had just faced off with Bowser, winning with glory. She sighed. All her matches were scheduled tomorrow. The squishy chair that she was sitting on didn't comfort her one bit, and neither was the fact that all her friends were having fun without her. Suddenly her head snapped up when she noticed two figures walking down the path. It was hard to see, but one seemed to be of slim build, and the other a tad bulkier. It was visible from the window that they were male. Samus got up from her seat and walked to the door, curious about these people. She opened it when she heard a knock.

"This is the Smash Mansion, aye?" a teenager asked in a loud voice. He had fiery red hair and a headband that held most of it up. A red cape was draped across gold armor, which was covering a blue tunic. He had light brown eyes and tanned skin. A sword was strapped to his side, sheathed in a beautiful scabbard.

"Yes, it is," Samus replied.

"Yay! We're finally here Marth! Oh yeah, I'm Roy!" the red haired boy said with a large smile, holding his hand out for Samus to shake. She took it, and was impressed with his strong grip. She noticed the person behind Roy, apparently named Marth.

"Hello er…Marth?" Samus asked hesitantly.

He nodded his head. "Hello."

Samus looked the guy over. He had surprisingly blue hair and eyes. A blue cape was seen around his shoulders, fastened by a red gem. Blue armor covered his chest. He wore blue gloves that reached up to his elbows, but didn't cover his fingers. Pale skin was visible when it wasn't covered by clothing, and a sword was also found at his side.

"This is gonna be great Marth! We finally got here…well, thanks to your amazing directional skills!" Roy laughed.

Marth gave him an icy glare. Hmm, I can tell what his favorite color is. What's his problem anyway? Samus thought to herself as the Roy pulled Marth inside.

"So, uh…mister, where do we go?" Roy asked Samus.

Samus was about to correct him when she heard another voice.

"Roy, pay more attention next time. She is clearly a woman by the way she walks and her voice," Marth said, looking bored.

Roy's checks turned red with embarrassment. "I-I'm so sorry ma'am!" he apologized.

"No problem, I get that a lot. I'm impressed that you knew I was a woman though," Samus said, turning to Marth.

"It is basic knowledge that you study before speaking," Marth answered coldly. Samus already like Roy, but she wasn't to sure about Marth. He seemed…like a jerk.

Later, Master Hand called a meeting to introduce the two new smashers. There was much excitement, but Samus just waited in her chair, already knowing who they were. Soon everyone quieted down, and they all faced the large area that was in front of them. Master Hand floated out, followed by his brother Crazy Hand.

"Smashers from near and far! We are happy to say that two more will be joining you!" Master Hand said with a powerful voice, making everyone listen. "All the way from Altea please welcome Prince Marth and Roy, son of a great general!"

The two walked out of a door that was at the back of the room, and there were many who clapped, while some smiled, and others whistled. Roy smiled at everyone. Marth just frowned, apparently unhappy to be there. Samus looked away with boredom.

"Would you like to tell us anything?" Crazy Hand asked naturally.

"Well, first of all, I would like to say hello! Hi everyone!" Roy said loudly, making people smile at him. "Also, please do not get mad at my companion for not talking. We're both pretty tired due to a dangerous trip and my bad map skills."

All the smashers applauded and the two Alteans bowed slightly, going back out through the doors they had come in. The smashers started talking; everyone was excited except Samus.

"Hey Zelda, Samus! Don't you think they're sooo cute?" Peach squealed.

"Hmph, yeah, but one of them is a jerk," Samus said with an annoyed voice.

"Really? Is it that blue haired one, Marth?" Zelda asked quietly.

"Yeah. I greeted them at the door when they came. Marth is smart but he's a snob."

"Oh…Roy seemed nice and funny though!"

"Yeah, he was really nice. I can't believe he even gets along with Marth. They're exact opposites."

All three women looked to the doors where the newcomers had come and left through.

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