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Chapter 1

Rings and Things

I rolled over and woke from my peaceful slumber with a start. My bare arm had rubbed up against something icy cold and hard. I opened my eyes with a smile. "Sorry," he whispered. "I hate when I wake you."

Even though it was summer in Forks - it still wasn't very warm or dry. I kept my thick comforter on my bed and each night as I fell asleep Edward tucked it around me to protect me from the cold that radiated from him. My arm must have slipped loose from my protective bundle. I smiled again, breathing in his smell. It brought instant comfort. I studied his face for a moment with my tired eyes. For the millionth time I was struck by his perfection. I took a deep breath - he was literally so beautiful it was painful. That was Edward though - painfully perfect - not only in his beauty, but in everything.

Edward's brow furrowed and his eyes looked worried at the sound of my deep breath. "What is it?", he asked anxiously. I propped myself up on my elbow and leaned my face up toward his. He responded immediately by placing a cold hand on my cheek and kissing me gently with his marble lips. "I still can't quite believe you're real sometimes," I whispered, and then yawned - thinking happily that soon sleep wouldn't waste any more of my time. He kissed me again - softly - as if to prove he was real, and then laid my head back down on the pillow and began humming my lullaby as I drifted back off to sleep.

It was two weeks until my wedding. I could finally think the word without my face tightening into a grimace. I would soon be Mrs. Isabella Cullen - my heart beat rapidly at the thought. My mind drifted back to my first day of high school here - and my first glimpse of Edward and the rest of the Cullens across the cafeteria. Soon I would be one of them - what a strange and wonderful way things had of working out.

Edward's happiness about our impending nuptials was boundless - and - if I was honest - a bit contagious. The Cullen household was a flurry of pre-wedding activity with Alice at the helm. Despite my warnings about keeping her in check, I'm sure she was planning the wedding of the century. Which if I thought in terms of Edward's real age - it probably was.

To be truthful , as was my way, once I had decided to marry Edward and let Alice plan our wedding - I felt calm and sure of my decision. Telling Charlie and Renee had also not really been as dreadful as I'd feared. Charlie threw the obligatory fit, but listened patiently as Edward explained his love for me in such a beautiful way. Even the memory of his words to Charlie brought tears to my eyes. Charlie eventually relented, knowing I would marry Edward either way. He had been there to see what happened to me when Edward had gone away - and he had seen for himself the fleeting happiness of getting married too quickly and too young. These things conspired to give him a very doubtful and questioning look when we were alone. Sometimes I though he might open up his mouth and try to talk me out of it - but he never did.

Renee was a little more difficult to deal with. Surprisingly, Phil was a strong ally and helped me talk Renee into at least being reasonable about the idea of my getting married. Of course the question of whether or not I was pregnant came up. I had to answer, embarrassingly, that I was still a virgin. Renee did not believe me at all at first - but once she was convinced that I wasn't lying - that brought on another whole round of questions about whether or not we were rushing things. "Mom, look, I'm not you," I finally said. "I love Edward, forever, I don't want anything but him. I am marrying him whether you support me or not, but it would be nice if you could at least try to understand. I love Edward, we are getting married. I do not think I am too young, I'm not making a mistake and I am not pregnant - okay?"

Renee relented, though she continued to be more vocal about her concerns than Charlie.

Today I had a special errand to run alone. Alice needed Edward's help with more wedding plans ( I could only imagine), so I had a few hours on my own this morning. I had cleared out my college savings account. Since I was marrying Edward, he insisted that all he had was mine as well, including his money. As it turned out the Cullens had more money than I had ever imagined, and I'd imagined quite a lot. So I headed off in my loud, rumbling truck with all my money - to buy Edward a wedding ring. I knew Edward would appreciate this gesture very much - especially since I think he still felt that part of me really didn't want to go through with this elaborate wedding. The subject of wedding rings had come up at his house recently. And I suddenly realized I wanted to get him the perfect ring, on my own, with my own money. I looked in several stores until I came across the perfect one. It was simple yet beautiful, and I could imagine it on his hand as a symbol of my undying love for him. I headed back home - quite pleased with my purchase and tucked it carefully away in my little room.

Several nights later I was sitting down to dinner with Charlie. I'd been trying to make his favorite meals before I was gone. I'd stocked up the freezer for him and tried to teach him some simple recipes, but I knew that when all was said and done he'd quickly be back to fried eggs and the endless supply of fish in the freezer. Charlie seemed to read my mind. "I am going to miss your cooking, Bells. I haven't eaten this well in years. You've spoiled me." He looked up sheepishly and added, "I'm going to miss you too." Ah, Charlie - always so hard to express himself - but I knew the feeling. "I'm going to miss you, too - and I have enjoyed cooking for you. This is what I want though." He nodded as he looked at my face, and for the first time I think he really did understand. I felt a slight pang in my heart - realizing how permanent these goodbyes were soon to become.

Later that night I lay on my bed, gazing into Edward's golden eyes - so full of contentment. He had one arm around my waist and he used his other hand to play with my hair. "So, Alice says everything is just about ready," I said - my tone disbelieving. He leaned forward and buried his face in my hair - "mmmhmmm" - he murmured - breathing his cool breath on my neck. "She did say you still need to pick out a ring for me though." he whispered against my neck. "No," I said simply. He pulled back and looked at my face - stricken - his beautiful eyes troubled. "But, I want a ring.." he started to protest, his voice pleading. I leaned up to press my lips against his and he stopped talking, but he shook his head wanting to continue the conversation. I pulled my head back and smiled playfully - "Alice must be very pre-occupied," I sighed. "I didn't mean 'No - I don't want you to have a ring', silly - I meant 'No I don't need to pick one out' - because I already have one." I glanced up and the trouble in his eyes melted. "Really?" he asked. "Really." I replied.

"When did you get me a ring?"

I moved myself closed and he cradled me in his stony arms. "I wanted it to be a surprise - I got it the other morning when you were helping Alice."

"Can I see it?"

"No!" I protested loudly. "Shhh!" he urged me. Charlie was still unaware that Edward stayed in my room each night. Edward was right to urge me to be quiet. There was no point upsetting Charlie now - when I was days away from leaving him and my human life forever. We had gotten away with this charade for so long, it would be careless to give it away now. I turned my face into his neck and whispered in his ear "No, you can't see your ring - but it is beautiful like you - and I am looking surprisingly forward to placing it on your finger in a few days. I wanted to do this for you, so you would know that I do want to marry you. I know you are worried that I am going to feel Alice went way overboard and that this isn't what I want. That's not true - and I can see how happy you are. I am glad I decided to let Alice have her way."

"I don't deserve you," he said simply. And then Edward was kissing me.