Neko VS Neko

Summary: She couldn't believe it. They had woken her up at 3 in the morning to tell her that Sasuke and Neji became kittens and she had to take care of them. Right... wait... did that kitten just glare at her? And why does the other kitten have white eyes? Great, now she has to live under the same roof with two cats that are competing each other for her attention. It can't be that bad, right?

Neji/Sakura/Sasuke with tiny helpings of Gaara/Sakura

Ages: Rookie nine are 19 and Gai's team are 20

Character of the Day: Naruto

Naruto's Quote: "Dattebayo!"

Naruto's Crush: Sakura

Naruto's Rival: Sasuke

Naruto With: Hinata


Sakura's Hair: It reaches her waist and is in curvy waves and she has blunt bangs cut straight across with spaces in between her bangs here and there, each strand of her bangs are cut either shorter or longer but you can barely notice from afar

Sakura's Accessories: She has on a golden star earring stud on her left ear with a diamond right in the middle of the star while her right ear sports a golden crescent moon earring with a golden star dangling below the crescent moon

Sakura's Outfit: She wears a creamy beige colored dress that hugs her curves in a flattering fit and reaches a bit above her knees, the dress was a short sleeve ending a couple inches above her elbow with a brown button cuff on each sleeve and the dress was a turtle neck, a cute brown belt was secured around her tiny waist for flare, and she wore brown comfy flat fur boots that reached a couple inches below her knees.

Looks: They're 19 and 20 now, so just imagine them to look… slightly older and wearing different clothing, I only have a mind to make up Sakura's right now

3 In The Morning

Oh, Haruno Sakura was not a happy woman, she wasn't usually cranky but I doubt you won't be if you were sleeping in the middle of the night, having a nice dream only to be rudely awoken by a brown haired ninja that says that the Godaime requested your presence in the office while gawking at your clothing- or lack of clothing.

There she was, standing right there, dressed in nothing but her underwear and a silky peachy pink robe. She punched him to infinity and beyond before murmuring something under her breath. She was incredibly pissed, oh beyond pissed as she placed on her clothes, and marched to her window, lifted it up and jumped roof top to roof top, sleepy enough to nearly lose her footing and just fall flat off the roofs.

Damn that Godaime sometimes, she wondered how a sake-addict could put up with being awoken in the middle of night everyday like this. She knew she certainly didn't enjoy it. Sakura rolled her eyes, hoping to think of some funny thoughts to keep herself awake. 'Uh… Sasuke in a dress while arguing with Itachi about stuffed animals… Naruto barfing out ramen… Hinata screaming… Kiba playing with a cat… Kakashi with his mask off… ANYTHING!'

Sakura sighed as she slapped a hand onto her forehead, that only slightly helping her keep conscious. She sighed as she speeded up her pace, wanting to just get it over with and go home to lie under her incredibly soft bed… she reached the tower and knocked swiftly, hearing a groaning sound similar to that of a 'come in.' She entered and glared at Tsunade.

"Tsunade-shishou, I understand your duty as Godaime to stay awake at this time but, me, at 3, equals not so happy in the morning. And- are those cats? When the heck did you keep to cats? You know Kiba won't be so enlightened by this fact seeing as how he's uncomfortable with Tonton already," Sakura said as she looked at the cats. 'Those are pretty weird cats…' 'Huh… oh… yeah… -snore-…'

Sakura twitched at her inner self, being able to sleep while she outwardly had to stand there. But she was right, the cats had a strange appearance. One cat had black fur with blue streaks and had deep onyx eyes, she giggled, the cat reminded her of someone. The other cat had dark brown fur and milky white eyes.

Tsunade looked up at her, and before Sakura had time to contemplate that the cat had WHITE eyes, she almost jumped 10 feet in the air when she Tsunade's face, wrinkly as ever and her eyes bloodshot red. Tsunade saw Sakura's shock and chuckled, "OH this? You see, if I don't keep up with my beauty sleep, I start looking like a hag. But apparently, these two idiots had to wake me up!" Tsunade gestured to the cats.

"Speaking of those cats, no, they're not mine, they're soon to be YOURS to take care of though! Which is why you're here! You see Neji and Sasuke, I'm sure you could tell them apart, have been hit with a sort of kitty-lover jutsu on their latest mission to capture a mob boss that's especially fond of cats, now, I need you to take care of them, and yes, they could talk." Tsunade explained.

For one minute, Sakura almost mistook Tsunade as to be psycho or the fact that she needs more sleep, at least that's what she thought until the blue cat, 'Sasuke…' glare at her through intense midnight black eyes while the other cat, 'Neji…', seemed to look at her in pity and some self-pity at himself. Then that's when it registered, "You have WHITE eyes!" she exclaimed.

It was silent for a minute, all the other three occupants stared at her in a 'duh' sort of fashion. "Of course I do, Haruno-san. I'm a Hyuuga," at this, Sakura nearly choked on her laughter. "Is there something amusing?" Neji asked again, oh good lord… that was when it came to the Hyuuga prodigy himself. "I have a squeaky voice! Godaime-sama, fix it!"

Tsunade was laughing as well, Sakura was near rolling on the floor while Sasuke in cat form, had half a mind to try talking to see if he had a squeaky as well but didn't want to risk being laughed at like Neji so he just indulged in Neji's embarrassment, smirking inwardly. Sakura giggled, "If this is what I get to experience everyday until they turn back, then hell yeah I'll accept!" with that, she picked up the two kittens up and had them snuggle up in her arms.

Tsunade smirked as she noticed something Sakura didn't, 'My student has boobies now!' she could almost imagine Sasuke and Neji purr inwardly at how soft the thing they were lying in was. Sakura waved to Tsunade saying a quick goodnight before leaving. Tsunade kept up a strong façade before collapsing in deep slumber when they closed the door.


Sakura smiled at them as she jumped inside her bedroom from the window again, she looked at Neji and Sasuke before releasing them onto the floor, earning two disapproving growls, "You're a cat, not a dog, so meow or something, don't growl that's for dogs! And also I'm going to be scared out of my wits if I have a cat growling all day," Sakura said as she went to the bathroom to change.

This time, picking a more, covered, pair of PJs that consisted of a cute long sleeve button up PJ top that was pink and had designs of strawberries and clouds on it with a pair of black shorts. Sasuke looked at her in amusement, "We can talk." he surprised himself to learn that he DIDN'T have a squeaky voice. Neji glared at Sasuke in jealousy, having been more humiliated then the Uchiha.

Sakura giggled, "So I guess it's just Neji-san then? Well no worries, I find it cute in a way, come on, you guys can sleep up here for the night until I can buy you guys your own kitty beds," Sakura opened the bed covers for them as they looked at her suspiciously from the ground, "Oh what am I? A rapist? Sorry to let you know, but I don't do cats!"

Neji and Sasuke would have blushing their faces off if they were human so in order to brush off the humility (not this was any less humiliating), they jumped on the bed, still having their ninja instincts, Neji was unconsciously snuggling up to Sakura as Sasuke did the same, the two cats bundled up and fell asleep almost at once.

Sakura smiled as she looked at them, she pulled the covers up and tucked herself in before turning over to hug the two cats that were temporarily hers to cuddle. She giggled, this was rare seeing as though she would never be able to do this if the two were humans. She was somehow glad, wondering how it would have been, if they would be cats if Sasuke didn't return back to Konoha after killing Orochimaru a year ago.

'Maybe this won't be so bad…'


'Ugh… but you'll always be…'

To unconfused you guys, the person that Sakura keeps talking to in her head is her inner self if you haven't noticed. Thoughts are in italics while inner selves are in bold italics ok?

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