Just a little something about what happen yesterday on Raw when Randy Orton attacked Matt Hardy. Be king, its my firt ever english fanfiction, please review to tell me what you thought about it. Love you all, good reading.

Revenge Never Come Soon Enough

He was standing on the top rope, ready to give Santino Marella what he deserves, a good old Swanton Bomb exactly the way he was supposed to.

He was there, about to do his famous final move, everything was allright and felt great, everything was going just as planned.

Until the face of that bastard came on the screen.

Then, Jeff had suddenly the feeling that everything was going wrong, and that he was about to find out how far this son of a bitch was ready to go to scare him off.

Randy Orton was so afraid of him taking his WWE championship that the rainbow haired warrior feels that his opponent would to anything to brake his so great momentum.

His worst fear came true as he saw Randy Orton staring at his already hurt brother, before kicking him in the face, just like he did with John Cena's father, months ago.

Forgetting all about his stupid match with Marella, the young man got out of the ring as quickly as he could, running to get to his brother.

Toughts were running wild in his mind as he was running the shit out of him. He had not run this fast since a very long time. But he haven't felt that panicked since even more longer.

He tought he was bloody mad when MVP attacked Matt just before Survirvor Series, but that was nothing compared to the rage that he was now feeling.

He felt damn close to madness, as anger was running trought his veins like a deep black poison, burning him from the inside.

He finally managed to get to his older brother. It tooked him less than a minute but he was feeling as he was running forever.

When he got there, Matt was still lying on the floor, unconscious. Doctors and refferee after him.

He fell to the ground on his knees, calling is brother with confusion, knowing damn well that he would not get any answer from him right now.


He sweared, feeling more and more flustered as the time past and Matt didn't move.

Doctor finaly managed to get Matt on a stretcher and take him out of the studio as Jeff, half not aware of what was going on,still lost in his anger after the fucking Champ, follow them, to get in the emergency vehicle with his brother.

The only thing he could think about was how hard Randy Orton was going to regret that act. How he would get his revenge. 'Cauz Orton wouldn't not keep his championship very long now. Non. He would have his revenge,

And Jeff would make sure that Orton regrets that.

He would make sure that he'll remember of never touching his brother again.

Yeah, he would make him pay for that.

He just crave so hard for this moment, that, he felt that it couldn't come soon enough.