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I Can't Help It

Chapter 1

x-x-x FLASHBACK x-x-x


"Come on Ziva! Just one date. Nothing will come of it. Gibbs won't have to know."

"Alright, just one!" Ziva said giving in. She would never tell him she had wanted this for a long time.

"I'll pick you up at eight"

"Eight it is" Ziva said smiling

Later That Night

"Tony, where are we going?"

"You'll see" Tony said as he parked the car in an empty lot. Tony hopped out and opened the door for Ziva.

"Thankyou Tony" She said getting out of the car. "It's very unlike you"

"I can be kind and romantic. You just have to be the right person" Tony winked at her.

Ziva smiled

"So? Where are we?"

"Well we aren't there yet…I parked a fair distance away… for two reasons"

"Oh yeah, and what would they be? Agent DiNozzo" She replied flirtatiously

"One, so you don't see the surprise too early…"
"…And the second?"

"So I could spend more time with you." Tony finished

"I see. A romantic walk through the park, yes?"

"Something like that" Tony said smiling and pulling on Ziva's hand.

Even Later That Night (After Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant)

"You are driving me home, yes?"

Tony nodded seductively

"And you are joining me for a drink, yes?"

He nodded again "Of course, Officer David"

At Ziva's House

Ziva walked into the kitchen and placed her keys on the table. She grabbed two glasses and a bottle of her favourite wine.

"Here you go Tony" She said pouring wine into the glasses and handing one to him.

"Thanks" He replied taking a sip. Ziva drank her wine as Tony walked towards her. She put down her empty glass.

"I think…" She started, looking at his half full glass. "…you need to finish your wine if you wish to join me" She kissed him on the cheek and walked into her bedroom. Tony stood on the spot for a minute surprised that Ziva was doing this. He quickly finished the drink and followed her into her room.

"Now, normally I don't do this on a first date." Ziva called from her bathroom. "But since, the whole 'under cover, married couple' thing. And the fact that I really, REALLY want you right now" Ziva continued as Tony sat down on her bed, listening carefully. "I think I can make an exception." She finished as she stepped out into the doorway. Tony was lost for words

"Ziva… you look…beautiful" Ziva slowly walked over to him and well…use your imagination.

The Day After

"DiNozzo! David! You're late!"

"Sorry Boss" Tony answered

"Don't apologize…" Gibbs started

"I know it's a sign of weakness" Tony finished

"Why are you late?" Gibbs questioned.

"My car broke down so I rang Tony and asked if he could drive me to work." Ziva replied then looked up at Tony. "We wouldn't have been late if you had let me drive" Gibbs walked towards Director Shepard's office.

"Ziva I can't believe you just told a lie to Gibbs!" Tony said a little too loud. "He would kill us if he found out about last night" Ziva's smile turned to a look of horror. "He's standing behind me isn't he Ziva?"

Ziva nodded slightly and Tony slowly turned around

"What happened last night DiNozzo?"

"Umm nothing Boss" Tony lied

"Let me ask you one more time. And this answer better be true. What happened last night DiNozzo?"

"Ziva and I …umm…well..."

"Yes Tony?" Gibbs said with a fake smile on his face. Tony mumbled something Gibbs couldn't quite understand.

"We had sex" Ziva said bluntly.

Tony and Ziva both received a head slap, he hit them harder than ever before "What have I said about RULE 12?!" Gibbs yelled.

"Geez Gibbs, you got up on the wrong side of the mattress" Ziva replied, clearly not fazed by his unusual yelling.

"Its bed, Zee-Vah. Got up on the wrong side of the bed. Not mattress"

"Thanks My Little Hairy Butt. I'll remember that." She said smiling at him

x-x-x END FLASH BACK x-x-x

End Chapter