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I'll Drink to That


4 Years Later

"Happy Anniversary Sweet cheeks" Tony smiled kissing Ziva when she woke.

"I love you Tony, happy anniversary"

"IMA, ABA, WAKE UP!" Tali and Sophie yelled together.

"Girls not so loud, or you'll wake your little brother" Ziva said watched her daughters run into the room.

"Aunt Jenny and Rebecca are here!" Sophie said, excited

"Come on, get up!" Tali said pulling at Tony's hand

"Yeah! Get up!" Sophie agreed pulling at Ziva's hand

"Alright, alright we'll be out in a minute." Ziva replied

"Ken Ima" Tali and Sophie said skipping out of the room.

Ziva grabbed her gown and walked out of the room, Tony following close behind. Ziva went into her son's room.

"Boker tov Mathew" She said, gently waking him. Tony lifted him over the side rails on his bed.

"Hey little man, want to go see Aunt Jenny and Rebecca" Matt nodded sleepily. "Well let's get you dressed then. Ziva pulled a Bob the Builder t-shirt and a pair or shorts out of the cupboard and handed it to Tony.

"Thanks." Tony said as he dressed his son. Tony held onto Matt's right hand and Ziva held onto his left. They walked out in the living room and found their guests.

"Shalom everyone" Ziva said joining her company

"Morning" Tony greeted.

"Happy anniversary" Rebecca smiled hugging Tony and Ziva.

"Thankyou" Ziva returned her hug.

"Are you ready to go?" Jenny asked redirecting her gaze to the three kids, who were now fully awake.

"YEAH" They all agreed

"Thanks for taking them, Jenny" Tony said, she smirked.

"We're not taking them, they're taking us"

"Be good, kids." Ziva said giving them each a hug

"We will. Bye Ima. Bye Aba"

"Bye kids." Tony replied waving. And with that they were in the car.

"Well, have fun" Jenny said walking to the car.

"Enjoy it while it lasts" Rebecca added joining Jenny in the car

"Shalom!" The kids called from the back seat.

Tony and Ziva wondered back inside. Tony watched as Ziva walked towards the bathroom. Ziva stopped and turned around.

"You're joining me, yes?"

"Hell yeah"


At Dinner


"Tony, this is where we came for our first date seven years ago, yes?" Ziva said as Tony helped her out of the car.

"Yes it is." Tony smiled.

Tony and Ziva walked, arms linked, into the restaurant.

"Do you have a reservation?"

"Yeah, DiNozzo."

"Ah of course right this way, Mr and Mrs DiNozzo"

Tony and Ziva sat down at a candlelit table. A waiter approached them.

"Would you like a drink?"

"A bottle of your finest please." Tony answered

"Certainly." The waiter said then walked away

Ziva leaned over and kissed Tony "I love you."

"I love you too." He replied, then Tony's phone began vibrate. "My phones ringing"

"Who is it?"


"Answer it. There might be something wrong with the kids." Ziva said worried.

Tony flipped open his cell "DiNozzo" Tony's worried expression turned to a smile. "Okay we'll be there soon." Tony closed his phone.

"What's wrong? Where are we going?"

"It's Abby."

"Is she alright?"

"McGee just called, she's gone into labour." Tony smiled. "Boss says we've got to be at the hospital in twenty minutes, we have time for one drink"

The waiter arrived with the wine and poured into the two glasses on the table.

"To us, and our fourth anniversary and to Abby and her soon-to-be new-born." Ziva said raising her glass in a toast. Tony tapped his glass on Ziva's

"I'll drink to that."