Summary: When Maddie and Danny are tossed into the ghost zone, Maddie is found having to rely on her son to get them out.

Disclaimer: Me. Not. Butch. Hartman. Got that? Good.

Trapped in the Ghost Zone

Maddie got up, ready for another wonderful day. She slipped out of her silk pajamas and put on her comfortable jumpsuit.

She then shook her husband gently, a warning to get up, and walked downstairs. As you can tell, she was a morning person.

Danny, her son, wasn't.

"Hi sweetie!" Maddie smiled as a slumped, messy haired child made his way down the stairs.

"Hi Mom." Danny said, yawning. He grabbed a piece of Jack Fenton toast, smothered it in jam, and walked out the door.

Maddie spotted Danny's backpack lying on the dining chair.

"Danny wait!" Maddie called, grabbing the bag and rushing outside. "You forgot your-!" Maddie stopped. Outside was Danny…and a ghost.

"Ahh, perfect." Said the ghost, looking at Maddie. Danny looked at Maddie too, looking puzzled. He was crouching as if ready to pounce.

Maddie went into overprotective mother/ghost hunter mode.

"Get away from my baby boy!" She shouted, activating her ecto staff, twirling it and jumping at the ghost.

"No Mom!" Danny yelled, and jumped at Maddie, knocking her out of the way.

Maddie gasped as an ecto beam shot at the place she once was. Maddie stared at Danny, but Danny just glared at the ghost.

The ghost was white, and had purple eyes. He looked like some kind of old-fashioned sheriff.

"Obviously your life isn't enough of a living prison, punk! Let's just see how you do in the ghost zone when you aren't in prison!" The ghost said, sneering.

Before Danny could reply, a ghost snuck up behind him, shocking him with a glowing stick. He was unconscious.

"Danny!" Maddie yelled, before feeling intense pain, and blacking out as well.

When Maddie woke up, she saw swirls of green, and blobs of ectoplasm floating around.

She saw many purple and colorful doors floating in the air too. She saw Danny only a little farther away from her, pacing.

When he saw she had gotten up, and was looking around, he became nervous.

"I think… I think we're in the ghost zone."