Chapter 11

"Where the hell is my wife!" shouted a very upset voice.

Maria sat up in her bed and noticed it was morning that she had fallen asleep. She jumped off the bed and ran into the hallway so Kevin at the bottom of the stairs holding Marcus by his shirt.

"Kevin!" shouted Maria making him look up at the stairs.

"Baby.." Kevin said punching Marcus in the face.

She ran down the stairs and saw that Scott and Kristen where with him. She looked at Kevin and smiled but frowned when he looked at her.

"He touched you?" Kevin said touching her face gently.

All Maria did was look away from him in shame. He made her look at him and he kissed her gently. They both broke apart when they heard a groan. They looked behind Kevin and Kristen was standing in front of Marcus bent down and smiling at him.

"If you ever touch her again I will take it personally upon myself and kick your ass even worse ok?" Kristen said slapping him in the face.

Maria smiled at her best friend and looked at Scott who was smiling and clapping.

"I knew I taught her well." Scott said laughing.

Maria laughed at Kristen as she looked up and spotted her. She ran over to her and hugged her tightly. Maria put her arms around her neck and held onto her tightly.

"Come let's go home." Kevin said looking at all of them.

Kevin picked Maria up and carried her out of the house.


"Maria!" shouted Tristan.

Maria opened her eyes and saw Tristan walking towards her. She got down from Kevin's arm and hugged him tightly.

"I am not going to pretend like I don't know what happen." Tristan whispered. "Mom talked about it with Marcus and Eric before everything happen." He added.

Maria looked at him as he said those things to her. She had wide eyes and turned him around and walked to the couch.

"Baby, do you mind me asking what happen?" Kevin said looking at her.

She sighed and looked up at him.

"I came home from my mom's shop and Marcus was here and he attacked me. But Kevin there is something you need t know." Maria said looking down. "Marcus, my dad, and Tamara did this to me." She added.

Kevin slowly sat down on the coffee table in front of her and looked at her with some wide eyes. While Kristen and Scott were both shocked and looked at them.

"Are you sure?" Kevin said looking at her.

"Yes I'm sure." Maria said looking up at him. "I'm not going to make something like this up Kevin." She added.

"Its true dad." Tristan said as he stood up from the couch. "I heard mom talking to Marcus and Eric about it the other day." He added.

Right when he finished his comment the front door open and Tamara walked in. Maria saw her and got up from the couch and tackled her to the floor started to punching her in the face.

"You bitch!" Maria shouted kicking and screaming as someone pulled her away from Tamara. "Let me go!" she added.

Tamara moved away from Maria and touched the side of her lip it was bleeding.

"What in the hell Maria?" Tamara said looking at her. "Did Kevin finally come to his senses and tell you he wanted me?" she added.

Maria tried to get off her again but the person who was holding wouldn't let her go. She looked up and saw it was Scott.

"Ok listen to me closely Tamara." Kevin said speaking up. "I will never want your two bit ass ok? I am in love with Maria and I don't care who the hell knows it but as for you doing this shit I am not going to stand for it Tamara you knew what happen when you stepped into this house earlier and you are nothing but a bitch." He added.

Kristen tried not to laugh and looked at Tristan who was watching. He walked over to his dad and touched his arm making him look down.

"Mom I couldn't believe you would do something like this." Tristan said looking at her.

"She took your father away from us." Tamara said shocked at her son.

"No mom she did not take him away from us." Tristan said looking at her. "Dad was already gone from you. He lost every passion he had for you when you cheated on him with Maria's dad!" he added.

Maria's eyes got big she never knew about this and she stopped moving and Scott held her around her waist even though she had stopped moving.

"Maria came into his life and dad was dad again." Tristan said making everyone look at him. "She made him love wrestling again she brought the fun side out of him again." He added.

Kevin looked at his son then at Tamara who was shocked by the way her son was talking to him.

"You did this you little bitch!" Tamara said pointing to Maria. "You turned him against me!" she added.

"No the hell she didn't!" shouted Tristan making her look at him with wide eyes. "You pushed me away a long time ago when you kept trying to go after dad." He added.

Tamara shook her head and looked at Tristan and slapped him across the face hard. Maria some how got out of Scott's grip and tackled her to the ground again.

"Don't you ever slap my son!" Maria said before she could stop her self.

Kevin and Tristan ran over to where they were fighting and grabbed both of her arms. She didn't fight she looked at Tamara who was running out of the door.

"Thank you mom." Tristan said looking at her.

Maria hugged him tightly and touched his cheek where it was now turning red. She kissed his cheek gently and looked at Kevin who was smiling.

"I will make sure everyone of them pays." Kevin said touching her face.

She looked at him and nodded at him. Kristen walked over to Maria and hugged her while Scott shook his head.

"Remind me not to get on her bad side." Scott said pointing at Maria who was shaking her head with a smile.

Maria said down on the couch and put her legs then she saw Max who was barking when he saw her.

"Max!" shouted Maria happily.

He ran over and jumped over the table and onto the couch. Max started to lick her face making her laugh and smile.

"That is how things are suppose to be." Kevin said sitting down beside Maria and holding her.