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Chapter One: Of Anger, embarrassment, and contests

The twenty-year-old woman stormed out of the two-story house, slamming the screen door on the way out.

Mai chuckled at her house-mate's antics, not only because of her childish reaction, but also because of her attempt to slam the speed-adjusting door. It was quite hilarious actually; it seemed to happen every time Natsuki became a little upset. The younger girl would slam all the doors in her path from the second story down to the first, but the screen door would always be the one disagree with the angry woman.

The blunette turned and glared at the white metal door—and at the woman grinning behind it—as it slowly closed with a soft click. "Argh!" Natsuki growled as she turned and looked for something that would make a solid, loud noise.

'Ah!' emerald eyes glinted mischievously as violet ones widened in horror. The college student approached the object and started to reach out--

"No!" the chef called out, but from behind the stubborn door she knew she would never reach it in time.

Natsuki pulled on the object, "what?" She questioned before trying again. "Locked… but I don't remember…" emerald orbs widened in realization and glanced at the doorway: the busty woman was dangling a set of keys with a triumphant look on her face… that is until she saw the biker reach into her pocket and pull out her own set of keys.

Sending a smirk to the carrot-haired woman, Natsuki unlocked the door and got into it before slamming the door hard; her smirk widening as she saw the other woman wince at the loud noise. When she was about to put her key into the ignition she heard the familiar beeping of her phone, flipping it open she saw that she received a text message.

"Are you planning on riding shotgun while the ghost driver takes you somewhere?"

"ARGH! DAMMIT!" Natsuki blushed as she got out the passenger seat of the Mazda 3, she could see her long-time friend shaking uncontrollably with laughter; she slammed the door on the black and red flamed hatchback and walked to the driver's side of the car. She got into the car and slammed the door loudly in mix of embarrassment and anger.

'I honestly don't know why I even gave Natsuki my spare key… when she kept slamming those doors I thought I could feel the windows shattering. Well its okay… we do have a "you break it, you upgrade it" agreement.' Mai thought to herself as she closed the front door.


Natsuki turned on the radio and listened to the strangely familiar tune, she started to wonder how she remembered the song, but when a part she knew came on she hummed along.

'Ah, karaoke night… I remember now.' It was strange, but in her mind she could see her black haired feline of a friend singing passionately to Alicia Keys' "No One."

'She sang quite well that night, I didn't really know Mikoto had that kind of voice… still, I couldn't help but feel as though that girl was looking at Mai the whole time she sang.'


Green eyes looked at the passenger seat of the car, there sat her blue MotoKRZR K1m cell phone—open with the screen an idle black—she reached for it and went to a blank text message screen. The blunette's fingers expertly typed a message while keeping her eyes glued to the road—only looking away once to see if the message she sent had gone through.

The quick beeping alerted Natsuki to a text message she had just received; the reply had come so fast it was almost as if the person she texted anticipated the message she sent. She flipped open her cell phone and read the text; a small smile graced her lips before she gave a chuckle and shook her head. She placed her still-open cell phone on the passenger seat, the light of the text message shining through the darkness of the car.

"Okay, have a safe trip. And take care of my baby! If either of you come home in bad shape someone… or something is gonna be in trouble:) –Mai"

The girl laughed softly to herself, it was a funny little routine they had, no matter how mad she or Mai was one would always text the other to tell them that they were leaving and that they would be back later, and the other would text a reply about having a safe trip and to coming back safely. Though, sometimes, Natsuki would be a bit stubborn, then Mai would have to send a message to the other woman and wait for the reply she knew would come. 'And it always did.'


A light tapping of rain could be heard hitting the car before the sprinkle began to get harder and began to pour down onto the windshield. Natsuki turned on her window wipers with a smirk, 'true to her word it started to rain.'

Having heard that it was going to rain from a very reliable source she had chosen to drive Mai's car—her being angry just seemed like an easier way to obtain the car than asking the other woman about it. Plus it was laundry day and most of her long-sleeved clothing was getting washed and she didn't really feel like having cold wind and water biting into her skin at high speeds.

'Speaking of that woman…' viridian orbs took a glance at her phone before noticing the time, 'crap! Its 6:03 I'm gonna miss it!' Natsuki hurriedly pressed the second preset radio station: 102.3 H.I.M.E.

"And that was the weather from our beautiful forecaster! Come back tomorrow same time, same station for the amazing Viola. I'm DJ T.K spinnin' up the 'Hit Mix at six!'"

'Argh… I barely missed it! Usually it ends at 6:05…sigh… Maybe if I call them they'll play the report again later.'

"Twenty-third caller…" the man on the radio was ignored as Natsuki picked up her phone and dialed the station's number.

Ring ring. Ring ring. Beep."Yeah, I was just wondering--" she didn't get to continue the sentence because of the automated voice message that interrupted her.

"I'm sorry but the number you have dialed is busy, please try--" The annoying phone announcer lady was cut off as Natsuki hung up the phone and hit redial—she was determined to get through.

Ring ring. Ring ring. Beep. Sensing that that annoying woman wasn't about to say anything Natsuki began to speak, "Yeah, I was just wondering--" the same phrase was interrupted as a man seemed to yell out a question in her ear.

"Hello! What's your name?!" Natsuki really disliked that man on the radio, he sounded like he tried too hard to impress the women who listened to the station, but at least he was a good DJ and he played all the songs she liked.

"Natsuki… Kuga Natsuki. Now I was wondering--" the blunette was interrupted yet again and she getting really aggravated. All she was trying to do was ask a simple question!

"Guess what Natsuki-chan?!" she winced at the name and told the DJ not to call her it anymore. She would've said something not as kind as "no chan, and don't be so familiar with me," but hearing her echo on the radio made her change her mind.

"Kuga-san, guess what?" T.K obeyed and reworded the question, deciding it was best to listen to the woman on the line.

"What?" Emerald eyes rolled in frustration but she went along with what the DJ asked.

"You are the TWENTY-THIRD CALLER!!" DJ T.K exclaimed.

Natsuki honestly didn't care for what the man had to say—she just wanted to know the updated weather report—but the only way to achieve her goal, as things were right now, seemed to be to finish the conversation with the annoying DJ.

"Ugh, so what…? What's so good about being the twenty-third caller?"

"You won the contest!" finally they were getting somewhere with the conversation.

'Wait… contest?' she didn't remember entering any contests, all she remembered was calling the radio station so she could listen to Viola talk about the weather. '…Contest… twenty-third caller… it was something about a date.' Her memory was coming together in a weird puzzle with missing pieces she just hoped it wasn't exactly what she thought.

Natsuki hadn't realized she had voiced her thoughts or that the man was still trying to talk to her.

"Kuga-san?" the woman in question grunted to let the annoying, flirtatious man know she heard him.

"You have just won a date…" 'Ugh… I knew this was coming'

"With DJ…" she was about to flat out deny the man and hang up, but a little voice that sounded strangely like her house-mate's went through her mind.

"If you let everyone hear how mean you are it'll be bad for business!"

'Huh?' Natsuki wasn't really sure how that would improve the boy's chances at an outright rejection.

"Cough cough." The little Mai seemed to be choking. "Ahem… what I meant to say was 'when you turn someone down you should let them finish what they say before denying them subtly.'"

'Well that makes a little more sense.' She decided that she would listen to her Mai-sounding conscience.

"…T.K's great friend Viola!" Green eyes widened in shock as she slammed her foot on the brake.

As the car screeched to a halt the young woman could only think one thing:

'That wasn't what I thought at all!'

Omake: the reason!

Natsuki: -puts the car in reverse and begins to back out of the driveway-

Vroom vroom. A gang of bikers on Harleys start to ride past the house.

Unimportant biker#1: hey baby, how 'bout you get outta that car and take a ride on a man's bike?-he raised his eyebrows suggestively-

Natsuki: With you…? No way!

Biker#2: -rides up and blocks Natsuki from leaving the driveway- c'mon babe ya know ya wanna!

Natsuki: VIOLA!

Viola: -appears out of nowhere with a robe and a staff-

Natsuki: Didn't you say it was gonna rain today?-smirks-

Viola: -smiles evilly- Why yes I did… -begins to chant-

All the bikers get scared and try to ride away from the woman in a mage outfit.

Viola: I call upon the spirits of the wind, water, and sky… -her staff glows- combine your powers so these pigs are no longer dry! –she turns blue and points her staff at the biker gang-

A curtain of water pours onto the gang of bikers and after ten seconds disappears. All the bikers are on the ground soaked and unconscious.

Natsuki: -gets out of car and pokes an unconscious guy with a stick- I think you went a little too far…

Viola: -tapping her staff against her hand- I said no longer DRY, not no longer DRIVE!

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