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Chapter Eight: Try and Forget It

It had been nearly a week and a half since Natsuki awkwardly left the radio station. But it had only been a few minutes since she last thought of the kiss she shared with the forecaster.

'It's not as if we're going out or anything.' She mentally berated herself. 'It wasn't even a date.'

She sighed and continued trying to convince her mind that the short lip-lock was meaningless. That maybe Viola was a bit—well more than a bit—affectionate. Hell, she had affectionate friends, some more so than others. After all, Mikoto had a thing for being overly friendly, especially to Mai; but that last aspect didn't help her much since the onyx-haired girl was now dating said carrot headed chef.

She scoffed loudly. 'What was that then… a kiss between friends?' Natsuki thought sarcastically with a shake of her head, as if trying to clear her thoughts.

"I need a drink…" she paused, remembering something suddenly. "Damn, I'm underage." She paused once more. "Nao," the redhead's name was said with a wicked grin, and Natsuki went downstairs to retrieve her keys and jacket.

Donning her helmet and mounting her bike, she could only think that a certain lonely bartender would be more than willing to find her some form of alcohol.


"Sorry to disturb you, but he's here to see you," said a slender male with dark-brown hair, blue eyes, and delicate features as he walked into his superior's office.

"What do you mean he's here to see me? Tell him I said no… he lost that chance years ago."

"Ah, but, he says it's urgent." The secretary replied softly, trying to find some way to convince his superior to meet with the man.

"And again, I say no."

The small male walked away slowly, apologizing to the man behind the door of the office.

The woman could faintly hear the conversation of her secretary and the man through the wooden door; her secretary speaking softly and trying to remain calm despite the other man's rudeness.

"Marquis, I have to see her!" the male's deep voice just about yelled.

The woman began to get out of her seat when Marquis—her very much male secretary, despite his feminine appearance and soft voice—spoke once more: "I am sorry, sir,but she is very busy and does not want any distractions at the-"

"Distractions?" the man interrupted.

"Yes, you would be considered a distraction since there is no direct link between you and her work."

The woman, having left her desk to hear the conversation better, leant back against the cool surface of the door; her head was back and she stared into the bright fluorescent lights on the ceiling. She was unconsciously holding her breath in anxiety.

The man sighed. "Fine, just tell her that I said to be careful." There was a pause and a shuffle of furniture as if someone was getting out of a seat. "She knows what these few weeks are, and it will not do her good to overlook it."

"I'll make sure I let her know, Mr—"

The man interrupted Marquis with a soft knock to her office door. "I know you're listening. I want you to know that I care… I am your fath—"

"I have no father." The woman whispered back harshly.

The man chuckled and replied in an equally quiet voice. "True as that may be, I'm as close as to the real thing that you'll ever get." The man sighed; the gruff tone of his voice was lost, making him sound extremely tired. "I'm serious. Be careful, Shizuru."

"Mr. Fujino?" Marquis asked hesitantly.

"Ah, Marquis, I almost forgot you were here." The gruff tone was back and Mr. Fujino let out a laugh. "Do not worry, I am calm now. Please forgive my earlier rudeness." There was an awkward sounding noise of affirmation from Marquis. "I shall take my leave… no need to show me the door, I know my way out."

The faint closing of a door and the lack of muffled voices allowed the part-time forecaster to relax.

Knock knock.

"Mnh?" Shizuru grunted, rubbing her temple with one hand.

"Are you all right?" the secretary asked; his voice laced with concern.

"I'm fine, I just feel a bit tired is all."

"I'm sorry I let him up here… I should've listened to what you told me about him, but this time it seemed really important."

"No, actually I'd like to thank you." Shizuru could tell that she had Marquis confused. She continued, "This was important… I had forgotten all about it until he showed up today." She gazed at the calendar to the right of her.

"Forgot what?"

"These two weeks… they are very important to me. Actually no, not to me, but for me… they are important for me."

Marquis nodded his head from behind the door and dropped the subject; it was obvious that Shizuru no longer wanted to talk about it. He sat down and continued to do his work.

"Marquis-han?" Shizuru called out.

"Yes, Ms. Fujino?"

"Do you remember how you said you'd do anything for me?"

The tanned male sighed. "You want black, oolong, or green?" He asked, reaching for the phone, ready to order his superior's tea.

"You know, I haven't had chai in a while…" she hinted, opening the door to her office to look at the brunet.

Marquis looked at the woman and rolled his blue eyes playfully, "Chai it is," he smiled and placed an order to the kitchen that was floors below.


"I seriously have to go with you if I want to get one sip of—"

"For the last fuckin' time, yes!" Nao growled, rubbing her temple furiously. "The answer was the same the past twenty-seven times, it's not going to change if you ask another one… or five times!"

"Geez, you could've just said yes."

"I said yes all those other times you asked! Damn mutt." Nao sighed. "Look, I'm younger than you so I'm not even allowed to bring alcohol into my apartment. That was Tomoe's jo– never mind, what I'm telling you is I can get you alcohol at work."

Natsuki nodded. She noticed how Nao evaded the subject of the green-haired woman, but decided not to pursue the topic. It didn't seem right, especially since Nao hadn't asked her anything about the green-haired woman's coworker; she thought it would be decent enough to do the same.

"So tell me again why you're making me change?"

Nao made an 'Are you serious?' face before letting out a mocking laugh. She walked over to her closet and picked out an outfit for her friend. After picking out some suitable clothes, she walked towards the door of her room, throwing the articles of clothing at the blunette as she went.

She stopped on the way out and gave the older female a once over. She smirked sarcastically before finally replying, "You actually think I'd let you go somewhere with me dressed like that?" With those words being said, she walked out the room, her laughter echoing off the walls.

"There's nothing wrong with the way I dress…" Natsuki grumbled, but nonetheless changed into the outfit the redhead chose for her.

Gone were her casual sweats and tank top. Now she wore a skirt that reached mid-thigh, a tube top that showed a bit of her midriff, and a jacket that seemed to be too small to actually be a jacket. She looked herself over in the mirror, 'She can't be serious…'

"Nao," Natsuki growled, "I am not wearing this!"

The redhead gave a low whistle, "But Natsuki, you are." She smirked and applied the last bits of makeup to her face.

"Dammit Yuuki, find me something else."

Nao looked at her watch and sighed overdramatically, "Oh darn, no time." She grabbed her keys and marched triumphantly to her door. When she grabbed the handle, she called back. "Think of it this way: you can get alcohol in your system without care, or you can stay sober and think about your problems."

"Do you think you could be a little more obvious? My head is spinning from trying to figure out the hidden message you were giving." Natsuki deadpanned, following the other girl out the door.


"Marquis, I asked you to take me home," Shizuru sighed.

"We are home! Besides, my girlfriend wanted to go the club, so we're going," the brown-haired secretary replied, a little too excitedly.

"Can you say whipped?" Shizuru mumbled.

Marquis jerked his head to the side quickly. "What was that? Did I hear someone saying they wanted to walk fifteen miles back home?"

Shizuru raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Did I hear someone saying that they no longer wanted a job?"

"Touché," Marquis bowed mockingly, "You have won yet again, Ms. Fujino."

"Well, you're getting pretty good at this," the business CEO laughed.

"That's what she said!" said a voice from behind the pair, before two slim arms wrapped themselves around the effeminate male. "Hey, babe."

"Hey, Jo." Marquis turned to give his girlfriend a soft kiss. "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!"

Joanna is a hazel-eyed, natural strawberry-blonde—without the jokes that came with the name. She was currently dressed like a punk rocker with skinny jeans, vans slip ons, and a band tee. Her shoulder length hair was parted to one side and half-hidden underneath a classic black beanie. One might think that with her carefree disposition came rash decisions and immaturity, but she was actually the opposite—calculated, smart, and smooth.

"Down boy." Joanna held the male at arm's length. "It's only been a couple of days."

"But that's such a long time!" Marquis whined.

"You know, she's more of a man than you." Shizuru grinned. "I bet she gives you a run for your money."

Joanna laughed, "That I do." Marquis blushed, and she continued. "Thanks again for helping set me up with the show, Shiz." She leapt into the other woman's arms for a hug and allowed herself to be spun around.

"No problem, your man here, helps me out more than you know, Jo-han." She smirked at the enraged look on Marquis's face. He always became angry when someone made fun of his masculinity.

Jo giggled; her strawberry-blonde hair moving as she shook her head from side to side. She quickly stifled her laughter when she caught glimpse of her boyfriend's glare. "I'm sorry, babe, but you know how funny it is when you get like that." She finished off her apology with a quick peck to his cheek.

Marquis didn't reply; he was still pretending to be mad. He stuck his nose in the air and grabbed Joanna's beanie off of her head to place it on his own, before stalking off into the crowded club.

"Aw, babe! You know I was joking!" Joanna chased after him, stopping when she was about to enter the club to look back at the brown-haired woman. "C'mon, Shiz! If you leave now Marquis'll get mad at me… well madder anyway." She motioned frantically with her hand for Shizuru to follow and ran into the club.

"Ara…" Shizuru said as she stepped into the building of blaring music.


"This isn't where you work." Natsuki stated, looking at the large building in front of her.

"I'm a bartender and a DJ. I don't stay in one place if I get a call somewhere." Nao rolled her eyes. While it was true she normally worked in one place, she had been called out to different club by her boss when another DJ could not make it.

"Well are you sure this is the right place?" Natsuki was hesitant on entering the club. "I mean will they let a minor in there?"

"Tsk, tsk, Natsuki. Do you really think I don't come prepared?" The redhead grinned, holding up two cards with pictures on them. "I got a friend of mine to get me these. She's a real whiz so it looks legit." Nao said, handing Natsuki a fake I.D.

"Nice." Natsuki grabbed the card and headed into the back entrance with Nao.

They had gotten in without any problems, and it was only a few minutes until Nao could go to work. To Natsuki this meant that it was only a few minutes until she could get a drink.

"Oh Natsuki, I kind of forgot to tell you," Nao started off slowly. "I'm a DJ tonight so I'm not actually serving any drinks…"

"Are you serious?"

"Well, you're a big girl. Show off your stuff and get some horny guy to buy you one."

Natsuki threw her hands up in anger. "You can't tell me you expect me to get some guy to just buy me a drink! What am I supposed to do? Stick out my hip, lick my lips and set one leg on a bar stool like in the movies?" Natsuki asked incredulously; she was unconsciously doing all of the things she was saying. "Because that doesn't wor--"

"I couldn't help but notice that you were alone." A man spoke smoothly into her ear, effectively stopping the conversation between the two females.

Natsuki raised an eyebrow.

"Would you like a drink?"

Natsuki's eyes widened in surprise and she looked towards the chuckling redhead behind her. 'So it does work…' "Why yes, I would like a drink."

The man began to call out a drink for her but was waved off.

"Hey, bartender!" she called the man over. "Get me a Bud Light Lime. This guy's payin'." She jutted her thumb toward the male as she picked up her beer, and headed away. She couldn't trust that the man to not try and drug her alcohol somehow.

"See, that was easy, right?" Nao smirked.

"I guess, but I'm going to need a lot more than one horny guy to get enough drinks to get buzzed."

Nao nodded. Despite not being an avid drinker, Natsuki could handle her alcohol quite well, and it often took her multiple drinks to get some sort of effect from them.

"Just make sure that you don't run this place dry."

Natsuki scoffed, "I won't drink that much. I do need to get home looking somewhat sober."

"Of course, because if your mommy finds out you've been drinking then she'll ground you and take away your little bike," Nao said condescendingly. Her smirk growing wider as Natsuki's eyebrow twitched in anger.

"She is not my mom! I'm not afraid of her… besides, she can't take away what's mine." Natsuki crossed over her chest.

"Oh yeah? You say that now, but I remember two years ago when you snuck out to that party with me and she made you clean the house for a week!" Nao laughed. "Oh and remember my senior year…?" Natsuki's eyes widened. "That's right; I know your bike wasn't in the shop—"

"Yes it was! I was adding some parts and changing the eng—"

"Don't even try it." Nao shook her head. "I saw your precious Ducati in the garage under lock and chain! Mai took away your keys and put them in a safety deposit box until she thought you learned your lesson."

Natsuki pouted. Mai had told her she wouldn't tell anyone about her being a 'bad girl' as long as she did what was asked, and boy did she do what was asked. The community had never seen such a change in attitude overnight.

"Whatever," the blunette finally replied.

She turned her head in search for another unsuspecting male to buy her a drink. 'There…' she thought, spotting a short brunet wearing a beanie. 'He looks like an easy target.'

Natsuki winked at Nao, and sauntered over to where the guy was sitting, making sure to add an extra sway to her hips with every step she took.

The male was good looking, unlike the first guy that tried to hit on her—good looking in a way that was closer to pretty than handsome. He looked up with widened eyes as she made a move to sit on the armrest of the small chair.

"Hey there," Natsuki said sweetly. "I noticed you sitting alone and I decided to come over."

"Ah, um, well… I'm not actually alone." The brunet stammered.

"I am sitting with you, so I guess you're not." Natsuki smiled, inwardly rolling her eyes at how coy the male was being. "So what's your name?"

"M-marquis…" he stammered. "But I really mean th-that I'm not alone."

"I see. Well, since you're not alone, and I'm not alone… why don't we—who are not alone—get something to drink?"

"I'm not sure…" Marquis said, looking down at his hands.

"C'mon just one drink… as friends?" Natsuki feigned hopefulness, and raised an eyebrow, nodding at the bar.

The feminine male finally conceded. "Fine, just one… as friends!" He grinned boyishly and led the mentally victorious Natsuki to the bar.

Both were unnoticing of the burning hazel eyes following their every move.


"I'm gonna kill the bitch!" Joanna muttered darkly when her ginger-haired friend reached her side.

Shizuru raised an eyebrow at the other female, and followed her heated stare in hope of finding what prompted her uncharacteristic curse. She looked to several people, all whom seemed to be an unlikely cause, and was about to give up when she glimpsed a familiar set of blue and brown tresses.

"Natsuki?" she unknowingly said aloud.

"Is that the bitch's name?" Joanna questioned, pulling a metal nail filer out her bag. She seemed to be delving into her native roots with the way she was holding the impromptu weapon—sharpened end near her forearm, like an expert handling a blade ready to be used.

Shizuru nodded, not knowing what the angered blonde was about to do.

"Okay. I'll make sure I carve that on her tombstone," Joanna said in a sickeningly sweet tone; stalking off in the direction of the bar.

The overly casual way the strawberry-blonde said the phrase caught Shizuru's attention, and she looked at the female who was walking away. She saw a glint of metal in the flashing lights and quickly followed the angered blonde.


It was her fourth glass and only his second.

"… And then she said, 'A wore?' It was so hilarious!" Marquis swished around his half-filled glass. "You don't even know!"

"No… no I don't." Natsuki smiled in amusement. The male seemed to get out of his shell when he was drunk, and as long as he kept the drinks coming, she had no problem with his company. He wasn't hitting on her, and he was really drinking with her like a friend would; he was definitely a plus in her books.

"Hey, I never got your name…" Marquis suddenly said.

The blunette had forgotten about that. She looked to the card in her hand and quickly replied, "Natsuki… Kruger."

"I'm glad we got these drinks, Ms. Kruger. It's always nice to let loose every once and a while. No hiding behind lies, just a few drinks to relax and be real…" He smiled genuinely and Natsuki had to look away. Suddenly he started to fall back and Natsuki lunged forward to catch him before he got hurt.

"Hey, you gotta be careful."

"Haha, I know. I've never been able to hold alcohol well… Jo always gets on me when she has to drag me home."

"Who's Jo?" Natsuki raised an eyebrow.

"That'd be me."

Natsuki turned to see the owner of the voice and was immediately met with a fist to the side of her face. She stumbled back and slowly turned her head to glare at the angry female.

"What the hell is your problem?" Natsuki growled, spitting out a bit of blood that had accumulated in her mouth onto the ground.

"My problem is with the bitch who was trying to steal my man!" Joanna held the nail filer out in front of her in a ready position as she looked the blunette up and down—as if trying to determine how much strength emerald-eyed beauty would have.

Natsuki cracked her knuckles and rotated her shoulder a couple of times. "For your information, I wasn't trying to 'steal your man.' I was simply having a drink with a friend." She nodded at Marquis who hesitantly smiled back.

"She's right, Jo, we were only talking…"

"Bullshit." The blonde spat and lifted the thin blade a little higher.

Natsuki took a step towards Jo, not flinching even slightly at the threat of the other woman. "Look, I just came here to get a few drinks and forget." She stopped to take a breath. "I came to relax, not to cause more problems to myself by taking some femme boy away from his crazy ass girlfriend."

Joanna's face contorted and Natsuki flinched. 'Yeah,' Natsuki thought, 'Probably could've done without the insults.'

"Fucking bitch!" Jo started to charge forward and Natsuki raised her arms, readying herself for the attack.

"Ara, I think that is enough, don't you?"

Both females stopped what was to be a very interesting catfight at the sweet voice.

Jo turned and smiled sheepishly. "Ah, whoops. I think I overreacted a little."

"'Overreacted a little?'" Natsuki growled and took a deep breath to calm herself before facing the speaker. "Oh, shit!"

"Is that all I am to you, Natsuki, shit?" Shizuru placed the back of her hand against her forehead. She sighed overdramatically. "Well, I must be, to have been ignored for two weeks…"

Marquis gasped. "She ignored you for two weeks?!" He pointed an accusatory finger at the blunette. "I thought you were a good person!" He pretended to weep alongside his superior; occasionally whispering words to console her.

Shizuru sniffed. "I'll be all right. Thank you for actually caring." She said, wiping a fake tear away from her eye.

Natsuki looked at Joanna and Joanna looked at Natsuki. Both were confused, but the blonde seemed more used to the behavior, and walked toward Marquis and Shizuru to smack them softly on the back of their heads.

"You guys are making it look more and more real each time." She shook her head with a smile.

Shizuru gasped and grabbed at her chest. "You think this is an act?"

"No, I know it's an act." Jo crossed her arms, rolling her eyes; she wouldn't put up with the nonsense.

"Okay, babe, you got us!" Marquis grinned. "We make a great team!" he put his arm around Shizuru's shoulder, and Natsuki visibly tensed from a few feet away.

Joanna noticed and looked to see if Shizuru or Marquis noticed. She made eye contact with Marquis and they communicated with their eyes to show that they had each seen it. They both looked toward Shizuru who smiled and nodded at the bar. The brunet and his girlfriend each raised a brow; it was weird for the intuitive CEO to not notice something so obvious.

Natsuki inwardly grimaced. She came with Nao to the club to get her mind off of the brown-haired forecaster, and ended up being reminded of the fact that she had been avoiding her. She sighed and sat down next to the brunette, placing her head on the cool surface of the counter.

Marquis ordered a round from the bartender. After everyone had finished their glass, he took a sip of his own and fell off his stool instantaneously.

"Oh no," Jo sighed, "Not again." She glared softly at Natsuki. "I can't believe you let him drink that much." She leant down to pick up the small body of her boyfriend and maneuvered him so that he was nestled on her back. She smiled ruefully at the other females and bid them goodbye. "I'll see you later, Shiz. And Natsuki, we got off to a bad start… I hope me trying to ki—attack you won't get in the way of a potential friendship."

Natsuki laughed and waved off the apology. "S'okay, it did look like I was tryin' to 'take your man.'"

"Great! I'll hopefully see you guys later!" she grinned.

"Have a good night, Jo-han!"

Natsuki and Shizuru watched Jo disappear behind a sea of bodies before finally speaking.

"Natsuki, it has been a while."

"Mm, and just when I was trying to forget you." Natsuki mumbled the last bit to herself. She turned to the forecaster and noticed that her eyes weren't shielded by dark lenses. "Which one are you?"

The brunette raised an elegant brow questioningly.

"Viola or Fujino?"

Shizuru laughed, "Well, I am currently Fujino Shizuru. Does that bother you?"

"No, but what do you mean by currently?"

"Ah, that is not a conversation for this particular area. Perhaps after a change of scenery?"

"Fine," Natsuki grumbled, and stumbled off her stool slightly.

She was caught in a warm grip by the forecaster and she leant against her for support.

"Ara…" Shizuru trailed off. She looked at the girl in her hold and inwardly berated herself. She had allowed Natsuki to drink even though she wasn't legal enough to do so. "You seem drunk," she commented dryly.

"No, not even close."

Shizuru looked down at the other woman questioningly; she wondered if Natsuki was being sarcastic or telling the truth. "Well even if that is true, I'm not letting you drive home in your condition."

Natsuki struggled in Shizuru's grip. She was trying to pretend that she didn't feel anything for the forecaster, after all, she was the reason she went drinking in the first place.

Eventually she relented and allowed Shizuru to lead her out of the stuffy club and into the cool night air. She looked around and laughed. "Do you have another plan to get me home?"

Shizuru's eyes flashed quickly at the question and smirked. She leant down to whisper into Natsuki's ear, "Why take you home when there's a hotel across the street."

Natsuki's eyes widened and she began to sputter, "W-what? N-no… I-I meant that you have no car… or I assume you have no c-car…" she trailed off lamely.

"Ara," The brunette licked her lips. "You would rather do something in a car? My, Natsuki, you are quite daring." She smirked saucily.


"Thank goodness," Shizuru sighed happily; her eyes still glazed slightly with lust.

"Huh?" Natsuki made a cute face of confusion.

"Well, it's just that the first time you saw me you called me 'shit,' so I was hoping that you'd be able to say my name correctly this time."

Natsuki gaped. Her eyebrows began to furrow and her expression changed to something akin to a dam that was about to burst. After a few seconds of holding back, she let out a series of guffaws. Natsuki tried to calm herself down but the serious expression on Shizuru's face only made her laugh harder.


Natsuki wiped a lone tear from her eyes, and finally relaxed; she was no longer feeling the earlier tension from the kiss weeks earlier. She smiled genuinely at the older woman. "You know… it's been pretty different not seeing you for a while."

Shizuru smiled back. It was the closest thing to an 'I missed you' as she would get from the younger girl. "I could say the same… but I won't because I watch you from your window every night."

Natsuki blushed and sputtered. She was glad that Shizuru understood and tried to make light of the situation, 'But does she always have to joke with a serious expression on her face?!'

Natsuki turned and stalked off in another direction.

"Natsuki!" Shizuru called out to the blunette's retreating form.

"What?" Natsuki grumbled without turning around.

"The hotel's the other way."

"Right." Natsuki nodded; turning and walking across the street, into the large luxurious looking building. It wasn't until she was in the lobby and nearing the counter that she realized she was tricked.

"Single room, one bed, please," Shizuru gave a fake smile to the man behind the counter, leaning forward slightly to show a bit of cleavage beneath her thin white blouse.

The man nodded, surely shaking both of his heads in thought of two beautiful women sharing a room and a bed. He typed furiously into a computer and hurriedly produced a key to one of the most extravagant suites in the building.

Shizuru winked at the man and handed him her credit card to pay for the room. He processed the information quickly and made sure to mention, 'that if they needed anything—anything at all—to give the front desk a call, and ask for Simon.'

Natsuki gaped at the interaction. She continued to imitate a fish as Shizuru led her into one of the elevators and into the room.

"Ara, ara, we seem to be really lucky to have gotten the Honeymoon suite."

"One bed… H-h-honeymoon suite?!" Natsuki exclaimed, finally able to speak. "SHIZURU!"

"That's great, Natsuki," Shizuru purred from behind the blunette. She wrapped her arms around Natsuki's slim waist and blew against the girl's neck. She watched how the area promptly turned a deep shade of red before leaning in to whisper in her ear. "Practice saying my name so you'll get it perfect later…"

The mixture of alcohol along with the immediate rising of blood to her head caused Natsuki to lose consciousness. Her body became limp and she collapsed into the forecaster's arms.

"Ikezu," Shizuru mumbled; gently holding Natsuki in her arms. "Falling asleep before I got my turn… and after all that I went through to get this room."

The brunette sighed and deftly carried the younger woman to the bed, lightly setting her under the covers and removing her shoes, once she was there.

After getting the blunette settled, Shizuru grabbed her cell phone and called her cousin to let her know where she was—having the entire police department searching for her whereabouts would not be good.

She looked over to Natsuki to check if she was still asleep, and finding that she was, took a small circular device out of her purse. She pressed a few invisible buttons on the seemingly high-tech compact and waited a few moments for an image to appear.

"Bnehlacc Viola," the holographic image bowed. "Ed ec y bmaycina du caa oui."

"Yht E oui, Garet." Shizuru nodded her head at the miniature transparent figure. "Ahuikr bmaycyhdneac, E ryja paah dumt dryd draca dfu faagc yna esbundyhd..."

"Oac, oui yna jano lunnald, bnehlacc," the figure nodded. A bright light flashed throughout the room, consuming Shizuru, and causing all talking to cease.


Shizuru: -picks up compact and presses buttons-

Natsuki: -wakes up-

Shizuru: Blah blah blah blah

Natsuki: -raises eyebrow-

Unknown person (Garet): Blah blah blah

-Lights flash and Shizuru disappears-

Natsuki: The hell?! –jumps out of bed and looks around- blah blah blah…? (trying to imitate the language)


Natsuki: Blaaah BLAAAAAAAH!!




Natsuki: Oh come on! Where'd you go Shizuru? –taps chin-

Natsuki: Viola!

Viola: -appears in mage outfit-

Natsuki: I knew it!

Viola: What can I do for you, my Natsuki?

Natsuki: Um… I need a hangover remedy!

Viola: -nods and begins to chant- By the powers of the moon, stars, and sky… make the alcohol in Natsuki's system go from… slim tobegins to sneeze-na-ha-high!

Natsuki: N-no! Sssshizzurru… -passes out-

Viola: Why?! -shakes wand- Why must you always make me mess up?!

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