I just finished watching the anime and I couldn't resist. I love this pair. This will most likely end up a collection of drabbles so here's the first.

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Drabble #1: Music to My Ears

Like wavering flakes of powdered sugar, snow floated amidst the chilled air, reddening Saya's bare fingertips. Locks of dampened hair, black as Diorite, slicked against her prickling ears. The winter was unforgiving, and with a pout tugging her lip, and a kick to the snow, Saya did not hesitate to show her hatred for the season.

Still- as cold as it was, it was daunting to look at.

As the skies grew darker, the streets simmered to a peaceful hum and the young girl found herself gently bobbing between her heels and toes. A slight crunch sounded with each small movement as she curled her fingers behind her back, pushing her shoulders forward in an effort to ignore the cold. The street lamps were dim, setting small spots of gold to glaze over the pure white canvas of the ground, untainted by footprints.

She continued to rock back and forth, both for warmth and to ride along with the rhythm of the tune drifting in front of her. With a smile, her head lolled to the side, staring at the same person she'd been staring at for the past hour or so. With a new resolve, and a huff, she slowly approached him- but he hadn't noticed.

Haji was a quiet man. Preferred to communicate with few words, only speaking volumes through the steady strum of his fingers gliding along the Cello strings that droned with each precisely considered stroke. His expression was solemn- as always, and he continued to lose himself through the notes he produced, lavishing the empty air around them with music and melody.

In this weather, Saya could hardly understand how even he, could not muster up a shiver at the very least. Her hands shoved into the pockets of her blue coat, nuzzling her chin into her collar as she finally settled in front of him. As usual, Haji paid her no heed, tending to his tune and this only provided her more encouragement.

With a mischievous sparkle in her eye that Haji hadn't seen in ages, Saya continued to press forward, leaning in as if she wanted to sink deeper into his song. She watched as his fingers danced, his chin hovering above his instrument without so much of a nod at the tempo. Just like hers, his pale fingers had reddened horribly, but if he was uncomfortable, he didn't show it.

Saya, tired of his expressionless ways, tried to coax his attention with her deliberate attempt to distract him from his playing. Haji, knowing she only wanted the better of him, continued to be oblivious to her, playing more feverishly on the cold abandoned steps in the deserted streets they were strolling upon.

The air they exhaled between them was visible, and a row of fog puffed out with her irritated sigh. Haji played, never cracking a smile and barely saying more than necessary. Craving some attention over this mostly silent endeavor they accompanied one another on, Saya decided she would not give up.

Of course, she could've just placed her hand on the strings of his Cello just to forcibly stop his movement, but she wanted to do something unexpected. She wanted to do something that would catch him off guard — off guard to the point that he'd have to do something different, whether it was to stop mid melody or crinkle some sort of gesture in his face that would qualify for a smile.

As Haji continued to ignore her slightly childish ways of luring his interest, which in secret, he hardly minded, Saya fluttered with an impish grin. With a skip to her walk, she bounced away from him, as if she'd given up on trying to bother him. Haji grew relieved as he heard the crunches of her feet fade into the distance, and so he let himself fall deeper into his music.

Moments passed and Haji had forgotten. He knew she was near, but he hadn't bothered to look up to see where she'd gone. Finally, after his song was nearing an end, a giggle interrupted from above him.

The man didn't have the time to react when he felt a small set of lips sincerely set themselves on his forehead, releasing with a playful smack, before she skipped away again. Haji blinked, still keeping his facade solid and refused to stop playing.

Now Saya knew the trick and as she came back for another round, this time Haji tried to mentally prepare himself. There was a pause, and her footsteps went silent. He almost wondered if her enthusiasm had withered before her steps quickly returned with a jump in front of him, where she once again, placed a kiss on his head.

Haji cleared his throat, chastising himself to play no matter what. This was a true test, to see if she could break his concentration. Now, they were at war.

His fingers rung against his instrument urgently, trying to cast her from his mind, but to no avail. Just as before, Saya appeared again, pressing her lips on random places on his head- in his hair, by his temple, and over the curve of his brow. Soon, his music was so loud; the sound pulsed through the both of them as he played, adding momentum to her stride.

Haji played and played, his long hair was already wet and frozen, his lips cracked and dry from the weather, and he could barely feel the blood in his fingers, but he kept on. Minutes went by and they repeated this mantra, the playing and the random kiss.

Just as his melody drew to a climax, Saya's movements stilled. Unable to contain his curiosity and his resistance anymore, Haji lifted his eyes to look for her. His vision was blurred by the mist of snow that blossomed into the air when Saya suddenly landed in front of him with a stomp. He heard a laugh and before his eyes could fully open themselves, a firm hold on his ears jerked him forward.

This time, Saya finished and declared herself triumphant, by delving her lips onto his. He was only fortunate to feel the warmth of her mouth on his for an instant before she pulled away with a grin.

The expression on his face was priceless- and it was just what she wanted.

Completely ruffled by her surprise show of affection, Haji realized he'd finally stopped playing his Cello and his fingers hung in the air awkwardly. His dark eyes widened slightly as he looked upon his Queen beaming happily in front of him.

"You know, I was growing tired of that song," Saya offered lightheartedly and Haji wasn't sure how to react. He hadn't seen this much energy in her for some time and because of it, he felt warmth spread inside of him. Joy, perhaps?

Not waiting for the Chevalier to decipher his emotions or how to make an expression, Saya reached for his ears again. With a whisper, her breath warmed his cheeks as she spoke, "If you're not going to play with me, I guess I'll have to entertain myself".

Releasing him, to Haji's disappointment, Saya motioned to move away. Whether it was to go somewhere else or just to fool with him, Haji didn't know, but he didn't wait to find out. Instead, his Cello fell roughly onto the steps, his strings resonating an awful sound from the drop and he pulled her into his grasp where she landed on his knees.

They paused and Saya almost thought she saw him smile. Now, placing his fingers through her hair, his lips hovered over hers with a new desire.

He whispered, "You have my full attention".

With pride in her smile, Saya held his face to hers.

"Wow. That's the best thing I've heard all night," and she rewarded her victory with a kiss.