Mario's Chance

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Ahhh...the first day of the new year. And what better way to appreciate it by writing a fanfic starring Mario for once? And also, due to the fact that the Super Smash Brothers category doesn't have any mario fanfics, i decided to make a new chronicle timeline for the iconic mascot of Nintendo. After all, he's more important than any other character ever created. Yes, he's even more important than your precious Link, Marth, and Roy. So with that said, I hope that you all read and enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Mario belongs to Nintendo, and so does everything else in this story.


Today was a beautiful day in Nintendo City. Mario was relaxing in his own private house, sleeping the day away. As the red Italian plumber was relaxing, a letter fell onto his lap, and he woke up to notice the letter.

"Hmm...?" He mumbled curiously as he ripped the letter and read it, "It's from Luigi. 'Dear Mario, me and all of the other Smashers have decided to move away from Nintendo City, due to all of the publicity from the annoying fanboys and fangirls. We hope that you'll take care of Nintendo City while we live in a far away place.'" Tears came down Mario's eyes, though they were of joy, not sorrow. "They moved away...YES!!!"

Mario jumped out of his comfortable red sofa with glee, and he ran out of his house and cheered loudly. He then grabbed some random confetti and tossed it into the air, signifying how happy he was after reading the letter.

"Yes! They're finally gone! No more publicity from those stupid swordsman! No more being neglected in fanfics! No more... bad pairings and fan services!" Mario cheered as he ran in and grabbed a pair of sunglasses, putting them on and grinning widely, "Now it's Mario's time to star!"

Mario then ran down the oath towards the eastern direction, and he headed into the Fanfiction Services Building, heading straight to the front desk.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but I like to make a case," Mario stated, handing the letter he received from Luigi to the female Koopa clerk.

The female Koopa clerk read the letter, and she looked at Mario, grinning.

"Mr. Mario, I'm happy to announce that you'll be granted as many fanfics as you like." She bowed as Mario turned around and left joyfully.

Mario was laughing gleefully, happy that he would now be able to star in his own stories. No more having to share the starring roles with the other Smashers. No more having to be depicted as a total jerk, or not appearing anymore. No more having the swordsmen steal the spotlight he rightfully deserves because of the fanboys and fangirls. The world was at Mario's palms, and he was ready for his big chance.

PS: That means that there will be plenty of fanfics in the Smash section starring Mario from here on out.