By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Gave this a big ol' update because... it's for a new generation. Or new audience. Yeah.

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PS: Just to give you all a head's up. This will be the only author's notes for Yoshi until the finale, also known as the beloved and epic Chapter 100. So you can enjoy the short story right away without me yappin' away! Yay!

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The Apple

Yoshi, the main green individual member of his multicolored species that were well known and loved everywhere, was taking a little, calm, peaceful walk around Yoshi Island. He watched as the bluebirds flew in the air, chirping with high-pitches as they flew about. Yoshi smiled, and he walked past the beautiful flowers that bloomed. As Yoshi continued walking, he stopped in front of a tall tree, looking up at one of the branches to see a lone, delicious red apple.

Yoshi's eyes gleamed as he looked at the apple. It was perfectly round, it appeared crispy, and most importantly...it would serve as a yummy snack. Hearing his stomach grumble, Yoshi grabbed the apple with his long, red tongue, and snatched it from the branch. Yoshi swallowed the apple, gulping down and sighing heavenly as he felt the apple tumble down his stomach.

As Yoshi was about to resume his walk, he suddenly stopped a few seconds later as he turned his head around to see two more apples popping up suddenly on the same branch he grabbed the apple from before. Yoshi looked a few seconds at the two apples, and he shrugged, smiling as he turned around and grabbing the two apples each by the grip of his long, red tongue. Swallowing the first apple, Yoshi then swallowed the second apple. Sighing and rubbing his stomach with delight, he turned around and started walking merrily again.

Surprisingly, as Yoshi started walking again, three apples separately popped up on each of the tree's three different branches. Yoshi glanced behind him to see the three new apples, and he moaned. He grabbed each with the grip of his long, red tongue and swallowed them, this time keeping them inside his mouth. He was cautious, and he then started munching on the three apples within his mouth, gulping all of the three munched apples down. He then growled as four apples appeared on the tree. Yoshi grabbed all of the four apples one by one with his long, red tongue, munching down on them and then running away from the tree, the munched apples still in his mouth.

When the green Yoshisaurus got to his house, he ran inside and closed the door shut, swallowing the apples he had munched on earlier. Yoshi let out a sigh of relief as he then went into his closet and grabbed a pair of binoculars and peering his eyes into them, gasping in shock as he saw five apples on the tree. He screamed, and then fell on his back, unconscious.

"Hello, and welcome to the Toadette and Dry Bowser Info Break!" Toadette greeted as she waved to the camera recording her. "Me and DB here are gonna give the straight talk to you folks out there watching!"

"Horray." Dry Bowser sarcastically remarked as he folded his boney arms together, the two filming on Yoshi's Island as several different colored Yoshis were watching the show, so happy to be there, haha.

"Oh come now, you dry bone head. Can't you just be happy?" Arceus stated as he was helping the grass stay moisturized.

"Not when it comes to the kid," Dry Bowser responded as he noticed Toadette holding different apples.

"Now I know these apples look different, but they all taste yummy!" Toadette remarked as she bit into the apples, gulping it down as she felt a slight rumble in her stomach. "But you eat too fast, they can feel a bit rough in your tummy!"

"From apples?" Dry Bowser scoffed as a bunch of apples suddenly buried him, with Toadette gasping as Arceus chuckled, shaking his head.

"Welcome to the Smash News, starring Falco Lombardi and Captain Douglas Jay Falcon!" Greeted Captain Falcon as he adjusted the pieces of paper he was holding. "In today's news, Yoshi played around with an apple? Isn't that exciting?"

"Yes sir, they sure are!" Falco exclaimed as he spun around in his chair, facing Captain Falcon. And you know what I could go for when I think of apples? Apple cider, or apple juice!"

Captain Falcon and Falco laughed as they were then turned into apples by Ridley, who turned to Rayquaza, who simply shrugged in response.