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Trial and Error

05: Movement

Theme: 03. Movement

December 31, 2008

The world was white with snow and lingering with remnants of cheer from the recently passed holidays. It was the end of the year: a time full of festivities, laughter, new beginnings.

A those new beginning, one that would hopefully turn into tradition over the years, was Jazz's–soon-to-be-infamous that would (hopefully) go down in history–New Year's party. After much debating (and much worry over her new apartment going to shambles), she had decided that she would throw a small party with her family sans parents (simply, that just meant her brother and the rest of Team Phantom), her friends, and her colleagues. It would be a classy party with a limited amount of alcohol so she could keep tabs on everything and everyone.


"Wait. You're serious?" Danny asked, his eyebrows almost reaching his hairline in disbelief they were up so high. "You're actually throwing your own party that has alcohol?" He pretended to check himself over, look around her apartment for any ominous beings, and then feel his own forehead. "No, I'm not hallucinating... and hell hasn't frozen over–"

"Oh, stop being an asshole, Danny," Jazz replied, rolling her eyes at her little brother as she ran a hand through her shoulder-length hair. "Yes, I'm throwing a party. No, it's not going to be a huge deal. Just a few friends coming together for the New Year. Would you rather be home with Mom, Dad–and the ham–sitting on the couch waiting for the ball to drop? I don't think so."

"You know I wouldn't be home–"

"Speaking of, invite Sam and Tucker," she interrupted, shooting him a smile. "I'm sure they'd love to come."

"Will do–"

"Just don't let Mom and Dad know there's going to be alcohol over here, since I'd never hear the end of it from Mom, letting you over–"

"How about we stop interrupting each other and have a full conversation?" he asked, leaning back on the couch. He sat, lounging in her living room while she fluttered around, cleaning and rearranging the little things no one would ever notice but her. Whatever party she was going to throw was sure to be interesting.

She pushed the 'End' button, sighing contentedly as she did so with a smile on her face. When she turned to Tucker, sliding to sit facing him in the booth, he already had an eyebrow poised and arms crossed over his chest.

"What?" Sam asked, her hands immediately going to her hips.

"You're awful cutesy."

"Oh, shut the fuck up, Tucker," she rolled her eyes, pushing her cell phone into her pocket. "Why are you still remarking about my relationship like it still embarrasses me?"

"Because I don't have my own to pay attention to, so I'm paying attention to the next closest one," he replied. "What, do you think I have anything better to do?" He shifted in the booth, putting his feet up on Sam's side and leaning back. The Nasty Burger tended to be their only space of refuge with something they would both eat with little money (that was willing to be spent).

"Good point," she replied, mimicking his action, though making a heavier thud on his side of the booth with her boots. "So, that was just Danny," she began.

"Already gathered."

"And," she gave him a soft glare, "we're invited to go over Jazz's apartment tonight for some festivities."

"Really?" he asked, pulling his feet off of the bench and sitting up a lot straighter than before. "The whole night?"

He got entirely too excited too fast for her liking.

"Oh, no... Tucker, I thought you said you got over her," she groaned, pulling her hand down the length of her face. "We went through this whole conversation. She's been seeing guys here and there, guys all her age, and–"

"Can't I dream a little bit? Don't talk to me about unrequited love, Queen of the Damned. You were there, and if I'm not mistaken, you've gotten your happy ending. Can I just pretend to get mine? I haven't seen her in a while, and if we're both invited, we're going. I worked to get closer to her, and it was beginning to work before she went off to college. I need some face time." He paused. "We're going, right?"

"Of course we are," she replied with no hesitation. "I just don't want to see you pull the wounded, 'why me' bullshit again, Tuck. It's really sad to watch. It's a lost cause, Jazz Fenton."

"I said the same thing about Danny, once," he replied with a grin. "We're both very stubborn, Sam."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Besides, we don't know if it's actually going to be an exciting party or a lame one. We've never truly experienced Jazz in her element, you know?" she reasoned, shrugging a little. Sam lifted her drink, drinking thoughtfully as she tried to picture what sort of party it could be. In her mind, everyone sitting around with argyle sweaters appeared. The women were sitting around drinking tea, wearing knit tights and Mary Jane's. Men were wearing sweater vests and ties. She questioned that thought, along with her sanity. "Anyway, we should just go and support her. We've been guaranteed alcohol, so the night can't be an entire waste."

"Ah, the wonders of being underage. Maybe you'll get lucky," he wiggled his eyebrows at her, to which she blatantly ignored, making loud noises with her straw.

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear that."

Tucker laughed and rolled his eyes. "Sure, sure."

"I'm just expecting my kiss at midnight, and that is all."

She chose to leave the more private part of her phone conversation a mystery. What Tucker didn't know meant less teasing for her in the long run.

This had to have been a first. She had no clue what she wanted to wear, and she actually wanted to look... pretty... for the holiday. She stood in her walk-in closet in lingerie she had picked up on a trip to the mall earlier that week with a certain halfa in mind.

After picking an outfit that seemed to do the trick, she got dressed and donned her trusty boots. The second she walked out of her closet, however, she was met with a certain being lying back on her bed. Someone who knew her bed well enough to even make himself comfortable without her. She padded over to him on the plush carpet, hoping she was being quiet enough that he wouldn't hear her; his eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face, a face that she learned to love.

"Well, hello," she said, chuckling as she sat down next to Danny, leaning over him with a hand on his chest to give him a kiss.

"Ah, there you are," his eyes opened and he grinned at her after they had parted from their kiss. "I was wondering what was taking you so long."

"Couldn't decide."


"I know," she dismissed, chuckling before kissing him again. "Are we going now?"

"Do we have to?" he pulled her down on top of him, chuckling at her small, unexpected squeal. "I'm afraid her party's going to be a snooze-fest."

"Yeah, well, we have to support her in whatever she does," Sam responded, running a hand through his ever-unruly hair.

"Yeah, yeah. I called dibs on like half of the Jell-O shots I helped make, so we'll be set," he grinned at her before sitting up and bringing her with him. "Let's head over to Tuck's and then go to Jazz's. Then the night can truly begin."

"...did you know Jazz knew this many people?" Tucker whispered loudly into Danny's ear so he could hear him over the music. The place was packed. Danny figured Tucker's mood and night would improve by the ratio of women to men, but he didn't know what Sam knew.

"Not in the slightest," Danny responded as they made their way through the people to find his sister. Her apartment wasn't all that big to begin with, but somehow she managed to squeeze this many people in. They headed toward the kitchen. Danny felt the need to hoard and section off what was theirs drink-wise so they wouldn't have to fight for it later.

"And the music's actually good," Sam commented, looking around at the different types of people that were around. Varying types of people: tall and short, black and white, rocker and clean-cut. Jazz's taste in friends was far from what she had thought they would be.

"Danny!" He spun at the call of his name, bounding over to his sister who was grinning from ear to ear, probably already a little buzzed by the looks of it. "Did you just get here?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "This place is hysteria. Way to go, Jazz!"

She giggled, "I know, right? Great turn out! Anyway, I'm going to go play hostess, so I'll see you guys around!" She kissed her brother on the cheek, followed by Sam. "Hey Tuck!" she grinned before kissing him on the cheek. "Have fun, you three! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" With that, she was off.

"I'm not sure what that could even mean anymore."

Sam had to tug Danny into the kitchen to get him to not look back at Tucker. He looked a bit sick all of a sudden.

"She said she was going to hide them in her fridge for me," Danny said more to himself than to Sam as he opened the fridge. Peering in the back, he noticed his tray of green Jell-O shots that he had concocted himself. "There we are!"

She had lost count of how much alcohol she had, but Danny's arm around her waist was like fire. Five shots of the green stuff, she mused. Some blue stuff? Her mouth was an interesting color, needless to say.

There they were again. His lips. They sparked great interest in her. They would, every so often, brush her cheek, her jaw, her temple–light, but they ignited her skin nonetheless.

They had lost Tucker a while back to the music, or to Jazz–Sam couldn't figure it out for the life of her, just that he wasn't there to crack jokes at their expense anymore. She didn't mind, especially when she had an affectionate Danny all to herself. No one noticed them in the armchair in the corner and no one cared. The dancing and chatting around them didn't need them to pay attention at all.

"What time is it?" Sam yelled, attempting to fumble for her cell phone and failing.

"I think... almost eleven... thirty?" He tried to make out the clock by the television, and that was the closest he could get. "I hope I don't need glasses."

"I doubt it."

"Hey, I have an idea. Let's go walk around a bit," he stood, feeling the rush of the alcohol, and laughing as he swayed. Sam stood up with him, uncharacteristically giggly as she held onto him.

"You're an idiot," she laughed, holding him. "Where do you wanna walk?"

He pointed to a closed door on the opposite side of the room. "There."

After getting inside and shutting the door behind them with no detection from Jazz, Danny locked the door so they wouldn't be disturbed.

"Danny?" she whispered, feeling for him in the darkness, her eyes not adjusting just yet. Her hands touched his chest and then rested there. They stood in silence, his hands moving from her back to slide down the length of her waist to her hips.

"Yeah?" he responded softly. The base of the music could be heard through the door, along with the other partygoers, but he could barely hear it over how loud his heart was beating. It was deafening in his ears.

"We're alone. In the dark."

He made a sound of agreement in the back of his throat as he pulled her closer, wrapping his arms more tightly around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. "We are," he said in her ear, swaying with her in a silent dance.

"What do you have in that mind'a yours right now?"

"You. You're in my head, all the time..." he replied, tilting his head slightly to kiss her neck. "Besides the Vodka, you're what makes m'head swim so much."

"Yeah?" she whispered, reaching a hand up to run a hand through his hair, as if she could get into his mind that way.

"I love you."

He would feel her emotions, her love for him, with her lips on his–hard. With a jerk of his head, her hands fisting his hair, she pulled his lisp to meet hers roughly. His grasp on her tightened as they took a couple steps backwards by the sheer momentum of the kiss. By the time the backs of her knees hit the side of the bed that was in the room, she was finally aware of how many steps they had actually taken back.

She allowed herself to be pushed back onto the bed with a small giggle. When she wrapped a leg around his waist, he groaned and pulled her leg off without hesitation. Laughing, he said, "These'r gonna to kill me one day, yanno."

Her clunky boots were the first thing to go. They proved to be the most painful articles of clothing she had on–they would effectively render him unable to continue if she managed to hit him in the wrong place at the wrong time. Untied with much effort and tossed carelessly off the side of the bed, they resumed their kissing as if they hadn't stopped in the first place. They turned and rolled, each wanting dominance over the other in the kiss.

Eventually, Sam won the first round. Danny's hands went underneath her shirt to rest on her sides before sliding up to rest on the front of her bra. Soon, her shirt followed by her own hands, impatience winning out. A small amount of moonlight filtered in through a window, giving Danny one of the best views of his life. Besides his favorite point of view when he was getting his, but this had to have been the next best thing–right? His lazy grin grew as she began to fumble with her bra. The second her bra had been tossed off the side of the bed, her lips were on his.

His hands immediately went to explore, cold thumbs tracing over nipples, making her shiver under his touch. They had touched like this before, but never so boldly. They had respected boundaries, played it slow to make sure the relationship wouldn't solely focus on this one thing. They had to be ready, so painstakingly ready.

"Want you," she breathed, in between kisses, hotly against his mouth.

Deciding 'to hell with it' in his own mind, he quickly made haste with the rest of their clothing, phasing each article in order of where he could grab at it first. Very naked and very close, he switched their positions, moving her to lie on her back–no matter how much she enjoyed being on top in any given situation. Working his way from the top, he kissed her lips, moving down to her jaw, her neck, her collarbone... trailing down her breasts, showering them with attention before making her giggle softly as he licked down her stomach.

He forgot about one thing. The one item of clothing that she had been wearing in which he totally missed when he was phasing off her clothes stared him in the face, bright red and incredibly alluring. He looked up to her with hopeful eyes, and all he received was an image he hoped he would remember in the morning: Sam biting her bottom lip with a grin, her eyes bright despite her drunken haze. She nodded, and he hooked his fingers underneath the elastic waistband of her panties and tugged–pulling them down her shapely legs, her calves, and off entirely, leaving them forgotten somewhere he didn't know.

Making a move to crawl up a little bit and give the attention he knew she loved, he was halted by a hand fisting his hair again and tugging a little more harshly than before.

"Ow, Sammy," he growled, taking the hint and crawling up her body in order to be face-to-face with her. "Yes?" he watched her with expectant eyes, wondering what the problem was. She never denied–

"No foreplay."

"But–" his eyes widened as he searched hers for the answer. "You mean–"

"I mean."


"While we're young," she said with a bit of a playful attitude, raising a defiant brow at him. Her hands trailed up and down his defined abdomen, finally finding a resting place on his hips. Her voice dropped to a low murmur, "Fuck me."

She swore she could hear him swallow as she felt the shiver that overtook him. He swore his mouth was filled with cotton all of a sudden, the temperature in the room jumping at least another ten degrees.

To distract his growing nerves, he kissed her; the kiss was a lot sweeter than the previous ones he had given her. Her mind was foggy, but she knew he was right there with her. That's what mattered to her.

Needing a moment to break for air, he leaned back, watching her while he caught up with the moment. He couldn't help the smile from being plastered on his face; hell, he was about to get lucky. How could this day get any better?

She smiled back at him, laughing at the look of pure bliss on his face before drawing him back in for another deep kiss; he would have to get used to being breathless. Giving him a hint, she widened her legs, using the hands on his hips to pull him closer to her. Putting one hand to better use, she grasped his erection, giving it a couple loving strokes before aligning him to her center. The touch alone sent a jolt up his spine. Moving slowly, he pushed into her. He felt her tense slightly and stopped entirely, worried for her sake. Rolling her eyes with a groan, she wrapped her legs around his hips and used her legs to get him to finish the distance quickly. One swift motion.

"Don't worry, you big baby," she smiled softly at him. "I won't break."

"Good, because it is really, really hard to stay still," he breathed, chuckling nervously. He groaned as she started to wiggle against him, involuntarily jerking his hips closer. He thrusted, the feelings of intoxication and sensation overwhelming him, forcing him to lose himself in what he was feeling.

From the delicious friction between them as he moved faster to the small gasps and noises she was making, he was in heaven.

If he were to fully die right then and there, he would've died a happy man.

Sam held onto him tightly as she moved within her, keeping her eyes locked on his the entire time, when they were open and now screwed shut with his mouth dropped open. She could've sworn they were either a deeper blue or she was hallucinating such a beautiful color. It made her forget whatever discomfort she had felt. The pain she had figured that she would feel was barely a prick of a needle, which made her even happier.

The amount of time spent in their impromptu lovemaking was unknown to her, but the sounds of their low moans that had already been overshadowed by the noises of the party going on around them began to grow even louder as the festivities reached their climax–as well as Danny. His movements became more frantic, more hurried. She felt the beginnings of a build up within herself, but knew this was not her night–she read enough articles to know, even drunk, about what would happen her first time. His groans got louder the faster he moved, his grip even tighter. She moved with him, as much as she could, even for more of the sensation flowing through her. It was unreal, to be this close with him.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck with a strangled gasp as he came with little warning, his breath hot against her skin. "Oh, Sam–'m so sorry, I–"

"Shhh," she cooed as she felt him drop next to her on the bed, pulling out of her. He reached for her to hold in his arms. She was slightly disappointed, but glad that they didn't have a massacre of an attempt. "Don't worry 'bout me. I'll get mine. We have forever to get it right." She yawned suddenly, "I'm just–"

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!"

They looked at one another, shocked that the time had flown by so quickly (though they really shouldn't have been surprised), and smiled before sharing a tender, lingering kiss to bring in the new year right.

"Happy New Year," they said at the same time, chuckling at their knack for saying anything in unison that had followed them through high school to college.

Sam yawned, snuggling into his embrace before closing her eyes. "I love you," she said softly against his chest. The next thing she knew, he was pulling the covers over them to keep them warm.

"I love you, too, Sam," he replied, kissing her forehead with a quiet yawn. "I know this will be the best year yet, you'll see."

"Mhm," she mumbled sleepily, yawning again before shutting her eyes, the room slightly swirling behind her eyelids. "We'll... just see."