I've no claims on the Far Side, owned by Gary Larson. This fanfiction is a take-off on one of his inexplicable comic sketches, using the name he gave to the rabbit. Read and Review.

Go Ahead and Jump, Sid…

Chapter Five: When Life Gives You Carrots…

After it was all over, Sid was kind of expecting a raise in pay or a bonus at least for having saved the coach and passengers. But no one hailed him a hero. Instead, investors got wind of the problems and funding was immediately yanked from under them. The business folded and Sid was on the street again.

It would be weeks before he received his letter of acceptance from the baseball team in New York, and in the meantime Sid spent his days practicing his jumping, running and catching. He also organized a youth baseball team and made Donovan the club leader.

The former manager from the station came begging for a job and they hired him to drive them to and from games in his last remaining stagecoach. It was still a miserable ride, but Sid sat next to the manager, rode shotgun and got to say fun things like, "Hop down here and fetch me some water, Fancy Pants."

It was the best of times that a life on the far side of insanity could offer. And the Rabbit made the most of it. He developed a saying that would stick with him forever, becoming his trademark of optimism.

"When life gives you carrots…Make carrot soup!"