Hermione is thrown through time back to 1977.

Hermione Granger stood in front of the fireplace thinking, the occasional tear sliding down her face. She was at the Burrow and was the only one awake, the same as the past week. She was thinking about Harry. He was her best friend in the entire world and at that moment, no one knew where he was. Off fighting Voldemort, no one knew if he was alive, or dead.

Everything that was happening now in the wizarding world (and the muggle world to be honest) was Voldemorts fault. It was his fault that children were being orphaned by the minute. His fault that families were being ripped apart, that parents were losing their children. Homes were being destroyed and Voldemort didn't care. Harry was missing and it was all Voldemorts fault!

Hermione closed her eyes and thought of Harry.

He had never known what it was like to have have a family. Voldemort had made sure of that. He had never really lived a full, happy life. He was faced with life threatening situations, one after the other.

Hermione sunk to her knees and the last thought that buzzed through her mind before sleep siezed her was,

I need to do something.

When Hermione awoke she felt groggy, as if she'd tossed and turned all night long. She opened her eyes, squinting against the bright sunlight that shone through the Hogwarts windows.

Wait, why am I at Hogwarts?

Hermione stood up, more worried about being found then how she had gotten there. Hogwarts was being controlled by Voldemort in her time and Hermione certainly didn't want to be found by death eaters.

She heard someone shout, "Prongs, you idiot!" and saw two boys run around the corner, one running straight into her. She was knocked to ground. She closed her eyes and didn't open them for a few seconds. She heard whispering.

"D'you think she's alright?"

"I dunno, I hope so,"

"D'you know who she is? I've never seen her before,"

"No, me either. She looks about our age,"

Then Hermione opened her eyes, afraid of what she would see, for she knew one of those voices.

In front of her stood the infamous James Potter and Sirius Black.

Hermione felt her breath catch in her throat. James held out his hand to her but she couldn't bring herself to touch it. Instead, she stood by herself and stared at them.

This is either a really bad joke or they're really death eaters or that is actually James and Sirius.

"What's your name?" Sirius said.

"Hermione," She managed out.

"I'm James and this is Sirius," James said.

That fact that she was talking to James Potter, her best friend's dead father scared her more than Sirius. James seemed so lively and happy, like nothing could touch him. She felt her throat dry up and she knew tears were coming. One leaked down her cheek.

"Whats wrong?" Sirius asked, worried.

"Nothing," Hermione said, hastily wiping the tear away. "I'm just ... lost."

"Well I think we should take you to Dumbledore, he'll know what to do," James suggested. Hemione nodded and they led the way although she knew very well where it was.

Sirius knocked on the door and a bright "Come in!" answered. James and Sirius entered first, Hermione hidden behind.

"Ahh, Mr Potter and Mr Black. What have you done this time?" Dumbledore asked, although he sounded amused not angry.

"Nothing this time, Professor," Sirius answered.

"But its early in the day..." James said, then remembering why he was here, introduced Hermione.

"Professor, this is Hermione. We found her in the Charms corridor and she doesn't seem to know where she is," James said.

She smiled weakly at Dumbledore and he smiled back.

"Okay gentleman, please wait outside for a few minutes," Dumbledore said, and James and Sirius left the office.

Dumbledore gestured towards the seat in front of his desk and surveyed Hermione through his half moon glasses. She felt as though she was being x-rayed.

"Sir, what year is it?" Hermione asked, afraid of the answer.



"Miss, is there something you wish to tell me?" Dumbledore asked. Obviously there was.

"My name is Hermione Granger and I'm from 2007," Hermione told him.

"How did you get here?"

"Well, I don't really know. One minute I was thinking of my best friend Harry and fell asleep. The next I woke here,"

"That is strange. Lemon drop?"

"No thank you. So what do I do?" Hermione whispered, shocked that the greatest wizard of his time didn't have an answer.

"I think you should try your best to do what fate asks of you and I shall try to work out a way to get you back to your own time. Now, how old are you?"


"What classes were you taking for your NEWTS?" Dumbledore asked.

"I didn't go to school in my 7th year because of a war that I was involved in," Hermione told him.

"Oh my. Well then I'll work up a timetable for you and just attend these classes. What house were you in before the war began?"


"I figured as much. Now Miss Granger, you will be a 7th year Gryffindor. Your last name will be Jackson and you will have transferred from Beauxbatons to do your NEWTS here. Please do not tell anyone about the future, it could have great side effects. Now I wonder what you need to do here," Dumbledore said, more to himself than Hermione.

"I think I know, sir. But please let me figure this out myself," She said quietly.

"Of course, Miss Granger. Feel free to talk to me if you need assitance." Dumbledore said. "Now, its lunch time and everyone should be in the Great Hall so I will introduce you then,"

Dumbledore stood and walked out of the office. Hermione followed.

"Hmm, James and Sirius didn't wait. They must have gotten too hungry," Dumbledore said, his blue eyes twinkling. Hermione tried to smile but it was too hard to even think about being happy at the moment.

"Everyone, I am pleased to say that Hermione Jackson will be transferring from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts to do her NEWTS here. She will be in Gryffindor. Please make her feel welcome," Dumbledore announced to the school. Gryffindor applauded wildly, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff applauded politely where as Slytherin showed no sign that they had heard Dumbledore.

Hermione stood and walked to the Gryffindor table where James and Sirius were waving frantically. She seated herself next to James and the introductions began.

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