I know that Lily and James start going out in 6th year but that doesnt happen in this story ookay? Lily's feelings towards him are starting to change.

Late that night, as Hermione sat on the window sill of her new dorm, watching the bright moon light up the Hogwarts grounds, she thought of those people she had met that day. Those brave, amazing people. All except one.

James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

All of those people played an important part in the tragic life of Harry Potter. His father, his mother, his godfather, his teacher (lack of a better word) and the man who tore it all apart.

Hermione knew all of these people were about to play an important part in her life soon. She knew something more than fate was depending on her to change their futures. She knew it was their lives she had to save...

"Rise and Shine!"

Hermione woke with a start as Lily Evans, red pony tail bouncing, green eyes sparkling, rushed to open the curtains that were blocking the unwanted sunshine that was fighting to fill the room.

Lily was already dressed in her uniform, her red hair pulled back into a messy pony tail. She looked about ready to take on the world. Hermione felt the complete opposite. It had taken her what felt like years to fall asleep last night. She hated being the last person awake. It made her feel lonely and abandoned. Her back ached from the awkward position she had dozed in but still, she was determined to have a good first day.

Hermione climbed off the uncomfortable window sill and dressed quickly. Before long, the two girls, one with brown curls, the other dark red locks, climbed down the stairs to the common room, ready to go to breakfast. At the same time, the four Marauders emerged from their dorm, in a flurry of activity.

They were quite a sight. Sirius and James were at the front, Remus and Peter following at the back. James and Sirius looked about as bad as Hermione felt. Both shirts were untucked (as usual) and their trousers hung low on their hips. James was attempting to knot his tie (without success) while Sirius' lay draped around his shoulders, as if he had already given up on it. Remus was laughing at them and Peter grinned.

"You shouldn't have done it!" Remus was saying, in a sing song voice. Sirius just rolled his eyes and James shot Remus an annoyed look although his hazel eyes danced in good humor.

Hermione glanced at Lily to see her watching James with a small smile slowly gracing her soft features. Hermione couldn't blame her - he was very good looking!

Wait, I did not just think that about my best friend's father!

When James caught sight of Lily, hazel eyes locked into green and he stopped dead in his tracks. He offered Lily a small smile, which was returned and ran a hand through his already very messy black hair.

"Hi Lily," James he said quietly, his eyes boring into hers.

"Hey James!" Lily replied brightly, before linking her arm through Hermione's and pulling her out of the common room.

Hermione was a bit shocked by how friendly Lily was being towards her. She only known her for a night and she acting as though they had been best friends for years! Hermione had never with hadn't girl friends, and she didn't know how to act around Lily. Sure, she had had Ginny, but Hermione had spent basically all her time with Harry and Ron trying to bring down the wizard responsible for what she had to fix.

Lily was practically skipping as the two girls walked the corridors of Hogwarts. When Hermione got the confidence up to ask her why she was so happy, Lily merely replied, "It's a beautiful day!"

Shaking her head and hiding a smile, Hermione's mood suddenly lifted.

So far, so good.

By the time the Marauders had arrived in the Great Hall, Hermione was eating her toast and reading the Daily Prophet while Lily was sipping her coffee.

James was still struggling with his tie, so Lily stood and took it in her hands whilst muttering, "You're hopeless," and sporting a shy smile. When she had finished, she looked up into James' face. James took a small step forward, closing the space between him. As he gazed into Lily's eyes, she shook her head as if breaking from a trance. She blushed when she noticed everyone watching the two of them, and sat down, hiding her face behind the Prophet Hermione had cast aside. James smiled nervously and ran a shaky hand through his hair before sitting next to Remus.

"Ahh, food," James said lovingly, before filling his mouth with it.

"Rough night?" Lily asked casually.

"Yeah. We had a bit of a run in with some firewhisky," Sirius replied, resting his head on the table.

The day passed quickly. Hermione didn't talk much, only watched. She didn't answer questions in class and draw attention to herself. She merely observed those she had to save.

She really liked the Marauders and Lily but still, she didn't feel comfortable around them. It was just plain weird to be hanging around with your best friends dead mother and father. And it was strange to be with Sirius, who was a much younger and much happier version of the one she had known. She had known Sirius so it wasn't as strange as being with Lily and James. And with Remus, it was less awkward, less odd, because he wasn't dead in her time. He was different though, much happier.

Thats when Hermione realised what the death of James had done to Sirius and Remus. It had broken them. James completed the four, and without him, they were nothing. From what Hermione had heard, James held the Marauders together when they got rocky. When he had died, everything had just fallen.

And Peter. The traitor, the rat. Hermione didn't like talking to him, she didn't even like being in the same classroom with him. She didn't just dislike him, he repulsed her. He scared her. How could one person, one person who had three great friends who loved him and included him in everything they did, how could that person betray them and tear them all apart?

And Hermione was dazed by Lily and James. They were so happy, and lively, more so than she had ever imagined.

They didn't know they were going to die in a couple of years. They didn't know one of their friends was going to betray them and hand them over to Voldemort. They didn't even know they were going to end up together, let alone have the baby that Voldemort wanted more than anything in the world...

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