Danny Phantom Fanfic

Error's Love

Chapter 1: Lonely

Fully Summary: Sam Manson is 17 and lives in Amity Park with her parents. She has no friends, and is basically invisible to others. Then one day, a family moves in next door. She meets Danny Fenton, and becomes a really good friend. But she learns a shocking secret about her friend, Danny is not human or ghost, he is a creation, an experiment. But he is an experiment that went wrong. Danny has been hiding with the Fentons since he was 6 years old. He wants to find out what went wrong, and why he was created, and what will happen to him. A story of adventure and forbidden love!

A/N: I know that I am lacking on updating my other stories. And I am terribly sorry! But I randomly came up with the idea of this story and thought I'd give it a try. Hopefully it will turn out as good as I hope it will! I beg of you, please update! Tell me your thoughts on the story!

PS: This first chapter is pretty slow, but I need to introduce everything and everyone before I can get into action!

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Chapter 1: Lonely

Danny could feel the icy cold metal against his skin, the bonds on his wrists and ankles held him down to the table. He only wore a pair of baggy shorts; the rest of him was bare.

Tears filled up his eyes.

Beside him on both sides were a bunch of adults, all wearing masks like a doctor, they talked amongst themselves and occasionally glanced at him.

"Please." The young child spoke "I want to go." he whimpered. "Where is my mom?" he asked.

The adults paid no attention to him. One of them turned to Danny, holding a small glass bottle with a sharp point coming out of it. Inside the bottle was a bunch of glowing green stuff.

One of the doctors quickly spoke "Wait!"

All the other doctors looked at her.

"What are you doing? We cant just put that in him! We should test it first!" The female continued, looking down at the young boy.

"We are testing it." The doctor holding the shot replied "We're testing it on this kid."

"Why not on an animal or something first! We've killed too many innocent children! They are only kids!"

Danny whimpered as he looked at the man with the shot. What was that? He was scared! He wanted to see his mom! Where was she! "Where's my mom!" he cried.

"Shut up kid!" The man barked, he turned to the female again "We've recalculated our previous tests, and we're sure we've done it right!"

"No!" The female walked in between Danny and the male doctor "We're killing them! I can't let you do this!" she cried, "I'm tired of this! If you don't stop, I'll tell the government about what we're doing! This has gone too far!"

Suddenly, Danny saw the man grab something from the table, he couldn't see what it was though, and then the man thrust his hand forward. The woman let out a gasp then dropped to the ground, letting out a wail of pain as she fell.

Danny gasped. The woman was on the floor, silent. He looked up at the man again, who walked forward, grinning maliciously.

"Sorry Alison," he spoke to the corpse on the ground, "I can't let you do that. We have come too far to stop now." the man pointed the needle down, aiming at Danny's arm. Danny didn't have time to look away. The needle plunged into his flesh, then the green fluid stuff in the bottle decreased until it was gone. Then the doctor pulled the needle away.

The doctors watched eagerly.

Danny's arm felt heavy for a minute. Then suddenly, he began thrashing around while still attached to the table, screaming at the top of his lungs. The pain spread through his bloodstream like a fire, biting into his flesh, poisoning him with endless torture. His cries of agony made the doctors cover their ears, they glanced at each other nervously.

Danny's black hair began flickering from white to black, his blue eyes also flashing between green and blue.

"It's working!" The doctor yelled in triumph but was barely heard over the young boy's cries.

Danny closed his eyes. He wanted to die! He wanted to get out of here! He wanted to see his mom again. He wanted anything but this.

Sam Manson was 17 years old, living in Amity Park with her filthy rich parents in a large mansion. She had no friends; in fact she didn't really talk to anybody. The only time she would even talk was if she was answering someone.

Her outfit was her usual, black tank top, black skirt, boots, a chain belt, and chain necklace and black bands around her wrists. Her hair was long and black; it reached halfway down her back and normally hung in her face like a wall, blocking her from the world around her.

She sat in her seat in Lancer's class. The bald, overweight, non-popular teacher. She was in class ten minutes early; she had nothing to do before class. Time slowly ticked by, Sam tapped her foot, waiting for the bell to finally ring!


The first people to enter the classroom were the nerds, and the group of popular kids came last, giggling and talking as they sat down. Lastly, Lancer entered the room, he held an arm full of books for the class.

"Good morning class!" Lancer greeted the class, of course nobody replied back to him. "We are going to have a new student joining us tomorrow! His name is Daniel, and I expect all of you to be nice to him. He just moved here. But, on with the lesson!"

Great, just what his school needs. More idiots! Sam said to herself dully.

Sam was the only member in this classroom who had all A's. Because she had no friends, she had no distractions, so she always got her work done.

Sometimes she wondered if being popular was fun. It seemed like all of those dorks were always laughing and never got lonely. Of course they always failed their classes, but they just seemed...happy. Maybe just having a few friends is good. At least you would have someone to talk to!

Sam pushed the thought out of her head and paid attention to the lesson.


Sam walked to the corner of the school cafeteria and sat at the table that was not occupied. This was her table. Nobody ever sat here, except her.

She pulled out her sack lunch from her purple backpack then reached in the brown-paper bag and pulled out a small container that had a salad inside, she also pulled out an apple and bottled water.

Sometimes people would have fun and throw some meat at her because she was a vegetarian. (People at my school do that to me because I am a vegetarian) They thought that was weird and crazy. Sam didn't care what others thought of her!

School Ends

Sam pulled her backpack over her shoulder and began to walk home. Her house was about ten minutes away, but her parents still wanted to send someone to pick her up. She wouldn't let them for several reasons, they would send a limo, which would give away her family's salary, it would be completely embarrassing and it was destroying the environment!

It was clear but cold that day; Sam's breaths came out in puffs of clouds then disappeared. She hugged herself to keep her body warm. She wore a jacket, but it still wasn't warm enough.

When she neared her house, something grabbed her attention. A large, white moving truck was parked in front of the house next to her own.

The house look like a shack compared to the Mason Mansion. Sam huffed, great, now we're going to have neighbors!

She walked up to her house and happened to peek at all the cardboard boxes in the truck. She paused and just stared at them, "What the hell." she whispered to herself.

The boxes were labeled with the strangest things she had ever heard of! "Plasma energy. Be careful!" "Ghost Gantlets." "Ecto guns." "Specter Deflectors." What the hell were those?

Sam shrugged and pulled the keys out of her backpack and began to put the key into the lock. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw movement.

When she turned to look, she saw a teenager about her age, he had messy jet-black hair that hung in his face, she couldn't see his eye colour. He wore jeans and a black sweatshirt. The boy froze in place and then his head snapped over in her direction.

Sam quickly turned away before he could make eye contact and fiddled with the lock till it opened. She closed the door behind her and headed to her room.

A/N: Sorry that this isn't a great chapter, but I tried to introduce Sam's character and I needed to have her meet Danny! The story will get more exciting! I promise!