A/N: Spoilers galore if you haven't read the last book

My sister is an avid shipper of this couple, and she asked me for this one shot.

Ron Weasley was world renowned for many things. He was the best friend of Harry Potter. He had helped his brother George keep up Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes and expand its success. He had destroyed a Horcrux using Godric Gryffindor's own sword. He'd fought against Death Eaters more frequently than he had ever wanted to. He had married the smartest woman in all of Europe, possibly the world. He was one of the best Aurors in the Ministry of Magic.

Ron Weasley was proud of his accomplishments.

But at that moment, he would have gladly traded all of them if it would turn current events in his favor.

(Well, maybe not marrying Hermione, that particular accomplishment was the reason he had this problem)

"Rose, please tell me you're not serious!"

"Daddy, calm down. And don't talk so loud, I can hear you just fine."

"Sorry, dear, I just can never figure out this stupid fellytone…"

"Telephone, Dad, telephone."

"Yes, well anyway, stop avoiding the question. What's this about Scorpius?"

"Promise not to go crazy?"

"I promise by all Weasleys."


"That's a yes, dear."

"We're…going together."


"Daddy, calm down—he's not that bad."



"To make matters worse, his name is Scorpius! Who names their kid after a poisonous insect? He can't be normal."

"He says it's a family name—"

"So's Bilbus, but do you see me or you flaunting it?"

"…True, but could you at least give him a chance? He and Albus are best friends, he's a Ravenclaw, he's been my friend since I entered Hogwarts—"

"Sweetie, I tolerate it when he was your friend, because friends don't snog or do…stuff."


"Besides, what would Grandpa Weasley say?"

"He only doesn't like Lucius Malfoy, he likes Scorpius—"

"When did he say that?"

"When ,um, Scorpius first came to dinner, um, three years ago. And Uncle Harry likes him too, he says he's a lot like Sirius—"

"All the more reason not to date him."

"But you said Sirius was really cool!"

"He was, in a being-and-doing-what-all-teenage-boys-want-to-be-and-do way. Trust me; he would not be suitable as a boyfriend of my teenage daughter. And not because, like Sirius, he is at least forty and now a corpse…I hope."

"But Uncle Harry—"

"—was very confused when he was younger. Rose, I forbid you to see Scorpius Malfoy. His grandmother is the only decent one of that name, and only because—"

"Yeah, yeah, because she saved Uncle Harry's life when she could have ended it, I know."

"Don't be so flippant Rose."

"Kinda hard not to be when one grows up related to a legend, Dad, even if only by marriage."

"All right, all right. But Rose, why do you like this boy so much?"

"He's smart—"

"The Greengrass side of him must be like Einstein in order to stomp out the defective intellect of the Malfoy side."

"He's cute—"

"Still looks like a ferret to me—"

"He's a sweetheart—"

"Not commenting."

"He's really good at snogging—"


"Um, I mean, um…oops."


"Would you look at the time? Grandma wants to go shopping in London—gotta go Dad! Bye!"

"Rose—wait! Argh!"


"…Damn, stupid ferret, weaseling his way into our family—wait. Weasel. Ferret. Family. Aw, bloody hell!

A/N: To those who don't get the weasel-ferret thing, ferrets are part of the weasel family. So Ron is sort of thinking it's a prediction of sorts.