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Olivia walked in to the squad room after having lunch with Casey, totally oblivious to what had happened while she was gone.

"Hi El." She greeted her lover and went to kiss him, only for him to move away from her lips.

"What's going on, El?" She asked, slightly confused and hurt.

Elliot stood up from his seat, taking Olivia's hand in his, pulling her upstairs in to the cribs, so they could have a private, serious conversation.

Once in the cribs, Elliot closed the door behind them. "Take a seat, Liv." He whispered, not facing her.

Olivia nodded, nervously as she sat on the nearest bed.

Elliot sat down beside her and held her soft, olive-toned hands in his large, calloused ones.

"What's going on?" She asked again in confusion.

Elliot sighed and looked in to her chocolate brown eyes. "Kathy's letting me move back home. For the kids' sakes." He softly explained, waiting for her explosive reaction.

But Olivia didn't give one, to his surprise. She nodded, snatching her hands from Elliot's grip.

Olivia bit her bottom lip as she got up off the bed. "Well, I won't be here for you when she breaks your heart again." She seethed in anger.

Elliot tried to stop her from leaving by wrapping his arms around her waist but she shoved him away from her. He almost fell back on his ass from the force of the shove. "Liv…."

Olivia shook her head and walked out.


Down in the squad room, she walked to her locker and grabbed out her purse before rushing out, ignoring Elliot's calls.

Late that night, as she sat on her living room floor with her back against the couch, Olivia was drunk and had just finished what was once a full bottle of red wine, when there was a knock on the front door. She was silently grateful that all of her apartment lights were switched off, so she could pretend that she wasn't home. It was Elliot at the door. He kept pounding on it and calling out her name until a neighbour walked out. He was about the same height as Elliot, with blonde hair and green eyes. He was wearing black track pants and was topless.

"Could you please quiet down? My wife and I have a two year old, sleeping."

"Sorry." Elliot apologised and watched the man walk back in to his apartment, closing the door behind him.

He then grabbed out his cell phone from his coat pocket, pressing speed dial one for Olivia's cell phone. It went straight to voice mail. She had switched it off. So Elliot tried her apartment phone, only to be told by a recording that the number had been disconnected.

"Shit." He muttered before walking off to go home to Kathy and the kids.


Olivia woke as the sun began to rise. She had to get to the precinct before Elliot.

Olivia tried her best to ignore the persistent pounding in her skull as she showered and dressed. She dressed in a black bra and matching panties, dark blue jeans and a black blouse. She put a pair of black boots on before neatly brushing her hair, leaving it down.

She drove to the precinct with a rock radio station on quietly; as she listened she tried to work up her courage for what she was about to do.

Upon arrival, Olivia walked in to the squad room, sighing in relief to find that Elliot hadn't arrived yet.

Olivia knocked on Captain Cragen's office door.

"Come in." He called from inside.

Olivia opened the door and walked in, sadly.

"What's up, Olivia?" Cragen asked, putting down his blue pen.

"It's been a pleasure working for you." She said and passed him her letter of resignation.

Cragen read the letter and sighed. "Does Elliot know about this?"

Olivia shook her head. "No. It's all over between us."

Cragen nodded, getting up. "Ok, it's sad to see you go but take care, Olivia."

Olivia nodded as Cragen gave her a hug.


Olivia walked over to her desk and packed her belongings in to a box, which she had brought along with her.

Fin and Munch walked in to see her pack the last photo on top of everything else. The photo was of her and Elliot at his birthday party about two months before. She was wearing a long Emerald Green halter neck dress with black high heels and her hair was up with a beautiful butterfly clip. Elliot was dressed in dark blue jeans and a black shirt with his arm wrapped around Olivia's waist. They were so happy.

"Where you going, baby girl?" Fin asked, knowing that it had something to do with Elliot.

"I'm leaving but I'll miss the two of you, so much." She said and gave them each a quick but tight hug, saying goodbye before rushing out of the precinct. She knew that Elliot would be there any time soon.


Elliot walked in to the squad room about twenty minutes after Olivia practically flew out. He needed to talk to her, desperately, but gasped in shock when he walked in to find Olivia's desk completely empty. He rushed in to Captain Cragen's office.

Cragen looked up at Elliot and knew that he'd just seen Olivia's old empty desk, across from his.

"What's up, Elliot?"

"Where the hell is Liv?"

Cragen shrugged his shoulders and passed Elliot the resignation letter that Olivia had given to him.

Elliot sat down and read it. He sighed and rubbed a hand down his face.

"I have to find her."

Cragen shook his head. "No, leave her, Elliot. You're the cause; she won't want to see you right now."

Elliot nodded in understanding as he stood. "You're right. I just hope she comes back."

"So do I." Cragen replied and watched Elliot walk out.


Olivia went straight back home to her apartment and packed frantically, to be ready for her flight to Australia.

She had decided to move to Australia to be as far from Elliot as possible. Which also lessened that chance that he would find her.

Olivia packed all of her clothing and other personal belongings that she was taking with her. Olivia Benson was going to start a new life, one without Elliot and away from New York.

She had hired some people to put her furniture in to storage, just for the off chance that she would return home.

The day went slowly for Elliot as he worked on a new case with Munch. With Munch and Fin being pissed off at him, made his day seem longer and harder.

Elliot logged in to his email and decided to write an email to Olivia, he just hoped that she would reply to it.