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Elliot knocked on the door. It was only 8:46pm, Olivia and Alex should still be up and possibly watching the TV.

The porch light switched on and the door opened to reveal Alex. "Hey, you're finally here," she smiled with her hands on her hips.

Elliot was about to answer but was interrupted by a loud, pained moan followed by a scream. Elliot stiffened, recognizing Olivia's frightened cry. He bolted into the house. "Where is she?" he demanded of Alex, running in the direction of the sound of her scream.

"Elliot, she's uh... well, she's..." Alex called after him.

"What, Alex? She's WHAT?" Elliot stopped running to look at the blonde.

"She's... uh... she's pregnant..." Alex winced, hoping to not incur Elliot's wrath.

"Oh, God is Liv alright?" he asked concerned.

"She's in labour, Elliot."

"Why the hell isn't she in the hospital?" He was angry that no one had told him that Olivia was pregnant and confused as to why she wasn't in hospital if she was in labour.

"Because she's having a home birth, Elliot."

"Alex!" Olivia called from the living room.

Alex sighed. "Coming, Liv!" she turned back to Elliot, "come in but don't upset her; she needs to focus. She should be delivering in about an hour tops."

Elliot nodded and followed the blonde lawyer inside the living room, closing the door behind him, surprisingly calm.

He found the living area to be lit by candles. There was a blue and clear kiddie pool, filled with water in the middle of the room; towels and other necessary items were on the floor near the pool.

Olivia was laying on the couch, her knees bent and spread as the doctor checked her dilation.

Olivia turned her head when she heard the intrusion and saw Elliot, the father of her very soon to be born son. "Elliot," she breathed out in between gasps of pain. "How did you find me?" She wasn't angry, just shocked to see him standing there.

"I kept begging Casey and she finally gave it up," he explained.

Olivia laughed slightly, "I'm surprised Case- AH!" she cried out in pain as another powerful contraction cut her off.

Oh yeah, she was close to delivery.

Elliot walked over to her and cautiously placed a large, caring hand on her big baby bump. "When did you go in to labour, Liv?"

Olivia's eyes scrunched up and Elliot thought another contraction was coming already but she turned to face Alex. "What time was it, Al?"

Alex popped her head in from the kitchen. "I can't remember the exact time but it was just after one pm."

Olivia nodded and was startled by another contraction that had come quicker than the previous one. "Ahhh!" She was clutching her baby bump and was taking slow, deep breaths.

The short, curly, red haired doctor stood and walked over to Olivia. "Hop in to the pool, sweetie. I think that you are possibly there, quicker than we thought. Do you want another check?"

Once the contraction was over, Olivia got in to the kiddie pool and nodded as she got herself settled before taking off her long top to reveal a black tank top.

Dr. Singleton put on a fresh pair of white gloves and checked

Olivia. "You're fully dilated, honey. Push when you're ready. Remember slow and steady so you have a less of a chance of tearing. It's your show but I'm here if you need me."

Olivia nodded and took slow deep breaths as she waited for the next contraction.

Alison sat on the couch but close enough to get to Olivia in a rush if needed.

Elliot was angry and confused at the doctor. "What are you doing? You're supposed to be down there."

Alex looked down at Olivia to see her get on her knees so she was comfortable as the next contraction came so she could start pushing. She hit Elliot in the arm. "Shut up. Liv is trying to concentrate. She's catching her own baby, Elliot."

"All by herself?!" He was pissed! He flew forever and a day to Australia, got lost too many times trying to follow the directions from the airport, only to find the love of his life to be pregnant and in labour; all of this after not seeing her for almost nine months. Nine months of wondering where she was, if she was alright, if she had found someone... and now they expected him to not want to touch her?! He wasn't going to stand for this!

He walked up behind her and knelt down. "Liv, you push against me if you have to, please, just... let me help you," he pleaded.

She nodded, thankful that she didn't have to ask him to help her, herself. "Thank you, El." It was now or never, she had to tell him. "El- I..." she inhaled sharply as yet another contraction ripped through her.

Elliot steadied her on the edge of the kiddie pool, bracing her elbows. He intertwined their fingers. "Liv, you just squeeze my hands as hard as you need. Just breathe through it. You can do it, I know you can," he told her.

After the contraction passed, Olivia looked up at her quiet audience; her doctor, her best friend and the father of her soon to be born son. She took a deep breath. "Al, could you please put some relaxing music on."

Alex nodded. "Sure Liv." She walked over to the stereo and played the CD that Olivia had decided she wanted played as she delivered her son. The sounds of violins, piano and other classical instruments filled the room.

Olivia hung on to the side of the kiddie pool as another contraction was building. "Thanks, Al...Ahh!" She pushed, took a deep breath and pushed against Elliot's frame again as the pain dominated her body.


Twenty minutes went by. Alex was now seated on the couch beside the doctor. Elliot was still kneeling behind Olivia, just glad that he was able to be here for this. Olivia was getting frustrated. She reached down and smiled. She looked up at her audience. "I can feel his head." She informed them in between heavy breathing.

Elliot kissed her sweaty forehead. "I'm so proud of you, Liv."

"That's great, 'Livia. Not long now." Alex tapped Olivia's hand, which was hanging on to the side of the pool again.

Olivia nodded and moved her legs further apart before pushing again, as a contraction overwhelmed her senses once more. Her moans turned in to a blood curdling scream. The head was coming and it felt like she was being ripped in two.

She grabbed Elliot's hands squeezing them with all her might and pressing against his chest.

Elliot gladly took the pain she was giving him, hoping that he was somehow taking the pain away from her.

"It's ok, Liv." Alex tried to comfort her from the side.

Olivia took a deep breath and pushed again. When the contraction was over, she reached down again.

"Head out?" Alex asked.

"Nearly," was Olivia's out of breath response.

She grabbed Elliot's hand once more, this time bringing it towards the birthing canal. "Feel it?"

Elliot gasped in wonder. "Wow, Liv... I... thank you for sharing this with me," he told her reverently, fully realizing the importance of her gesture.

Everyone was quiet as they continued to watch Olivia through the rest of the delivery.

Another seven agonizing minutes went by before they saw Olivia pull up a baby boy from the water and moved to get comfortable again.

The tiny boy had a set of lungs on him. He was screaming. Olivia brought him up to her chest and began to rock him. "It's ok, Brady. It's ok." She cooed.

Alex, Elliot and Alison moved over to Olivia. Alison cleaned Brady's nose and mouth as Elliot and Alex cooed over the brand new baby.

"What's his full name, Liv?" Elliot caressed the now quiet baby's soft cheek.

Olivia looked up with an exhausted smiled. "Everyone meet Brady Alexander Benson."

Elliot nodded and smiled back. "It suits him. Strong like his mother."

"And his father, El..." Olivia told him, looking deep in his eyes.

He looked back at her, shocked. "Liv?"

"He's yours, El," she told him.

"Really?" he asked, fatherly pride already swelling within him.

Olivia nodded with a smile before looking at Alex. "Are you still cutting the cord, Al?"

Alex shook her head. "It's not my place anymore, Liv," she said as she passed the scissors to Elliot. "Would you like to do the honors, Daddy?"

Alison pegged it in the right places. "Just here, Elliot." She pointed to the spot.

Elliot cut it and Olivia passed her little boy to Alex.

"Now time for my job of cleaning and weighing him." She smiled and walked off with the tiny baby.

Alex returned to see Olivia was now out of the pool and was sitting on the couch wrapped in a towel and Elliot's arms.

Brady was now cleaned and dressed in a diaper and a baby blue suit.

"Here ya go, Mommy." She passed the bundle of joy to his mother.

"Thanks. How much does he weigh?" She was looking down at the newborn as she asked.

"Seven pounds eight ounces. He was born at 9:32pm August 10th."

Olivia was grinning. "I'm a mommy."

"You sure are, Livvie." Elliot finally spoke up.

"And you're a daddy!... again..." Olivia looked up at him, smiling. "We need to have a serious talk, but not right now," she replied, as she turned her attention to her now wailing, hungry newborn. She moved her top and led Brady to her breast. He latched on hungrily and began to suckle.

Elliot stood up, admiring the scene in front of him. He wanted desperately to stay and be with her, but his bladder was telling him he needed to use the toilet before he burst. He hadn't seen a bathroom since he relieved himself on the plane... nearly ten hours ago. He made to find one.

Olivia looked up and placed a hand on his arm to stop him, thinking he was going to leave her. She said the one word that he was bursting to hear. "Stay."

Elliot turned back to her. He leaned in and gently placed his lips over hers. When he pulled back he looked deep into her chocolate eyes. "Liv, I have no intention of ever letting you out of my sight ever again."