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So this is my first story for years. My attempts before this were terrible and abandoned. Yet this time I am going to work to keep this story going and to do well. It will be AU because I tend not to do well otherwise. Also, this story will only include events which are explained up until the fifth book. This story will be SLASH so no bashing please.

The title is a reference to the song Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan.

It was terribly cold. So cold in fact that the young boy, who was currently curled up under a tree, was shaking violently. He had just fallen asleep after running for over an hour and, since he was asleep, he never heard the footsteps or felt himself being lifted into a strong pair of arms.

The boy's eyes slowly began to flutter open many hours later, eventually opening fully to take in his new surroundings. He gasped as he saw the white walls, the equally white bed which he was currently laying on, and finally the window next to him. The window wasn't what was shocking, but what he saw through the window. Green. Everything outside of the window was green. There were trees, gardens, and flowers everywhere. He was so in awe at what he saw that the boy did not notice the young woman who sat on the other side of him until she coughed to get his attention. He quickly turned away from the window and gasped once again at the sight of the woman who was softly chuckling at his apparent wonder. She was beautiful to him. She had long golden hair, which fell gently over her shoulders, sparkling sapphire eyes, the palest skin he had ever seen and most surprising, pointed ears.

"Wh-Who awe you?" He asked softly growing more and more confused. She smiled softly and gently took his smaller hand in hers.

"I am Neci. I think another question is who are you and why were you all alone in a forest?" The woman, Neci, answered, the smile never leaving her face.

"Uhm, my name's Hawwy, ma'am." He answered looking down at his lap.

"Just Harry?" Neci questioned further

"Yes, just Hawwy. I, uh, I don't have a family. I didn't know where to go" He murmured still not looking at the woman's face.

"Harry, I know some things are difficult to say but if you just explain to me what happened and why you don't have family then I can help you, love. You only need to tell me and then you will never have to tell anyone again." She said as she began to slowly stroke her thumb over his tiny hand. Hearing this Harry lifted his head.


"I promise you Harry."

Harry sighed softly and closed his eyes as he softly began to retell his story.

"I lived with my aunt and uncle. They didn't like me much. I always had to clean and I wasn't allowed to play with my cousin. But it wasn't that bad, well not until that day in the fowest. I was.. I was cooking dinner and my uncle came in the kitchen. He smelled weally bad like how he does when he comes home vewy late. He stawted to talk about my mummy and daddy. My mummy and daddy died when I was vewy little." Harry broke off with tears in his eyes but continued

"He stawted to say how they didn't want me and how they must be happy that they died because then they wouldn't have to deal with me. I got mad. I yelled at him and he got mad at me. H-He dwagged me away fwom the stove and hit me in the face. I stawted cwying and he got even madder. He kept hitting me and finally used his belt. Aftew a while my aunt came home and made him stop but he hit hew then. My uncle left but my aunt told me to leave, to wun away and to nevew come back. So I wan and ended up in the fowest." By this time Harry was crying and so Neci gathered him close to her, stroking his hair.

"Oh, you poor Cugu." She whispered into him hair. Harry sniffled and wiped his nose on the back of his hand.

"What are you saying?" He said, his bright green eyes shining. Neci once again smiled.

" I was speaking Elvish young one. You are in an Elvish village." She said. Harry's eyes widened considerably.

"But, But my aunt and uncle. They always told me magic wasn't weal."

"Well obviously they were wrong. Now Harry, how would you like to stay and live here?" Neci asked, once again holding his hand.

"Weally? Oh I would like that vewy much. Pwease!" Harry answer, excitement evident in his voice. Neci smiled and stood.

"Well then Harry. I have to go and make arrangements for you. Try to sleep some more and I will be back in a few hours." She leaned over and kissed his forehead. As she did so, she brushed back his hair and saw for the first time the small scar on his forehead, her eyes widening in shock.

Well! My first chapter. It's very short, I know. I'll try and make them longer. Input? I will begin working on the next chapter right away but I just felt like getting this one up.

Lotr Elvish:

Cugu- Dove