Alright guys… please don't throw things

Alright guys… please don't throw things!! I have to let you all know what's going on.

First off- thank you all for your reviews and support. I love you all and you make me so happy. I feel terrible for leaving you all for so long. I hope I haven't lost any fans…

Secondly, I have had serious writers block for this story. I have a few ideas but I just can't seem to make them work. I've been trying to complete the next chapter for months but I barley have 2 pages done. This being said, if any of you have ideas or thoughts that could help me, let me know!!

Thirdly, Even if I manage to overcome this block, you must realize I won't be posting much. I have three WIP's for a different site and a different genre that I also have to work on, and I'm in school. It's my senior year of high school and right now I'm barely getting four hours of sleep a night because of the work load. I have three AP classes, 2 honors classes and pre-calculus which is killing me. I really need to stay focused on my school work and not slip up. Also, I'm trying to get college applications done which means essays and a lot of time consumption. I am also trying to have a social life and I have a boyfriend who I try and see as much as possible. All these things make updating difficult.

However. I do feel terrible for making you all wait and I WILL NOT be abandoning this story. I might abandon Earthquake because it hasn't progressed much and I don't feel like continuing, at least not yet. I hope you all don't hate me and stick with this story because I do eventually want to complete it and your support helps me keep going.

Please forgive me?

Love, black angels fall