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Started: Friday, July 25, 2008

Draft Finished: Friday, November 25, 2011

Fiction: Continuation

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: The character and names of Naruto characters belong to Kishimoto Masashi-sensei.

Anime: Naruto

Pairings: NejiTen

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: Working as a waitress in a moderate Chinese restaurant, Tenten's life turned great to worst when she spilled a cup of tea on Hyuuga Hiashi's lap. After that little incident, Tenten must find another job to pay her rent. However, as fate would have it, she ends up being hired as a personal assistant to no other than Hyuuga Neji. So what exactly is the problem? Answer: He's a Hyuuga.

Pass the Coffee, Hold the Tea

Chapter Five


Keeping busy at work was a natural thing at the office. Sometimes, Neji and I hardly ever saw each other. If he was in his office I would be somewhere else, usually running floor to floor in order to complete errands that range from the simple to the absurd; such as replacing the toner in the printing machine. Let me just tell you, replacing the toner was not an easy thing to do. This type of toner wasn't not your typical "pull the tab, place in the printer and voila it works" ink cartridge. It was a two and half feet long, heavy duty cylinder of death.

It also happened to be in the supply room. You would think the genius architect would have design the supply room to be somewhat near the printing station, but no. Lucky me. I have to go all the way to the other side of the building just to get into that room, find the toner and walk all the way back to the printer, and switch the old one with the new one. The process was long, but I wasn't going to pass up out of laziness. Besides, I was probably one of the many who could do it without doubt. Replacing toner was a difficult task, believe it or not.

Twelve whole minutes later I arrived at the other end of the floor, I counted. The supply room wasn't really that big, just a place with cabinets filled with sticky notes, boxes of pens, bulks and bulks of paper, staplers. Everything else was organized chaos, which was just my polite way of saying that the room was like a hoarder's dream come true. I swear, it was the equivalent of an office supplies jungle.

Finding the printer's toner was a unmitigated process. First, I'd have to find the toner. Usually, it would be hidden under a pile of unlabeled boxes, and sometimes, it'd take a long time for me to locate it, but I didn't mind it. A scavenger hunt doesn't hurt anyone, especially if it meant spending more time away from my desk.

I'd be lying if I told you that this week have been easy. To tell you the truth, I've never been so tired in my life. Even with a little time (technically half a day) off, it didn't really help. It didn't prepare me at all. Ever since the media began to fixate on my "relationship" with my boss (thanks to a certain manipulative bastard, or should I say the other one), the media sharks have been harassing me day in and day out. After spending my week sneaking through back doors to get to work, weaving seamlessly into crowds, taking detours, and buying many, many disguises, I've honed my evasive maneuvering skills to the next level. I might as well be a ghost. Of course, that meant no one could find me and when they couldn't get a hold of me, they tried other methods.

They tried almost everything to contact me: by phone, by email, twitter, Facebook, and the classic 'crap in basket with card' routine. They even tried to hack into the company's account to send me a fake memo to an arranged press conference. Whether their means were legal or illegal, their persistence was downright annoying, but you gotta give them an 'A' for effort. To make matters worse, I had the office gossip to deal with. I went from being the most likable person on the floor to the person who got the most glares given in a day. I lost count at five hundred. Gossip, glares, and cruel remarks I can handle, but the one thing I can't handle was Neji. Hence, my prolonging determination to run long errands and avoiding my desk like the plague.

Let me just get one thing straight, I wasn't afraid of confrontations, I was more afraid of the situation. When I first took this job, I knew what I was getting into, but I had no idea it would turn out to be something like this. My plan was simple. Work under this company, get some dirt and exploit the Hyuuga family. Somehow, it turned into a game of "stop me if you can". With nothing in my arsenal, how was I suppose to fight back? I couldn't face Neji knowing that I was on the verge of exhaustion, so I came up with another tactic. I must retreat and regroup in order to get my revenge. Too bad it was easier said than done.

Neji and I haven't mention a word about the unexpected media attention. We were both determined to ignore it. Living in the technology age, my only communication with him was either through email, text, or notes. We kept it strictly professional. Everything was either short, directive, or informative. I've always been a fan of anything that tries to replace human contact. Needless to say, I was still in my 'retreat' phase, which came to an abrupt end the moment I heard Neji's voice calling me.

"Who's in there?" Of all the other times the printer ran out of ink, he had to choose now to come to the supply room. Curses. I might as well be half-blind seeing how my only light source was three tiny light bulbs. Now I knew who got the short end of the budget cuts, the custodians. "Tenten." He stood a yard from me. Great. Here I though I've been doing a good job of avoiding him and he still managed to find me somehow. "What are you doing?"

"The printer ran out of toner," I told him, as if standing in a supply room wasn't obvious enough. He didn't seem to care about the printer running out of ink.

Before I could ask him why he was here in the first place, he said to me. "I need you." I would have double over but caught myself.

"What?" As an assistant, I got to occasionally play the 'what the hell are you talking about?' card.

"The copy machine is jammed. Go fix it." It was the only way I can understand his cryptic messages. Of course, the answer was always a demand.

"B-but, I'm busy," I managed a lame excuse. Yes, I have to admit that I'm not the world's greatest liar. I just wanted him to go away and leave me alone. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it was because the impasse came to a halt when a soft click broke the awkward wall of silence. "What was that?" I ran to the door and found it slammed shut. In alarm, I reached over to turn the knob, but it wouldn't budge. "It's locked!" I did what a sensible person in my position would do: yelled for help. I banged the door, kicked it, screamed bloody murder. You name it. Too bad it was all useless. No one heard me.

The moment of panic didn't occur to me until I realized that I was locked in the stock room with Neji! My mind frantically searched for a possibility of an escape. As a last resort, I turned to Neji in hopes that he, being the boss of the entire place, carried the master key with him.

"I left it on my desk," he stated calmly, too calmly if you asked me. Right then and there, I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake the living wits out of him. 'Why?' I groaned. 'Out of all the times you forget to take them with you, why now?' I wanted to bang my head against the wall, but decided that I would rather be awake while I am trapped inside a small room with my boss. I could suffocate and die in the matter of minutes. Good thing I wasn't claustrophobic. "Don't worry, someone will come." Yeah, that was very comforting seeing how there were cobwebs in every corner of the room.

"Wait," I almost smacked myself for my stupidity. "Do you have your cell phone with you?" Upon the mention of his slick Smartphone, Neji pulled it out of his pocket like a magic trick. Heck yes, progress! Before I can even thank the technology gods, my mood faltered when I saw the bars on the cell phone. They were definitely nonexistent. Rejection was such a bitch. "You have got to be kidding me!" I grabbed the phone out of spite and walked around the room to see if a bar would appear. If I tried hard enough it might connect to the wireless internet, but the Smartphone proved to be just an expensive paper weight. I gave up after ten minutes and handed it back to Neji. "Well, I'm out of ideas." I put my hands up and let out an exasperated sigh. "I guess we'll just have to sit this one out until someone finds us missing."

"That shouldn't take long," he told me, which didn't bring me much comfort. Who knows what the people out there were doing. They were probably taking a long lunch. I know I would if I knew Neji was trapped in a supply closet. If only I was on the other side of the door, but one can only wish. Too bad wishes don't come true, certainly not for me anyway. With nothing better to do, I sat down and he did the same.

As we waited for someone to come and rescue us, I observed him. Hell, what else is there to do when you're stuck in a supply closet of doom for almost half an hour? We sat a small distance apart with the Smartphone in between us, using it as a time keeper. His eyes were closed, his arms were crossed, and he was sitting insanely still. I mentally drew a line from the left side of his face downward to his jaw line and up to the other side. The curve of his brow was symmetric to his other, beginning and ending at the right points that define his masculinity, and at the same time, complimenting the neutrality of his relaxed facial structure. The way his hair framed his face sets a contrast to the color of his skin, and gave him a distilled glow that was captivating. After a moment, I realized I was just looking at him like an object or a piece of art work. It made me wonder what others thought of him.

Did they see him as the representative of the biggest company in the city? Tall, fearless, and merciless. Perhaps, they see him as a cold-hearted person who only strives to live day by day in his quest for control in absolute confidence? Arrogant, bombastic, and ambitious. Maybe even foolish to a certain extent.

"Why are you're staring at me?" Definitely paranoid. Caught in the act, I did not bother to deny it.

"You don't smile much," I told him, which to this date and time is the most truthful of truths.

"You smile all the time," he countered with a smirk. I raised a brow. Was he trying to be funny?

"I like to smile," I countered. "You should try it sometime." I thought back to the meetings we usually have with the other companies. Even with the business talk and idle chatter (usually from Sakura and Ino), the atmosphere was always light and energetic. It could be the fact that Naruto and Lee tend to radiate positive energy like UV rays from the sun and liked to make absurd jokes and proclaiming about the power of youth. It was hard not to crack a smile at their outgoing personality. "Naruto and Lee do."

"Yet I haven't seen you smile this past week." How very observant of him to point out the result of my crappy week. Not.

"Maybe it has to do with the fact that everyone is making up lies about me." I didn't even try to contain my bitterness.

"Just ignore it." Yes, that sounded simple enough, for someone who didn't seem to have feelings. It was a shame he had no idea what I was going through.

"Easy for you to say, you're use to it." He practically grew up in front of a camera. As for me, I would turn into a stammering idiot when I know an audience would be gawking at me with endless scrutiny. Try to stay calm when questions are shooting at you a mile a minute like a public interrogation, I dare you. Knowing that it's recorded made it a million times worst. "This is his tactic, isn't it? To drive me insane."

"That's one way to put it." So far, it seemed to be working.

"You're the expert. How do you deal with him?" Desperate times called for desperate measures. I was actually seeking advice from my boss. Go figure.

"With patience." Too bad it wasn't remotely helpful.

"You're telling me to wait out his anger?" Say what you will about Hyuuga Hiashi, but I could assure one you thing: letting go of a grudge was something he cannot do.

"No, we wait for the right time to strike." I sure hope he meant a stake through that old crone's heart. I know that I probably wouldn't be the only one in line.

"When is it the right time to fight back?" After working here for awhile, I learned a few things about Neji. One, he was always two steps ahead of you.

"Sooner than you think." And two, he never gave straight answers.

"No offense or anything, but you don't seem to have great timing." Someone had to point that out to him. If I was feeling bad, I was going to drag him down with me, especially since his advice was equivalent to a bag of bricks. A fortune teller could do a better job than him. At least she would tell me what I wanted to hear. "In case you haven't noticed, we're stuck here!" I tried to not sound too pessimistic. Really, I did.

"If it's any consolation, you have more revere than I gave you credit for." A compliment, his attempt to play the 'get out of jail free' card. Oh, he definitely has something up his sleeve, and it must be a good plan since he was keen on throwing me off guard.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" But I wasn't going to fall for it.

"It is the truth. I would never lie to you." I didn't know what to say after that. I couldn't tell if he was sincere or not. Under that stoic exterior of his was another layer of reserve that no one got to see. That side of him only comes out when he was sure that he would have the upper hand. As evident from my first meeting with him, he knew who I was from the start. Every piece of information about me was in the palm of his hand. Instead of blackmail, he resorted to an agreement with mutual benefit. Too bad the terms of the contract were not negotiable. He wanted me to work under him in order to get a rise out of his uncle, but I never expected him to make me his "girlfriend". When he said those words, I realized one thing: he was willing to do whatever it took to throw his enemy off guard. To Neji, sacrifice was a necessity, and he didn't have a problem throwing me to the wolves.

My suspicion was not out of paranoid. I'm living proof it.

I remained silent. I had to get out of here. Every minute here was another opportunity for him to analyze me. Anything I'd do or say after his compliment could be a tactical move for his benefit. I didn't want to risk it. Instead, I merely looked at his phone and did a double take when I saw a solid bar in the upper left corner. "Please tell me you see what I'm seeing." I wanted to confirm that what I saw was real and not a mirage for over thinking too much in the past hour. His eyes darted to the phone for a second before he turned to me.

"Call for assistance." He didn't have to tell me twice. Not bothering to lift the phone and risk losing the only connection to the outside world, I pressed the recently dialed button and called the first number on the list to save time. We both heard the other line ring on loudspeaker. On the third ring, the caller picked up.

"Rock Lee here. How art thou on this wonderful day?" Oh boy was I glad to hear his voice!

"Lee! I'm locked in the supply closet with Neji. Can you-" Only to find that it was a lie.

"May the youth be with you after leaving a message for me!" Damn! It was his voicemail. Not wasting time, I went to find another contact. This time, I called the front desk of Hyuuga Corporation, which was the second number on the list.

"Yo, Kiba here! What can I do you for, boss?"

"Kiba, this is Tenten," I tried to not sound frantic. The last thing I need is to be directed through an automatic voicemail.

"What's up?" I let out a sigh of relief. Thank the heavens his only responsibility was to monitor the lobby. "Are you gonna devise another arsenal act, and this time, you've decided to let me in on your plan? I'm touched." I rolled my eyes, not at all amused by his joke. You commit ONE act that involved fire and people never let you hear the end of it. Geez.

"No, I need your help. I got locked in the supply closet on my floor and I need you to come open it, please!" I heard some snickering on his end. I'm glad he was finding my situation funny because it was anything but.

"All right. I'll be there in five minutes flat."

"Got it. See you in five." I pressed the red button and turned to Neji. "Here's your phone back." He took it without a word, placing it back into his pocket. We both fell into silence again and for once I was glad. More than anything, I was grateful to finally get out of there. I've had enough of his condescending ego, and in my state of vulnerability, I might end up doing something I would later regret if I stayed any longer.

Neji could keep his secret plan for all I care. I would find out eventually and it would probably be at the last minute. Any normal person in my position would've given up by now, but not me. Hiashi must be getting desperate, seeing how he was still using the public to do his dirty work for him. He must have thought I would crack by now, but he couldn't be more wrong. A little humiliation was not going to have me waving the white flag. I am going to show him that I was no pushover. I am done playing the 'victim' card. For all I know, Hiashi will get what's coming to him, and I hear karma is a bitch.


Naruto: RamenKing

Hinata: Mrs-Uzumaki

Sasuke: THE_Uchiha07

Sakura: PinkCherryS

Tenten: MyNAMEis1010

Neji: N-Hyuuga001

Rock Lee: The_Green_Beast.v2

Ino: Fleur de INOccence

Shikamaru: On-Cloud-Nine

Kiba: INUzukaRules

On-Cloud-Nine says: This restaurant better be worth it. It's a far drive. #howtroublesome

Fleur de INOccence says: On-Cloud-Nine Stop complaining, you big baby! Some people in the world go DAYS without food. #forshame

PinkCherryS says: On-Cloud-Nine it's not that bad. Fleur de INOccence is right. Suck it up!

MyNAMEis1010 says: Free at last! Can't thank INUzukaRules enough! T-minus 2 hours until dinner time! #goodfoodmakesmehappy

INUzukaRules says: You owe me big MyNAMEis1010.

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: Woe is me! I shall repent for not picking up your phone call MyNAMEis1010. My apologies :'(

MyNAMEis1010 says: INUzukaRules Yes, I know! The_Green_Beast.v2 Cheer up, I forgive you!

RamenKing says: INUzukaRules actually getting out of his chair? That's a miracle. The_Green_Beast.v2: Two words: OPEN BAR!

INUzukaRules says: RamenKing STFU. I practically saved her life!

RamenKing says: INUzukaRules Oh please, you just inserted a key into a door. You didn't find a cure for cancer! #dattabayo

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: RamenKing Drinking is not a solution! #forshame MyNAMEis1010 You are too kind!

PinkCherryS says: RamenKing You're unbelievable. Stop trying to get Lee drunk. You KNOW he can't handle alcohol #forshame

RamenKing says: PinkCherryS You can't blame me for trying! I want to see the #drunkenmaster

MyNAMEis1010 says: PinkCherryS What happens when Lee drinks?

PinkCherryS says: MyNAMEis1010 You don't want to know #howtroublesome

RamenKing says: MyNAMEis1010 try EPIC! The_Green_Beast.v2 is a #drunkenmaster

THE_Uchiha07 says: #drunkenmaster Not THIS again. RamenKing One time is enough, dobe.

RamenKing says: THE_Uchiha07 I'll pay for the damages this time! Sheesh.

PinkCherryS says: Not if Mrs-Uzumaki has a say in this #drunkenmaster business.

INUzukaRules says: RamenKing Boy, you are in trouble now dumbass.

RamenKing says: PinkCherryS I can't believe you'd rat me out to Hinata! #dattebayo Too bad she doesn't check Twitter. HA!

N-Hyuuga001 says: RamenKing Yes, she does.

PinkCherryS says: N-Hyuuga001 Naruto is right, Hinata never does check Twitter, but she does check her texts!

RamenKing says: PinkCherryS Not if she can't find her phone! #winning

THE_Uchiha07 says: RamenKing This is for your own good. Do I have to remind you about the media frenzy that lasted for weeks?

On-Cloud-Nine says: THE_Uchiha07 Don't forget the lawsuit. #howtroublesome

RamenKing says: The_Uchiha07 I call it free advertising

Fleur de INOccence says: The #drunkenmaster scandal was a PR nightmare.

On-Cloud-Nine says: Fleur de INOccence You have no idea. I lost FIFTEEN days of sleep over that #drunkenmaster shit

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: What is this #drunkenmaster everyone speaks of?

MyNAMEis1010 says: I am trying to find out The_Green_Beast.v2 Sounds like a big thing that happened.

RamenKing says: MyNAMEis1010 Dude, I'm telling you, it was EPIC! I've never seen anything like it! Lee is definitely a BEAST.

Fleur de INOccence says: If there is going to be this #drunkenmaster business happening tonight, I'm going to change my dress.

THE_Uchiha07 says: RamenKing I will make you regret it. Listen to PinkCherryS

MyNAMEis1010 says: This sucks! I want to know about this #drunkenmaster scandal!

RamenKing says: MyNAMEis1010 I will fill you in later. As you can see, I am surrounded by a bunch of party poopers! #dattebayo

MyNAMEis1010 says: Life is always full of complaints. Here is one: #workiskillingme and I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse.

On-Cloud-Nine says: MyNAMEis1010 you are preaching to the choir.

PinkCherryS says: MyNAMEis1010 I'm starving too! I wonder if they serve vegan food

Fleur de INOccence says: PinkCherryS Must you always be on a diet?

PinkCherryS says: Fleur de INOccence Eating healthy is a lifestyle.

RamenKing says: Food is food! PinkCherryS Ramen is vegan!

MyNAMEis1010 says: RamenKing Not if the noodles are made from eggs.

INUzukaRules says: PinkCherryS is right, animals are friends, not food.

On-Cloud-Nine says: All this talk about food is #troublesome. I'm going to get some work done.

Fleur de INOccence says: OMG, my life is over! #workiskillingme and I have a pimple!

MyNAMEis1010 says: Fleur de INOccence I'm sure it's not noticable.

RamenKing says: Fleur de INOccence Just slather on that make-up gunk! What are you worried about?

PinkCherryS says: RamenKing She's worried about the cameras tonight.

Fleur de INOccence says: PinkCherryS Help me!

MyNAMEis1010 says: Fleur de INOccence What cameras?

PinkCherryS says: MyNAMEis1010 The media will be there tonight. #hewhomustnotbenamed tipped them off.

MyNAMEis1010 says: Great, I'm going to spend tonight being hounded by sharks #FML

RamenKing says: Oh, it's on! It's on like Donkey Kong! MyNAMEis1010 Don't worry, I got your back!

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: MyNAMEis1010 Do not fret, I'll protect you too! #powerofyouth

MyNAMEis1010 says: So much for #inviteonly

PinkCherryS says: MyNAMEis1010 I'm so sorry you were the last to know. Sometimes #inviteonly is not your friend.

MyNAMEis1010 says: PinkCherryS I thought I was off the hook, apparently I'm not. #lifeiskillingme

RamenKing says: MyNAMEis1010 Let's #inviteonly somewhere else then!

Fleur de INOccence says: RamenKing There's no point. #hewhomustnotbenamed has to be there and the cameras follow him like vultures.

RamenKing says: This is going to suck BALLS. I want to eat in peace! #dattebayo

THE_Uchiha07 says: RamenKing Looks like that's not going to happen. #howtroublesome

RamenKing says: I demand top-notch security tonight! Who's with me?

INUzukaRules says: RamenKing Count me in!

RamenKing says: INUzukaRules I said TOP-notch security, not a security lacky! You're not even invited!

INUzukaRules says: SCREW YOU! RamenKing

THE_Uchiha07 says: RamenKing stop busting his balls. You know his reputation.

RamenKing says: FINE! Change of plans. N-Hyuuga001 I demand top-notch security AND Kiba. THE_Uchiha07 Happy now?

N-Hyuuga001 says: RamenKing I'm not giving into your demands. Kiba works for ME.

RamenKing says: N-Hyuuga001 You are cruel! Why can't you just un-invite #hewhomustnotbenamed? We don't need the press at dinner.

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: N-Hyuuga001 I am worried for Tenten's safety! How can thou be this unrelenting? #forshame

PinkCherryS says: N-Hyuuga001 Naruto and Lee have a point there. This has gone on long enough. The media's been harassing her all week!

Fleur de INOccence says: I can feel a migraine coming. I'm not looking forward to all of those flashing lights. #firstworldproblems

THE_Uchiha07 says: N-Hyuuga001 If you're not providing, I'm calling in the troops. Better safe than sorry.

N-Hyuuga001 says: RamenKing THE_Uchiha07 I can handle them myself. There is no need for assistance.

RamenKing says: I'm not taking that risk! #dattebayo

PinkCherryS says: RamenKing What are you talking about? You take risks all the time!

RamenKing says: PinkCherryS Not when it involves Tenten! I'm won't let #hewhomustnotbenamed bully Tenten any longer!

MyNAMEis1010 says: RamenKing I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm not some damsel in distress! I just want a quiet evening! #howtroublesome

RamenKing says: MyNAMEis1010 Just letting you know that I got your back. Your safety is our priority! #dattebayo

On-Cloud-Nine says: Are we going to dinner or what?

Fleur de INOccence says: On-Cloud-Nine We're debating if we should bring security or not. #hewhomustnotbenamed is being a you-know-what

N-Hyuuga001 says: RamenKing Do what you please. I want this meeting to start on time. Arrive promptly.

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: Yosh! I will protect Tenten with my life! #powerofyouth

INUzukaRules says: All right! I get to go to dinner! #goodfoodmakesmehappy

On-Cloud-Nine says: This is like #drunkenmaster all over again.

MyNAMEis1010 says: I wish someone would tell me about the #drunkenmaster incident. Being in the dark sucks.

THE_Uchiha07 says: On-Cloud-Nine I agree.

Fleur de INOccence says: On-Cloud-Nine It can't be that bad, right?

On-Cloud-Nine says: Fleur de INOccence You want to bet on it?

THE_Uchiha07 says: Fleur de INOccence We must prepare for the worst.

PinkCherryS says: THE_Uchiha07 Don't let Naruto go crazy with the security detail.

Fleur de INOccence says: PinkCherryS Stop being such a worrywart. We need all the detail we can get!

On-Cloud-Nine says: RamenKing Enough talk. We are going to be late.

RamenKing says: MyNAMEis1010 It's time to get BALLIN'! #winning

MyNAMEis1010 says: It's now or never. #lifeiskillingme

Fleur de INOccence says: Argh, I can't find my shoes! #firstworldproblems

PinkCherryS says: Fleur de INOccence You have 50 million pairs. Pick one.

INUzukaRules says: The_Green_Beast.v2 RamenKing LET'S DO THIS! #TeamTenten

The_Green_Beast.v2 says: Yosh! Fight for #TeamTenten!

RamenKing says: #TeamTenten FTW!

THE_Uchiha07 says: RamenKing I'm not paying for any damages you might cause tonight.

PinkCherryS says: RamenKing Me either!

RamenKing says: I got everything under control! #dattebayo

Fleur de INOccence says: I have a feeling tonight is going to be #drunkenmaster round two. God, now I need to go change AGAIN!

On-Cloud-Nine says: People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world. #howtroublesome

THE_Uchiha07 says: On-Cloud-Nine Indeed.

A/N: If you are not familiar with Twitter, the #hashtags keep track of conversations related to a topic. There are quite a lot of them and I apologize if they confused you, but they were necessary. Some of these hashtags are real, and some are obviously fictional. Yes, the length of the tweets are fictional. Real tweets only allow 140 characters, but whatever. This is my story. The only thing that's missing is the "at" symbol, used for mentioning others in a post, which can't be shown here, so I guess we can just imagine they are there!

On another note, I would like to announce that this story is officially discontinued. I had fun writing it, however I'm sorry to say that it will remain incomplete. From what I've gathered, many people have lost interest in it. This is what prompted me to reach my final decision. I apologize for the disappointment.

Thank you for reading!