Hi all! I am really enjoying this story. It has a life of its own and soon I will tie in some of the classic vampire elements with Stephenie's lore. -- Ann

Chemistry had just begun, but I was already watching the clock. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour and the last thing that I could concentrate on was whatever Mr. Albertson was droning on about. But for once I was not being distracted by Edward, or at least by my typical daydreams about him. This time, for the first time since Edward returned to me, my thoughts were filled with the images of another creature. I was thankful, once again, that he could not read my mind. I struggled internally to turn my thoughts towards Edward, but the effort was in vain. I couldn't stop thinking about my encounter with the vampire. My memory of the event was cloudy and that in itself frustrated me. I could recall perfectly my 10th birthday party, yet my recall of the events yesterday was foggy at best. I remember losing control of my truck, and hearing my name being called from the woods. I can clearly see myself turning around and confronting the vampire. I remember right up to the point where he touched me. The fear that I felt then was still tangible. My memories after that point until Esme and Carlisle rescued me are vague. The strangest thing is that even though the exact events of that time are missing to me, the feelings that I felt, or at least I think that I felt, are very real to me. And it is those feelings paired with the vision of the vampire's face that are currently disturbing my thoughts.

Coming back to reality, I glanced at the board to see that I missed at least two pages of notes and formulas. I tried to write the first formula down on my blank notebook page but the point of my pencil was missing. I tossed the pencil down and sighed. I looked over at Edward and he was studying me with concern. I quickly looked away. I really did not want Edward to start worrying about me.

I closed my eyes and saw his face again. His reddish black eyes stared back at me through wisps of black hair. Though his eyes were very intense, I managed to break my gaze and let my memory explore his angular pale face. His lips were a violet hue and slightly parted. I had a strong urge to reach out and touch his porcelain face. My breath caught in my throat and a strange tingling sensation flowed over my body. In my imagination I allowed myself to follow my urges and caress his face. I could actually feel the coldness on my fingertips as I followed his cheek down to his lips. His skin was as smooth and firm as Edwards, but my reaction to this new vampire was different. When I touched Edward, even though his skin is cold, my finger tips always felt hot, almost burning. In my mind, when I touch this phantom face, my fingertips remained cold, yet the burning sensation was felt through out my body. When I pull my hand away, a painful twinge shot through my arm and into my head. I stopped my imaginary retreat and reach again for him and brush a wisp of hair from his forehead. The pain instantly stopped and that tingling, burning sensation swept my body. It was hard for me to imagine a more pleasant feeling. My body seemed to yearn for what this vampire could offer me. But what could he offer me besides death? And why was I feeling this way? It was patently absurd.

A sudden jolt to my chair caused me to snap back to reality. Edward had kicked my seat. I threw Edward an annoyed glance without turning my head. My heart was beating erratically and I could feel a fine layer of sweat on my face. The clock above the door ticked slowly and the walls started closing in on me. It took all my effort not to bolt from the room as fast as my human feet could carry me. My eyes flitted around the room. The woods outside the window caught my attention and a shiver went down my spine. What was wrong? I could not shake the feeling of impending doom and I could not discern any tangible reason for the weight settling on my chest. Breathing became difficult. I turned towards Edward and he could see the look of panic in my eyes. His hand moved to mine and for once, the coolness of his skin did little to calm me. My head started to pound and I felt as though I would slowly suffocate. Closing my eyes was not an option because I knew that the blackness would fade into his face again. Sensing my growing panic he squeezed my hand lightly.

"Ionic bonding" Edward urgently whispered.

I threw him a questioning look. It was then that I heard Mr. Albertson's grating voice.

"Isabella," his voice bellowed. "What kind of bonding is demonstrated by the molecule on the board?"

I glanced down instinctively and then to the board. My eyes scanned the scanned the board for a clue, but I had no idea which molecule he was talking about.

"Uh, ionic bonding?" I mumbled.

"Is that a question? Or is that your answer?" Mr. Albertson asked impatiently. "Or would you rather go back to daydreaming?"

I desperately needed to run away. I quickly glanced towards the door before answering. "My answer."

"And that would be correct, the next…"

I didn't let him finish. "Uh, Mr. Albertson?"

He sighed. "Yes, Isabella?"

I made sure my voice was as weak as I felt. I am sure that the way I looked would be enough to convince him I was surely about to pass out. "I'm not feeling very well. Can I go to the nurse?" I had no intention of going to the infirmiry. I just needed to get out of the room before I was crushed.

"There is only fifteen more minutes left. Can you wait that long?"

"No!" I answered a little too urgently. I took it down a notch. "Um, I think I might have to throw up." I lied.

"Ok… go… just make sure you go straight there."

I slid my hand from Edward's and purposely avoided looking at him. I quickly gathered my books and was about to bolt for the door when Edward caught my wrist in his hand.

Edward's voice echoed rather loudly around the room. "Mr. Albertson? I think I need to escort Bella to the nurse. I don't think she looks too well." His eyes never left mine.

Mr. Albertson looked back over his shoulder and responded with a simple no.

Edward refused to release me hand. I could see the struggle in his eyes and he got up to walk out with me.

"Edward! Please sit down! Isabella is more than capable of walking herself to the nurses office one building away." Mr. Albertson was about to lose his temper.

Edward sat back down again and narrowed his eyes at me. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "Don't go. Please. Wait." His breath tickled my ear, but the need to run was stronger now than ever.

"I..I..I can't," I stammered. I managed to slip my arm from his grasp and rushed towards the door. I stumbled over Mike's book bag but managed to catch myself before falling. The door slammed shut behind me as I ran toward the common area.

I turned toward the infirmary, but then changed direction and sprinted toward the far corner of the science building. I knew it was only a matter of minutes, or less, that Edward would be out the door looking for me. He was probably at that moment searching other people's thoughts trying to locate me. But, for some reason, I did not want him to find me. I felt as though I needed to run from everything, even him. Or was I running towards something? The thought of that sent a chill down my body. Once again, I asked myself what was wrong with me? I leaned against the cool bricks and let the rough texture rest against my sweating forehead. I peered over at the woods and felt that odd tingling sensation once again. Waves of pleasure ran through me as I dropped my book bag and walked with uncertainty toward the forest.

I stopped myself under a giant fir tree at the edge of the woods. My mind screamed for me to turn and run for my life, but my senses battled this logic and I stood still. What I felt that I wanted more than anything, more than life itself, was to walk into those woods. But what I thought was that I would never see Edward or Charlie again if I went any further and I was sure that my inevitable death would be painful at best. So, I stood there, waging this internal battle for what seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly my head started throbbing and waves of nausea swept over me. I instinctively stumbled forward through the brush, taking small steps, still unsure of what laid ahead. Somehow I knew that if I went forward that this pain would subside. And it did. I made my way though the brush, guided by an unseen force. I looked back and the school was no longer visible. My mind screamed for Edward… for me to run back… to shout for help, but my body continued on. At a small clearing I stopped and waited.

"Bella….," a voice whispered.

I turned in a small circle, unsure of where the sound came from. I startled a little when I felt two cold hands grasp my shoulders from behind. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes as that tingling sensation coursed through my body. I relaxed against his hold and leaned into him.

"Ahhh… yes," he murmured. "You remembered. I knew you would. I knew you would come to me when I called. You have to realize that you can't resist."

He moved one arm around my waist and pulled me close to him as his other hand gently moved my hair from my neck. My eyes shot open. I could not move nor speak. The breeze tickled my face and I became aware of the earthly fragrance of the green vegetation. I could see the trees surrounding us, but I found that I could not focus my eyes clearly. Fear coursed through me and I found it hard to hear him over the pounding of my heart. Edward, please forgive me. I am so sorry.

He inhaled deeply as his nose skimmed my neck. I shuddered as my breath caught in my throat

"You scent is heavenly. And you taste just as perfect," he murmured. I felt a sting on my neck and I moaned. My body ached for him to take me, to do what he wanted. He felt me yield to him and he chuckled. This must be what a drug addict feels when they finally get their fix.

I felt a fine line of blood trickle down my neck. The familiar metallic aroma of blood did not cause the usual nausea. Instead, I found the smell incredibly intoxicating. I stiffened.

"Ahhh… yes. You can smell it too, can't you? Doesn't it make your mouth water?"

It did. My mind screamed that this was all wrong…that I was supposed to faint at blood, that this wasn't normal… it wasn't human. But the intoxication was almost complete. I was unable to resist.

I managed to get out one word. "Why?"

Another soft chuckle and he tightened his grip around my waist. "Because, Bella, you are mine. Your life is in my hands and I can do whatever I wish with you. I was supposed to come here to take you life. Instead I want to possess it."

He turned me around to face him. I looked down at his shirt, afraid to look at him. He was wearing a black t-shirt that contrasted sharply with his ashen skin. He lifted my chin so that his eyes were inches from mine. I immediately became entranced by his dark penetrating eyes.

"You see, I have been following you for a couple of weeks. I cannot read thoughts like your precious Edward, but I can read emotions."

The smell of his cool breath mixed with the scent of my blood drove me insane.

"And you, Bella, are a very passionate woman. I find that… irresistible. I can see what Edward sees in you. But what I can't understand is why he does not possess you. I know that you want it. Eternal life. I can give that to you. But not yet." He stared into my soul with his dark eyes, never blinking. "No… you need to give everything up for me. Until then, I cannot possess you. Forever. I know that you will return to me. You need me, don't you?"

I was physically unable to speak. He lightly brushed his lips against mine. I sighed and leaned into his embrace. His lips moved down to my neck and his cold tongue licked the small wound on my neck. I felt as his teeth nipped against the wound. His body immediately became rigid and he sighed. Instant jolts of electricity flowed through my body and every nerve was on fire. My whole body was in a state of excitement. Though my brain was screaming for me to pull away, my body did just the opposite. I moaned and weaved my hands into his hair. I could once again hear Edwards voice in my head frantically urging me to pull away. Run. Scream. Fight it. Don't give in. Please.

We were frozen in that morbid embrace for what seemed like a long time. Dizziness soon made it hard for me to think and I could only feel. Edward's voice faded in the distance of my vanishing memory.

He wretched away from me and stumbled back a few steps. Instantly my body shivered and the feelings of euphoria slowly faded. I wrapped my arms around myself and I tried to control my erratic breathing. I sank to my knees and rested my head in my hands, trying to stop the forest from spinning.

"Bella," he groaned. "I need you…"

As I sat there in the woods, my thoughts buzzed wildly and I tried to make sense of what was happening to me. He needed me… but it felt exactly the other way around. I needed him. When I was near him, for whatever God forsaken reason, I felt unbelievably good. My whole body became alive with pleasure. I craved it. Why couldn't Edward make me feel this way?

He suddenly appeared before me, kneeling down so that he was once again face to face with me. His thumb brushed over the small wound in my neck. An intense burning sensation spread up and down my neck. My mind repeated venom over and over again, but this burning did not cause pain, but pleasure.

"No pain, Bella. No pain with me," he whispered. He kissed me lightly on the lips and pulled away.

I licked my lips and the small amount of my blood that he left there made my mouth water. My hand flew to my mouth as I savored the forbidden flavor. My heart pounded irregularly.

He looked around the forest quickly. "I have to go now. Go back to school. But return when I call. I know that you will return to me Bella." He looked deep into my eyes. "You will return to your Samuel."

And then he was gone. My arms started shaking as I staggered to my feet. Following his directions, I blindly stumbled back to school. My mind was racing. What had just happened? Who was Samuel? Why did he want me? But more importantly, why did I want him? What was he doing to me? Why did I react to blood like that? Was I becoming a vampire? The thought of that made me shiver. That was what I had wanted the past year, isn't it? But not this way… not without Edward or the Cullens.

I recalled the time when Edward tried to explain to me what it was like to crave my blood. He had said that it was like a heroin addict trying not to indulge in his brand of heroin. Addiction. Was I becoming addicted? But how? To what?

The further I stumbled toward the clearing ahead of me that I assumed was the common area of Forks High School, the more my thoughts became jumbled and the more it was difficult to recall the events that only just took place. I still could feel the euphoria and for once in a long time my head did not pound. Once I broke through the canopy of the forest, I staggered a few more steps before sinking into the cool damp grass. I drew my knees up and rested my chin on them. I slowly rocked myself back and forth and warm tears streamed down my cheeks. Despite the fact that my body tingled with what I could only describe as pleasure, I was scared and didn't know what was happening. I glanced quickly at the woods and a feeling of guilt washed over me, though I could not recall why. I felt violated. I closed my eyes and wished fervently that I simply would cease to exist.