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I know I took so long, but I had STAR TESTING to study for and I didn't have much time to write. Not only that, but I'm slightly unmotivated and I've been playing crazy hours on Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

The sequel rocks ass! XP And is the most challenging, yet. Though Goddess Ashera has been the hardest Fire Emblem final boss I've ever faced, she is also the most irritating. What the hell is she thinking, petrifying most of the inhabitants of Tellius because she feels the beorc (humans) and laguz (sub-humans) haven't kept their promise to cease warfare and hostile violence for a thousand years.

Pssh. Whatever. Her judgement sucks.

Back to this story. Go ahead and read on. Happy (belated) Easter Day!

P.S. I'm still working on the outline of April Fool's Day (April 1) and Orange Day (April 14). The seventh chapter is Mother's Day (May 11), if you haven't of guessed. And then we have Father's Day (June 15) and... and... aaaaaannnnd... Sasuke's Birthday (July 23). There won't be another chapter after that until Halloween.

Chapter 4- Easter

"I'm youth. I'm joy. I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg."

James Matthew Banrie

Children and I, we didn't click well. 'Children' and 'Sasuke Uchiha' shouldn't even be in the same sentence.

I held a wooden clipboard in my hand, impassively recording the run time of the soon-to-be crop of Genin. The majority of the preteens here eyed me wearily, some going as far as shit in their pants because of my silent, intimidating aura that spoke for itself: 'Bother-me-and-you-die-excruciatingly-slow.'

Then again, I was too serious for my own good. The twitch of me eye went unnoticed as the kids gossiped away about the most popular subject to date: moi.

"...I heard the traitor is none other than the last surviving Uchiha."

"Yeah, and he has the infamous blood red Sharingan eyes. I heard it rivals the piercing, stone glare of Medusa."

"Myth! It's just a myth."

"Nahh, that can't be right! I read in a scroll somewhere that it's supposed to branch off from the Byakugan eyes."

"Really? They look nothing alike..."

The boys crowded around and mused on the power and glory behind my bloodline. I smirked, proud that the Sharingan was still known as an important and powerful asset throughout the Leaf village. However, the females of this class conversed on the same exact subject as the boys, except this time it was completely irrelevant.

"Wow, he's so young and cool-looking! It's hard to believe a hunk like him used to be a notorious missing-nin."

"Someone told me his dark gaze is so penetrating..." Next, the girls sighed, daydreaming while others had hearts in their eyes. "He's so fine! Kya!" Their faces blushed rosy red and I didn't want to know what they were thinking...

"With gorgeous model looks like his, he's the handsomest ninja that has ever walked the planet!"

Damn the Fifth Hokage. Forcing me to look after kids who hadn't even struck puberty, yet when I should be going on high ranked missions like my prowess deserved.

"Oi, Sasuke!" I looked up. Konohamaru, the Sandaime's grandson and a recently promoted genin, dashed through the open gate of the academy and jogged toward my direction, a roguish smile alighting his lips.

He finally stopped before me and placed his hands on his knees, calming his ragged breathing. What the heck was this kid doing here?

"Nani?" Standing upright, Konohamaru grinned an annoying smile exactly similar to Naruto's. Kami, not another one...

"Naruto-nii told me to tell you to have ramen with him later." I wrinkled my nose in distaste.

"I'll pass. Besides, I already have plans." Then, Konohamaru scowled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Hey, I'm not messenger boy, got it?"

"Don't be, if you're complaining so much."

"You know, I can't believe I'm saying this, but boss was right. You need to socialize more if you want to get rid of the stick pulled up your ass."

I inwardly seethed in annoyance. This boy was like an incarnate of Naruto.

"Urasai, mini-dobe."

"Why you— why you—!" He lunged forward to attack me. However, I held him back, clutching his head with one hand while he tried throwing punches at me, but found himself rather unsuccessful. I regarded him with idle boredom. This kid's not worth my time...


I released the boy from the call of my name. Because I was no longer holding him up, Konohamaru succumbed to the law of gravity and collapsed on the ground. "Ugh…"

I regarded Shikamaru impassively as he returned my look with a lazy stare. "If you're done tallying their run times, then you're free to go."

Finally. Rolling my eyes in exasperation, I shoved the clipboard in his hands and quickly strode toward the classroom, planning on leaving the academy with a certain someone as soon as possible.

Peering through the open doorway of the one specific classroom she could be found in, I watched as Hinata supervised the six year old toddlers painting their eggs. Well, that's one way of celebrating Easter...

Stepping in, I casually walked forward and felt relieved of all the kids preoccupied on the artistic activity to even spare me a single glance. I leaned on the teacher's desk, staring at Hinata who looked to be enjoying herself spending time with the children.

She gave encouraging smiles to a few who asked for her help on craftily painting the white boiled eggs. She would gently chastise a couple clumsy kids who made a colorful mess when they had dropped their eggs completely within the cups of dyed water. And sometimes, she would ruffle some of the kids' hair playfully when they did something right and begged for praise.

Hn. I liked this sight.

Soon, she was able to notice my silent presence and politely excused herself from the group of kids. It wasn't without effort, though. Boys and girls alike whined for her to stay, even going as far as childishly clutch onto her limbs to prevent her from leaving.

Miraculously, she succeeded in escaping them the moment Hinata promised them she'd only be away for a few minutes and they reluctantly complied.

"You're high on demand," I said, my lips quirked in a smirk the moment she sat beside me on the smooth, wooden table.

"Well," Hinata giggled slightly, "I've only substituted for Shikamaru a few times, but they like how I make their class times really fun." Yes, it so happened to be Shikamaru Nara's a boring, yet intelligent individual. Sadly, he's more suited for the battlefield, giving strategies that usually led to victories instead of babysitting seven year olds in an academy. "I don't mind though, looking after kids..." She gazed fondly at them, almost wistfully and heat suddenly flooded my cheeks.

Thank Kami it was invisible!

Before I had a chance to respond, a young kunoichi in training jogged up to us, beaming at Hinata.

"Hinata-sensei. It's already been three minutes and thirty four seconds... aaand counting!" she chirped, much to my annoyance. The brunette folded her arms cutely behind her back, beaming eagerly at Hinata with sparkling russet eyes. "Can you help us pick out the cutest stickers for our Easter eggs?"

"She's busy." I answered briskly. "Beat it." The girl whipped toward me and frowned tearfully, nearly making me regret my words. To my horror, she started bawling and sprinted away. Awkwardly, I turned toward Hinata and saw her pouting at me in admonishment.

Eh... never scare away little children in front of your girlfriend.

"Sasuke, that was mean. You hurt her feelings. There's more than one way to send off a child, you know." Trying to salvage some dignity, I snorted and faced away, crossing my arms indignantly. Pfft, what could she possibly know on how to deal with children?

Then, Hinata smiled as if reading my mind and turned to face her bustling class.

"Class," she cupped her mouth in order to project her soft voice for the whole noisy room to hear. "It's time for recess!" As if by magic, all the kids instantly stopped what they were doing and cheered, laughing and squealing as they rushed outside, waving to us as they passed by.

Oh, right... she's a woman.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Smart, but unsurprising. Goes to show toddlers have short attention spans." Hinata chuckled and leaned on my shoulder. "Kids have so much energy and they're all very happy..."

"Hn." I didn't like how the conversation revolving around annoying academy students swerved in a rather depressing direction. To bring her out of it, I touched her hand, giving her the recognition of warmth to let her know I was still here. "I want you to come over tonight."

"Hai." She blushed with a smile, shyly holding my hand and entwining our fingers. I didn't mind. Raising her hand to my lips, I closed my eyes and spread feather-light caresses across her knuckles. "...s-so long as Neji-nii-san d-doesn't hurt you like last time." Kill me was more like it.

I smirked after opening my eyes to see a blissful blush igniting her face. Holding her gaze tenderly within my own, I inwardly swelled in pride from the blush further dominating the tips of her ears. "You think I can't stand my own against him?"

Hinata, though speechless, lowered her head from my intense gaze. "I-I'm sure both of you are equally strong."

As always, the shy Hyuuga heiress remained impartial. The compassionate side of her, I guess. "If you say so..."

Then, her eyes glanced down at something beside us and her free hand lightly touched the straw-made basket. "Some of the students made Easter eggs for me. Want to eat them later...?" Honestly, I didn't care about the brightly decorated food. Bemused from my lack of response, she lifted her eyes and pinkened slightly, coyly staring into the gazing intensity of my onyx orbs.

"As long as you eat them with me." She noddly slightly, her breathing coming a little shaky. "After all... it's rather lonely eating by myself."

"I... I said I'd keep you company tonight, didn't I?"

"Hm." I sighed, tilting my face a little, "I'd feel better if you spent the night."

"B-but...! Neji-nii-san..."

"Should learn to grow up. You're not incapable of looking after yourself."


"...That's what trust is, right?" And letting go, too.


We weren't aware of how close our bodies were, leaning forward until we resorted to whispering, our faces only a couple inches apart to the point our foreheads touched.

We were about to kiss... "Oi. Sasuke. Hinata." Until we quickly separated, our eye contact broken. Averting our attention toward Shikamaru, he had greeted us lazily, unfazed of our intimate proximity. "Thanks for the help. I'll let you guys go early cuz it's Easter today."

Hinata nodded and stammered a 'thank you,' swerving around to grab her basket of painted Easter eggs to hopefully hide the scarlet blush infusing her cheeks.

"Hn. Ja." I sent a passing glance his way before walking alongside her out the classroom, though inwardly irritated of the interruption.

Shikamaru loitered in the room, seemingly lost in his own musing. Soon, he sighed, his face beholding amusement and satisfaction.

"About time he found someone. I almost believed he'd die a virgin someday..."

(A/N): I think the reason why I went and wrote a small story like this was because there were too many heavily plotted, conflicting stories of Sasuke and Hinata's friendship/love/hate relationship(s) and I was like, 'There's a way where the two can fall in love without too much drama!'

I mean, sure, friendship and love can deepen when you overcome obstacles together, further improving your loyalty and feelings toward each other, but good relationship's can also be easy and gradual, too.

So yes, I wanted to give a break to those readers who want to kill time reading a simple, yet believable story. Then again, I'm trying to write stories where they connect to real life. And believe me, reality is not so granduer as we exaggerate it up to be.