A/n: Just a REALLY short TwinsxHaruhi thing that popped into my mind.

Twins with time on their hands… it's a very dangerous combination, though Hikaru and Kaoru SHOULDN'T have had time on their hands as they were entertaining guests, they were always devilish enough to find a way.
"Wanna see something fun?" Hikaru asked his customers, with a smirk. Their eyes widened and they nodded in unison. Hikaru pulled his brother far too close, and whispered in his ear, though it looked to the otaku eye as whispering sweet nothings between two lovers, Hikaru, the more boisterous twin was cooking up a plot. Kaoru's eyes widened.
"He'll get mad."
"Let him get mad! C'mon." Hikaru pulled his brother up, clasping his hand and they hurried to where Haruhi, secretly female, was entertaining her hosts. The twins' customers watched in shock as they both slid their hands over Haruhi's shoulders and chest, then lay their heads in the crooks of her neck. She didn't seem fazed by it at all, used to their antics, and merely continued the conversation with the people foolish enough to designate her in the belief she was a boy.

"Haruhi…" Moaned Hikaru. "We're bored."
"I'm busy." She said simply, slapping his hand away a little as he reached dangerous territory, and the fan girls watching reached nosebleed point.
"But Haruhi…." Whine Kaoru in a higher voice.
"But nothing, you can't molest me while I'm hosting!" She said, pulling out of their grasps, and attempting to keep her cool.
"Does that mean…" Hikaru smirked, looking at Kaoru.
"That we can…" Grinned Kaoru, glancing at Hikaru.
"Molest you when you're NOT hosting?" They chorused together. The fan girls squeaked, Haruhi sweat dropped realising she'd walked right into that one.
"Looooooooooooord!" Yelled Hikaru across the room at Tamaki who apparently hadn't witnessed the scene. "Haruhi's taking a break." He said, and with that the two hooked Haruhi under her arms and hurried her from the room.

A/n: Poor Haruhi, she needs to think before she speaks. No I DON'T know what the twins are going to do, use your imaginations