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Cold wind blew against me as I walked a short ways into the woods near my house. It was midsummer, but it sure didn't feel like it. A little farther along the path, to a point where my house was just out of sight, I sighed and sat down on a conveniently fallen big tree branch. It was Sunday, which meant that Charlie was at work, and all the Cullens had decided to go hunting. I smiled slightly to myself as I thought of Edward's cold strong arms wrapped around me, so tightly I knew he didn't really want to go and leave me, and his good-bye kiss that was passionate and loving. Though, of course, marred slightly by the fact that his eyes were almost a deep onyx when he pulled away, and the shadows under his eyes more bruise like. And now, I couldn't even go to La Push. Jacob, no doubt, didn't want to see me, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to stand seeing him again...not after the pain I'd caused.

I was alone. Days like these happened before, obviously, but today felt strange for some reason. I wondered why that was. A cold wind blew sharper again, and I shuddered, my teeth chattering a bit being the only sound that broke the silence.


I realized suddenly why I felt even more alone than usual on days like this. In these woods, there was always something magically ominous in the air that muffled sounds, and made it darker. But there was still always something. The slight snapping of a twig as a squirrel scampered across the foliage, or the quick note of blue jay, rustling the leaves above as it took off in flight. But that was gone today. Another shudder ran through my body, but it had nothing to do with the cold.

I stood up abruptly, prepared to head back to the house. I knew it was nothing, but I didn't like this feeling that something was off.

And something was off. I realized that when a sound broke the silence suddenly. I could hear someone walking across the thick foliage, not too far away, but off the path and hidden in the dense greenery. It definitely wasn't anyone I knew, because the people I knew walked silently. And they most certainly never walked anywhere, not really. And it sounded like only two feet; definitely not an animal.

I knew my response to the sound was unreasonable. It was probably just a lost (very lost) hiker with a light step. Or maybe it was an animal, and I was just overreacting. But my logical reasoning wasn't making the hairs that were standing up on the back of my neck disappear.

"He - Hello?" I stammered, not very loud, but the sound seemed magnified in the thick forest. The shuffling feet stopped, and from the sound of it they were very close, but still hidden behind a tree or something.

"Who...Who's there?" I asked again, my shaking voice slightly, demeaning the strength I meant to resonate in it.

And that's when the thing stepped out from behind a tree, not five yards away from me. I meant to scream, but my mouth choked up around it.

I didn't know what it was. It's head was waxy looking, and perfectly round. As were it's huge, bulbous black eyes with no whites showing, that were as big as saucers, and glistening. It's hands were also waxy and veiny looking, with a small hole visible in the middle knuckle of it's right hand. Both it's hands were clenched in fists. That was all I could see of it's body, as the rest was wrapped up in a big, billowy black cloak. I didn't know what it was remotely, but the first word that flashed across my mind was demon. Through the waves of fear flooding through me, I thought I felt the slight squirming of annoyance. Was any myth or legend fake here? Not only were there vampires and werewolves in this world, but now there were demons!? Fate must've been real bored one day.

The thing was snarling slightly, it's lips (barely visible, as they blended in perfectly with the rest of it's face) glistening with some saliva or liquid. All in all, the thing was revolting, and made the nausea caused by the fear even worse.

My throat may have closed up (not that there was anyone around to help anyway), but thankfully terror hadn't frozen my legs as well. I spun on my heel and started pelting toward whatever safety four walls and a phone could provide. Though somewhere in my mind, I knew it was no use.

But that thought could've just been because the next thing I knew, the creature's snarling was right behind me, with a waxy hand grabbing my shoulder and turning me around, before punching me in the face and sending me spiraling toward the ground.

I cried out in pain, but willed myself to not be distracted. On the ground, I kicked out as hard as I could, and met the collision of my foot to the demon's cloaked chest. I was relieved when it stumbled backyard a few yards, visibly staggered. At least demons weren't as resilient to humans as werewolves and vampires. At least, not this demon. And while it tried to right itself, I scrambled to my feet after quickly grabbing a formidable looking branch of the ground near me.

"Let's see what you got," I muttered as the demon advanced toward me again. It swung out a fist but I ducked, before jabbing it in the stomach. It stumbled back, just a few feet this time, but I thought it looked winded. I swung out of the branch again and hit it's head, knocking it to the ground. In the back of my mind, I couldn't help but feel a little sense of accomplishment; of pleasure. For once, for once, I was being the hero. Or at least, not being nearly so much the helpless victim as I usually was. I could get used to that.

It didn't last long though. The demon got to it's feet again faster than I expected, and sent a high kick in my direction. How it managed it in those robes, I didn't know, but what I did know was that suddenly I was spinning round and round, trying to keep my balance, and ignore the pain not only in my face from the first punch, but now in my chest as well.

"Oh!" I cried, as the spinning stopped, but only because the demon was behind me again, one arm around my neck. Struggling to breathe, I glanced down to it's arm that wasn't holding me, and nearly collapsed with fright as I saw a long, pale spike suddenly eject itself from the hole in it's middle knuckle. Next thing I knew, it was plunging it into my arm. I screamed with pain, but somehow, it wasn't because a demon was stabbing me with it's sting.

It's because a human man, in white clinical scrubs was sticking a needle in my arm, in the exact same spot as the demon, while another man in identical scrubs held both my arms to keep me still. I was shaking violently, and fighting, screaming, trying to get away. I did not want these men putting any kind of needle in me, but I was up against a corner. I struggled, and I felt tears prick the corner of my eyes, and all around me was confusion.

"She's gonna break the needle!" cried the man that was trying to hold my arms still. "We're going to have to strap her down."

While I continued to fight, my head straining against the wall behind me, as if I could sink into it and away from these men, my eyes took in the rest of my room. I didn't know how I knew it was mine, but I did know I'd been here a long time, and this was routine. These men were going to take me to the clinically white, sterile bed and strap me down like they always did when I had these fits. And all around me, would be the same whiteness, the same sterility, the same clinic feel that was meant for the patients here.

Because that's where I was, and had been for years now.

A mental institution.

Hey guys! Just so you know, I did get this idea off of the awesome show, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', from the episode 'Normal Again'. So if anyone has ever seen that episode, and is thinking 'Hey, this plot, and even the dialogue that's going to be coming up is mysteriously similar to that one episode!' just know it's because I was watching it and immediately thought it would be the most awesome plot for a Twilight story.

Also, this story was originally just going to be a one-shot, but I decided to break it into chapters because there are certain moments where I think that's necessary for maximum impact. Like right here, for example. But that's also why I'm planning on finishing the whole thing tonight. Review please!

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