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--Complete-One shot-Danny-He's a Phantom- Fenton-He's a Phantom-Danny-He's a Phantom-Phantom-He's a Phantom-One shot-Complete—

Just This Once

A Danny and Jazz Bonding


A Danny Phantom One shot Fan Fiction

By Dawn Gray Manson

--Complete-One shot-Danny-He's a Phantom- Fenton-He's a Phantom-Danny-He's a Phantom-Phantom-He's a Phantom-One shot-Complete—

Note: Readers, please think of how Danny is and his real personality and try to put it in the story. Try to think that Danny is really telling you this. Ok? Thank you!

Danny's POV

I looked at the starry night sky. It was all in black. I could see white sparkles twinkling the night away. It glows with white light until it could just fill the night with no haunt but only shows a lovely picture. I stared it and I know it is one of the wonderful things I have ever seen. It's not like you don't see it everyday. It is something that is wonderful and whenever you look at it, it just relaxes you with peace. I am nothing like the stars. I am different. Duh, I am human and I live here on earth. Yet…I only wish to be there in the starry night sky. This is the reason why I wanted to be an astronaut one day but will it ever come true if I were just different single freak of the world. I don't want to become one of glowing stars but join their journey through the night. It's just beautiful…that's all. Why can't it be one of the wonders of the world?

I stopped looking at the beautiful wonder and just looked what is ahead of me. I'm in the streets of Amity Park, walking on its own sidewalk. You could see that snow was everywhere and the flakes from the sky were cascading. They all feel ever so gently and slowly not fast but slow. The citizens whom I protect aren't here in the streets. The only things I see in the streets are just snow piling up, homes and buildings, street lamps and roads and nothing else. It made me feel lonely. It just feels like that I am the only person in this world. Lights were lighting at the buildings, looking at them as if I know who lives there. I know they are enjoying but not me.

I am Danny Fenton a.k.a. Danny Phantom. I am always called shy, overprotective, a freak, different, and of course, I am one of the unpopular persons in my school, Casper High. I was always called different because of how I act and how I am a one of a kind. My friend says that I am unique. I got these powers for some certain reason and I always know that I must use these powers for and not evil…yet it is hard to explain on what I am going through. I am just a teenager living in an ordinary life if you just look at me but you just don't know the other half of me, Danny Phantom. I am a full time ghost fighting hero. I save my own hometown from ghosts and soon I save them from threats. I love this town but somehow I don't even know if they even love me.

I am just walking at the streets of Amity Park and as I said, I am all by myself. There's no one beside or behind and not even with me at all. I am just all alone; walking all alone. Why? I just want to clear my head that's all. I had a difficult time with my family lately. It wasn't nice to see me fighting them. I was furious and I had to do is tell them that I am piss off because I was just thinking of something out and they have to disturb me. I suddenly realize that I was a fool when I just step outside my own house. I know that leaving my family in this certain occasion is a big mistake that I have made. I don't know if I ever care or not. I just felt like that I don't have to get mad at them more so I just went out and try to clear my head. Letting myself breathe was harder than I thought.

I suddenly shivered despite the coldness and the snow hitting my exposed skin. Actually……I am not wearing any jacket or anything else to make myself warm. I am just wearing my usual clothes, my ordinary clothes; my white t-shirt with a red printed oblong in my chest, my blue plants and red sneakers. I just didn't care about it but I know will be cold out here. Ever since I just walked away from my house, I didn't even think about getting my jacket/coat. I was focused on my problem and my life. Anyway, I can control it ever since Undergrowth came and frostbite helped me.

It's already Christmas. This is snow is everywhere at night. I could even feel it under my shoes, hoping that it wouldn't go in my shoes and touch my feet. I know that Christmas is about joy, peace, giving thanks and…love. Somehow, I don't feel it right now. This Christmas, it is somehow different. It made me think of how I have turned out to be through the past days and months. I remembered when I was sick of Christmas but not anymore. Yet I get the thought that I am not feeling it anymore. I just felt down. It just reminded me of how my life was; me being different to everyone. I still know the spirit of Christmas ever since the ghost writer took over.

I still shivered and every time I step at snow. I became colder and colder. It wouldn't stop as if I can't control myself anymore. This is what I deserve from not getting my coat. I just have to clear my mind and that's all I have to do and get back home…if I can make it home. I looked at the doors of homes while passing by them. There are usually Christmas lights hanging around the doors and hanging around the windows but before it always turns off on me when I am in a bad mood or something like that (AN: The Fright before Christmas episode). Right now, it's not anymore turning off on me but if you look at it, it's flickering… every time I pass by every home.

I was very confused by it and somehow I got the feeling that this shouldn't happen. I stopped gazing at the flickering Christmas lights and just looked downcast. I was ashamed of something…and I know it is about me being the hero and everything. I just couldn't help but think about it. I just can't get the grip of my own life. I place my cold hands in the pockets of my own pants. I let my fingers linger around the pocket so it may be warm a bit. I could feel that my eyes were dull and just open half way there. I just felt depressed. I just hated it. I just hate myself from being different. Whenever I'm down, I always feel like I'm the only half ghost here in my hometown or even the world. Yet I always remind myself about my archenemy, Vlad Plasmious, and my clone, Danni/Danielle.

I always think that whenever I protect this town, everything is different than my normal life. Everyone thinks that I'm something else and someone that shouldn't be trusted just because I look different and I have different abilities. What's the problem of being different? All I know is that being different is unique and that's the way how life is for people like me. I protect this town and they still don't trust me. Yes, most did but some are not and some are lying just to get my trust and lead me to somewhere that I don't want to take. It's a burden. They just don't understand how it's like to be different. They don't know how it's like to fight for their trust. I just want them to believe that I'm on their side, like what I'm trying to do now with my parents. They still don't know me, huh? They don't know the real me. No one knows who I really am.

I stopped walking and I could feel a bright light shining right from a source. I faced at my right and looked through a certain window. The light came from there. Inside the house was a young boy, younger than me, happy with his friends. They were playing some sort of tag game I think. It was kind of cute when they are just playing around together yet the boy was sort of familiar. I suddenly smiled weakly as I recognized him. "Tyler…" I whispered with a raspy voice. Tyler is the boy who I saved from a ghost one time. Well, he knows me by my ghost form. I'm sure he doesn't know me as human. He's really having a great time with his friends.

Unfortunately, my smile dropped as I remembered something. I then looked downcast and continued walking and as well as my fingers lingering around my pockets. I then crossed the road going to another block of this town. There were no cars and as I said, there are not much people outside. They are just in their houses feeling comfy enough; no coldness for them because of the fire in their fireplace. I continue to cross the road, looking downcast, and I could feel coldness running through my neck. I shivered and I tilt my head to see what was running through it. I realized it was snow…or it's rather called snowflakes. I didn't shove off the snow out of my neck…I just didn't care…I don't mean I want to die or something…oh, whatever.

I shivered as the coldness from the snowflakes rolled down to my back. The shivering then grew stronger as I thought about…my friends.

Friends are always there for you and they will always be there to cheer you up when things go down…like what Tucker did for me. Huh, he's always a joker or the clown in the group even thought he is kind of creepy with his "baby" (a.k.a. his PDA). Whenever I'm down, they will show me the bright side of things and the positive side. They always do that like they are already a part of me…as a family but just friends still. What I mean to say is that…when you get to know them for a long time…you're like brothers or sisters.

In my point of view as a part hero of Amity, my friends always stand by my side in countless and hopeless times. They will always say to me to "never lose hope", "you can do this/it" or even "never give up". Friends are just like sidekicks but I don't treat them what they are not. Just like what I did to mine before, I was overwhelmed by the popular kids (Dash's party) that I didn't realize that these people aren't my friends (even though they look like them in the party). I apologized to them and they forgive. It's always like that, later or sooner.

I then reached the sidewalk and that means I'm in the next block. I shivered again by the fact that I was thinking about them. I was thinking of the worst things that could happen ever since I was different…ever since the accident happened. I was scared about it, these thoughts that just went into my head. It bothered me and mocked me like I'm a kid. Well, they're part right. The thing is…my friends are always in danger. In every fight and in every situation, they are always in danger. As I thought of it, when I stay with them, they get kidnapped or caught or even…hurt. I flinched at that last word. It felt like it's my entire fault.

I then remember the moment when we went to the future 10 yrs. later, my friends were…dead. They were dead because of what I am and if I wasn't different it wouldn't be like this. Everything will all be normal than my life now. I'm scared. I don't even know I'll forgive myself for this. It just happens…to me. Why should it be me who has the unusual things that nobody has? It's just nothing that I could work out. Yet I just have to make the right choice, I chose to be a hero and I know it is my duty to use these powers for good and not evil…I promise that.

Tucker is the techno geek and the clown of the group. He always cares for his precious PDA yet he is always loyal and a good friend of mine. He's always there to help me through tough times. As he said it, he has become my time manager yet I hope he doesn't handle the Fenton Thermos for many times. I always love his energetic personality and how he keeps everything going especially when it comes to eating meat. Well, that's why we act like brothers; we have the same taste of food. Ha, I could laugh all day thinking about that. Ever since Tucker knew my secret, he accepts me of who I am and will always help me through it.

Sam is the Goth type but as a friend she's always trying to keep my hopes up as friends should be. She always finds a way throughout many situations. As the same, she always helps me with my problems and will always support me. Although, she is the one who convinced me to go in the ghost portal.

I chuckled slightly as I thought about it. We were just in the lab and Sam kept asking me to take pictures and stuff with the ghost portal. I couldn't deny it. Later, Sam convinced me to go inside the ghost portal and by that time the portal isn't working at all. I agreed t o go in but then I accidentally hit an 'on' button. To my surprise, I was electrocuted and I didn't see it coming. I didn't have time to run. After the shock, I realized I am a half ghost; half human. I can't believe that my parents place an on and off button inside the ghost portal. If I weren't in that accident I wouldn't be like this…different. I always wish and hope if I were only different…

I stopped chuckling when I realized what I thought. If I weren't different then…no one will be put into danger. I begin to be depressed as I wished for that to happen. My friends wouldn't be put in to danger but the thing is…it just happens for a reason and it is part of life…my life. Just this once, I would be different and be normal like other people are. They would be happy and no worries would come and go. I would be ok in school. My parents won't keep on asking me why I am late or why I come home passed by my curfew, 10 o'clock. Sigh, my life wouldn't be like that anymore, it would positive and what everyday teenagers do. For me, I'm always late for everything. I miss out everything. Just this once, I would be different today.

I stopped walking. I'm still standing in the sidewalk. I suddenly felt coldness overpowering me as I even shivered more and more. I tried to regain control. I tried to remember what Frostbite told me what to do just to control the coldness inside me. The coldness then lessens slightly but at the same time, overpowering me. What the heck is happening to me? I should already be used to this yet nothing is happening. I felt weak when I tried to regain control. I couldn't let the coldness overpower me or I wouldn't even make it like what happened to me before when it started. I stopped minding the coldness and I looked around me.

There were buildings or homes at my right and there are street lamps everywhere. It looks like the streets are deserted; with no people around. I am correct. I flinched as the coldness shivered up my spine. It felt like the coldness is scaring me. I looked at my left and I could see…the park.

I remembered the great times I had ever since I was a kid. I remembered meeting Tucker and Sam there for the first time. There were so many memories in that park. I had a picnic with my family and we would share wonderful stories with each other, well, my father always does that but you get the point (ghost stories). When I was a kid, we would play around; fly my kite and a lot of stuff. I couldn't remember how much fun I had in that park. I could remember how my parents were always happy. They make me happy. Now, it's a lot different. If I weren't Danny Phantom or even a freaky half ghost then I would be what I was before. I would be free. I will always be with my friends and we would have the best weekends of our lives.

There will be no problems, no worries. Just this once, I will be normal for this day…for this week maybe. I just want to be normal again so I will know how it feels like to have nothing to be left out about.

I breathe and I saw my breath. It's all cold looking and white. It isn't like my ghost sense. My breath was all pure white while my ghost sense is a bluish mist. I suddenly shivered hardly and the coldness was overpowering me again. I was trying to make myself warm but nothing is working. I could hear myself shuddering with my breath coming in and out quickly. I didn't care because I'm sure I will still be alive throughout if I could regain control of the coldness yet will it still work if I'm human or maybe when I'm a ghost. Man, I just want to be normal right now. I gazed at the park. I looked at its snow filled sign. Inside the park was filled with snow and all pure white is all I could see.

I then looked downcast. I saw the snow just staying there. I suddenly shivered again. I closed my eyes and wrapped my self with my exposed arms. I could feel and hear myself shuddering. It's just so cold. I don't know if I could still control it at all. I opened my eyes and realized that the snow covered my feet. I couldn't even see my red sneakers anywhere below me. I closed my eyes again to try regaining control again but none. I don't know what to do but give up. I opened my eyes half way and tighten my arm's grip as it gotten colder. I shuddered against my breath and I tried to control it and successfully.

I gazed at the park again. It's like its calling me or something. I looked down again and at the park once more. I moved one foot and I finally see my shoes again. It felt a bit numb though. I walked slowly from the sidewalk to the park, crossing the road at least. I walked to the entrance while I look at the surroundings. At every turn I make, there are memories flashing through my mind. I could see myself being young and happy. I could see myself as a kid being with mom and dad and also those memories when I first met Tucker then after that Sam. There were so many of them flashing right through my eyes. It would slow down sometimes then speed up again. I was then focused…I realized I was so happy before.

I was so happy before without being different, without being a half ghost freak and all. I had lived a great life before and it was pure joy and happiness. If only just this once, everything will be what it is before! My family and I being happy is what I always wanted throughout my entire life and now they are here being worried about me.

My family is always there to help me. They will always comfort me in everyway. They will always help me in situations that nobody can ever describe yet it's always hard to tell them the truth. It will always be hard to tell them. They just don't understand. They always worry me because they don't understand me at all. I always come home late and I'm always filled with cuts, bruises or wounds and whatsoever that may come up every time I come home. They would always ask me concern questions and it's so hurtful for me to never answer them or even lie to them.

My Dad, Jack Fenton, is like any other parent yet he is always showing his new invention or any other non-sense which is about ghost. He is always bumbling about ghosts and he will never know why the ghost tracker follows me. My dad is a ghost hunter and he would do anything to catch a ghost. As my ghost form, dad will always come after me ever since I was public enemy #1. Man, I hate this.

My…mom, Maddie Fenton, she's also a ghost hunter too but she's a lot smarter than my dad. No offense but my mom was the one who always ask me things. She will always ask me what's going on with my life. She will always help me but I ignore them. I just realized that after the situation about the DALV thing and when Vlad has to flirt with my mom (Eww). My mom is more of what I always expect. She's always there for me and comforts me whenever I'm down. She never leaves me at times when I'm sad or something else yet she doesn't know what I'm going through at all. Someday, would they understand? I have been scared everyday trying to know that and I'm always pity for them whenever they ask…what's wrong with me?

I just can't tell.

Do they deserve it?

I walked deeper into the park. I watched the snow falling like rain but only slower than ever. It was showing the sign of serenity. I looked at the snowy night sky. It was beautiful as I can remember. I could see clouds forming and the snow falling from them. Whenever the snow comes near my eyes, I could see its form as a snowflake. All of them have the same form as a snowflake. All of them were never different but not like me I'm not the same as the other people around here. I'm just a different snowflake.

Suddenly, I felt something from my eyes. It feels a bit warm and all of a sudden there were streams of them falling from my eyes. Am I…crying? I then shivered more and my breath was stuttering like crazy. "Why me?" I spoke with a raspy voice as I again tighten my hug. "Why won't He pick somebody else….just this once?"

I looked down and closed my eyes. I sobbed as I shivered under the night sky. It was so cold and I don't even care. What's not to care? Everyone in this town depends on me and why not another hero that could save someone's life. I just wanted to be a normal teenager with a normal life and just this once…I will be normal again. I hugged tighter and tighter and I let the tears stroll down through my face. It's just stupid hard life for me and I deserve to feel like this. Tears went across my cheeks and went down to my chin. I cried silently as snow fall upon me; in my neck or even covering my feet.

Unfortunately, a flash came to me. I could see a girl with a reddish orange hair and turquoise eyes. She placed a sweet smile in her face. It comforted me. She closed her eyes with glee and smiled the same. She has a black top with sleeves and pants that matches her eyes. She still smiled at me and I recognize it's my …"I'm always there for you Danny"…my sister.

I open my eyes widely and gasped making my breath form to a whit mist. I panted silently and I stared at the snow. I held my head with one hand "Jazz" I said with a rag voice. It's like I haven't spoke for many weeks or months. I forgot about her. She's always there for me and she never gives up on me. Ever since the spectra thing, I never knew that she already knows who I really am. She always helps me in making excuses from being home late, the wounds, and other certain or impossible situations. I always knew her as a perfect know-at-all; nutcase yet right now I know she's the best sister that I'll ever have.

I shivered and shivered continuously as I walked along the snowy ground of my favorite and only park. There were trees almost everywhere and I can't see a single grass but just pure white snow. It has become darker and darker yet few lights were then spreading across the park. Every step I take, I feel chills going through my bones. I feel a bit sick.

I placed my hands in my pocket. I thought about Jazz for a moment. If I only listened to her, she always tells me to tell my parents the truth. I always thought that it was hard to take it to them and I don't know how they will even react. Jazz always thinks the right thing to do. Do I even follow them…well, sometimes? I should've known that she is the only one who understands me. She knows what I am going through and what I am struggling through. It's not like everyone can think what she thinks. Jazz is a big sister of mine and she's always that basket case sister who tries to help me and does that psychology stuff. She's a big help.

I coughed as a few thoughts ran through my head. My eyes were too dull and my fingers were lingering the cloth of my pocket to get warmth as it gets colder and colder. I looked straight and widen my eyes as I realized where I am. I saw the fountain. The water has turned into ice and the trees were surrounding it but not too near. I am now in the middle of the park. The ice was clear and reflections can be seen. I walked slowly to be closer to the icy fountain. I stand by the fountain and I looked at my pale reflection.

My hair is messy. My sky blue eyes didn't twinkle nor glisten yet it just stands pale and dull. They were open half way there. My skin is pale as if I'm dying. I could see myself shivering. I just looked at my reflection blankly and depressed. I'm just a normal kid with everything in his life gone loose. I'm just a ghost hero that protects the town…that doesn't understand how he feels. Everything always gets in my way because of the entire saving thing. Being hero is what I'm not sure to be proud of. Sam says that my powers are unique…that I'm unique in different kind of ways. I have believed her by that doesn't mean that I can count on it always. She was telling me about what is right about me. If only everyone understands that being different and a freak is something that is hard to go through. I have to save the day, don't I?

I focused in my reflection again. I just wanted to be normal like other people are. I'm just made to be different, yeah right. If only everyone understands and help me on this. Just this once, I'm never ever different from all of the people in the world. I coughed again harshly as if the coldness tightens my neck, caused by the snow that went through my neck.

One last time I look at my reflection in the ice "Why am I different?" I said with my rag voice coming through my mouth. I closed my eyes to never see my reflection again. I turned and walked away from the fountain a few steps until "Danny?!" I heard her voice.

I opened my eyes once again and realized that voice was familiar. It sounded sweet and comfort like she will never ever do harm to me. The voice was sort of worried and never calm like what I always hear in my family. For sure, she's not my dad but a girl perhaps. She sounded like my mom but more of a teenager. I looked to my right and I saw…Jazz.

She was running and waving at me. She brought that concern face to me and a bit of "glad-to-see-you" face. She ran and ran as fast as she can but all of a sudden my vision became blurry but then it regains sight again. Jazz stopped running and tried to catch her breath. She's wearing her outfit for snow…good for her.

"Are you okay? You didn't wear your coat!" Jazz said with concern, her sweet voice relaxes me and it makes me listen to her. Her voice is what I needed. Jazz's voice comforts me and that's what I needed the most. It overwhelmed and whenever she talks to me it comforts me like I have been hugged by warmth itself. Yet when she's in a bad mood, she wouldn't be sweet at all.

"I'm fine, Jazz" I said gasping and rasping voice. It sounds like I'm in a sick bed, dying. I looked pale when I was seeing my reflection.

"Fine?! You're already shivering" Jazz pointed out again. She touched my shoulder but I shoved it off. Right now, she doesn't understand right now of what I'm doing here outside.

Ever since she said that, I begin to mind my shivering. I thought of regaining control over the coldness but still nothing worked. I didn't mind about that problem but instead I took out my hands from my pocket and let my arms warp myself. I looked away from Jazz and let myself warm. I didn't care if Jazz is actually seeing me shivering to death. It's just that right now I want her to help me what I am going through. I have to tell her first. She's here and she's the only one who gives me advice and a lot of stuff. She always convinces me to tell mom and dad about me but I don't follow. I tighten my hug.

"I…I-I'm just scared" I said with effort. I closed my eyes as I said that. I couldn't believe my voice sounded like depressed. I am telling the truth to Jazz. Yes, I'm scared. I'm scared of what is happening to me and I'm scared of what's going to happen if I stay like this. I'm scared of how I came to be may bring the ghosts on the target of my love ones. I'm a 14 year old boy risking for the ones I cared about. Clockwork told me that. I was then scared if I give up on that and I shouldn't be. I 'm just scared.

"Scared?" I heard the voice of Jazz. She was concern. She didn't mind how cold I am but she minds how scared I am. I sighed. The coldness overpowered once again. I didn't care again. I tried to regain control but nothing happens as usual. I was minding of where I am and Jazz's presence. I'm minding on how this will turn out to be. I'm too depressed that I can't even think straight. My head has gone spinning slightly.

"What are you scared of Danny?" I heard Jazz's voice again. It was more concern than ever. I faced up and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were glistening with concern and full of fear. She was really concern for me as I always expected.

"I'm always here for you" Jazz said. I widen my eyes at what she said. She said that when something went into my mind. She then gave me a reassuring smile to me. Yeah, she's always there for me. She always comes into my room and asks me what happened to me. She always asks how my life is going. She is always there coming into my room now and then. I always remember that she gives me a reassuring smile whenever she leaves the room.

I shivered yet I smiled weakly to Jazz. I suddenly dropped my smile when I remember what I was about to say to Jazz. I looked downcast and continued walking away from the fountain. I could feel the presence that Jazz is following me.

"I-I'm just scared…of everything" I stuttered as I remember the things I have gone through with my life. I'm sure Jazz knows how I feel. "I-I always protect Th-this town but… do they understand?"

I could hear that the footsteps behind me stopped for a while but then continued.

"No one does" I sighed. "I only hope they do"

I always hope that everyone will understand and I always wish for them to care and help me through it. Everyone thinks that people are just people and they just mind their own business, their own time, their own mind, their own health, their own things…and their own self. They never thought of helping someone that believes in hopes. Many people in this town were angry at me and it's true even one of them were your…parents. No one understands and it's hard to think that my parents don't understand their own child. It's just because I didn't tell them and I'm sure Jazz is right. Jazz should listen to me because I wanted her to help me.

"I'm beginning to wonder whose the joke around here" My voice sounded hurt and I swear that I could feel Jazz flinch. I always knew that I was the joke of the town but I also think that the people around me are jokes too…yet how about Jazz and my friends?

I looked up above and saw the snow falling down. I remembered what I thought. Every snowflake that is falling down is the same form but I'm a…different snowflake. I'm just not cut out to be a hero but I don't want to give up on it. I'm just falling down to pieces of what I'm thinking. I am looking for the ones who understand me…but I care for everyone.

"Jazz, I just know that I'm different" I looked downcast as I close my eyes "…and…it hurts"

I could somehow imagine Jazz looking down on the ground. I just hate that image. I don't want Jazz to be carrying this right now. I'm just telling her what I'm going through. It's just so complicated that I have to let Jazz know and help me. I didn't mean to let Jazz feel hurt about me. It's just not so easy to explain to her. It's all colliding at once.

"Danny I…" I hear Jazz about to say something but I interrupted.

"I always think who really trusts me and un-understands me" I coughed as the pain I feel was worsening. I was then about to say what I truly feel. Jazz knows what I'm going through. She has already passed my age already. She should know how it feels but she doesn't have a life of being cramped up in the world that everything I your responsibility. The whole world will be.

All of a sudden, under my pockets, I could feel my hands become numb and even number by every minute or second. It felt like you stayed in a certain position for too long while you are asleep but it is more of placing your hand in the freezer. I could still feel my hand become cold but it's just numb and I couldn't feel a thing but coldness. I didn't mind it anymore as I continued to talk to Jazz yet I begin to feel dizzy.

"I realize right now, Jazz…" I stopped walking and I mentally took a deep breathe. I know I should tell her how much I should thank her for everything she has done for me. She was always there right beside me. Jazz is always there for me and she always tells me that she cares. She brings me a lot of love from what she always tells me.

I could hear the sound of footsteps stop as what Jazz did. I closed my eyes as I again mentally took another deep breathe. "…that someone does understand me"

As I said that, my arm became numb. I shivered hardly as the coldness again attacked me by overpowering my body. It was beginning to be too cold for me to handle.

"Danny?" I could feel Jazz touch my shoulder. It was warmer than ever than the coldness I feel inside my body. I was warm and something that I shouldn't be afraid of. She was comforting me with her soft and loving hand. It was what I wanted but I can't take it. She was just trying her best to comfort me but not just yet. My mind begins to be spinning around yet I still continued just to tell Jazz one important thing that she should remember. I now think that I don't care if I die unless Jazz is always there for me. She's my sister.

Suddenly, coldness went into my feet. I slowly open my dull eyes half way there and I could see snow covering my feet. I could feel my whole body begin to be colder and colder and numb. I don't know if I could even stand up anymore. I couldn't feel my arms shaking anymore or even my hands and shoulders. I can't even feel the warmth where Jazz is touching me (shoulder). My body was numb and I couldn't feel a thing. My mind begins to panic but I have to stay awake.

I blinked as the coldness overwhelmed me. I have to tell her how much I want to thank for her. I slowly looked to my right to see Jazz. I could only say one thing to Jazz. Jazz takes care of me like she's my mother yet she's my big sister and older than me. She always tells me what to do even though I'm not following her and that's how she should be. Jazz is like a great sister for everyone and she always tells me what is right. She will never give up one me like a friend. She will never hurt me like the people should be. She will never leave me alone like a sister.

"Y-You understand me, Jazz" whispered with my raspy voice. I could see Jazz's eyes widen as I smiled at her. She's the only one who understands me.

I suddenly felt my knees become numb and my mind too was like frozen. My head was spinning quickly, my vision was blurry, and my entire body was weak that I couldn't stand up any longer. I closed my eyes as my knees buckled and I collapsed. Everything was then cold that I could only feel anything slightly.

"Danny!" I heard a muffling voice that I could make up with. It was my sister's voice. I could feel slightly that…someone is holding me and hugged me. I could feel that the coldness in me was out of chaos. I shivered and shivered as the coldness has gotten colder by every millisecond. I coughed and coughed as I know that my life has gotten worse. It has reached its worst. I shivered hardly and I know it won't stop. The warmth of Jazz wouldn't help me for long.

Fortunately, I felt a soft cloth around my body. I felt warm a bit and I was waiting for it to overwhelm me. I notice the warmth and the cloth and it felt like Jazz's jacket wrapping around my body. Jazz gave up her coat for me. I coughed again Jazz held me through her dear life right now. I could hear Jazz muffling about something but I couldn't make it up. It was so cold that I wanted to go to the darkness already but then I could hear my ears go pop and then that's when I can hear what's around me.

"…Danny?! Danny?! Danny, please stay with me, ok?!" I could get the hint of fear from Jazz's voice. She was so worried of me ever since I collapsed. My sense of feeling then kicked in. I could feel Jazz hugging me for warmth and I was right that I was wrapped from Jazz's jacket. I could feel its warm cloth trying to overwhelm me. I could feel my head being in Jazz's right shoulder. I could feel one hand of hers at the back of my neck feeling my hair and the other hand at my back. It's as if, Jazz's concern was giving me warmth.

"Danny?" I could hear her trying to get my attention "Answer me, Danny!!" I could feel the hand of Jazz which is from the back of my neck went away from that portion but I could feel it touch my cheek and it tries to let me look up to see Jazz's face. So my head is lying at Jazz's chest but I'm looking at her face. I open my eyes half way there again. I could see Jazz's teary face and it was like she cried for a long, long time. "Danny! Please stay with me, Danny! Please!!"

Jazz was crying so much that I know she was scared for me. My eyes begin to be blurry again but I tried to stay awake. "J-Jazz" I said with my usual raspy voice quietly.

"Danny?" Jazz looked at me with her sobbing eyes.

"Love you sis" I whispered quietly but only for Jazz to hear. She widens her teary eyes as she looked at me. I didn't smile nor frown but I cried quietly with tears of joy and tears of sorrow. It's all in the same. I felt the hand that's touching my cheek moved and it caressed my cheek. It was warm and gave me comfort that I'll ever have throughout my life.

"Love you too Danny" Jazz said still crying for me. She hugged me and place her other hand at my head to comb my hair. I closed my eyes as I could feel the darkness overwhelming my sight. My head stopped spinning and I whispered "Thank you for everything"

I suddenly lay unconscious.

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