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--Complete-Chapter2-Danny-He's a Phantom- Fenton-He's a Phantom-Danny-He's a Phantom-Phantom-Chapter2 -Complete—

Just This Once

Chapter 2

A Danny and Jazz Bonding


A Danny Phantom Fan Fiction

By Dawn Gray Manson

--Complete-Chapter2-Danny-He's a Phantom- Fenton-He's a Phantom-Danny-He's a Phantom-Phantom-Chapter2 -Complete—

Danny's POV

I can't remember what happened. I can't even remember where am I or what was I doing back then. I can't see a simple thing but only darkness. There was no simple light across it. I wanted to panic but something made me stop. I then felt coldness looming over me. It was overwhelming my whole body and I can't stop it. I remember that I can control it but when I tried to…it didn't work. I don't care…I just let it took over me. Unfortunately, it feels like I felt this before; the coldness overwhelming with its delight and whatsoever.

I don't only see anything but I fortunately can hear…I could hear beeping sounds in my left and it has an annoying rhythm. It just beeps once then for a few seconds it will beep again. I didn't mind it since it was annoying to me. In my right, I could hear something like someone was pumping air or something to a balloon yet it was the same with the beeping sound; slow. Where am I? Wait a minute, don't tell me!

I'm in my parents' lab?! I don't know. I mean with all the robotic beeping and pumping it sounds like I'm in a lab but somehow there were not many sounds in the lab. It was all booming sounds meaning dad made a new invention but this sound is new. I never heard it before in the lab. I didn't mind them until I heard my breathing. My breathing was shivering and somewhat raspy. It's like I came from a fight or something. Did I? Suddenly, the coldness slightly calmed down. I can feel yet a bit numb.

But…I feel a soft cloth under me. I cold feel its smooth touch. I realized I was lying down in the bed. Wait a minute; the lab doesn't have a bed…so I am definitely not in the lab at all. I then felt a soft cushion under my head. It's a pillow but then again I seem to be sitting up and not lying down. I could feel a soft texture on top of my body up to my chest except my arms aren't covered. I could also feel a mask or something on top of my nose and mouth; oxygen mask. The beeping robotic sounds, the pumping, the oxygen mask and the bed…I am definitely not in my parents' lab.

I tried to open my eyes yet it felt so heavy. It's like I slept for many weeks. I tried again but I couldn't at all. I was very exhausted and I'm sure I don't want to move an inch. But I did it anyway. I tried to move my hand but I only did a slight budge with my fingers. Man, this is hopeless. I am hopeless! Well, more of helpless…but who cares they're somehow the same! I tried to open my eyes again yet I could hear the beeping sound gotten louder and a bit faster. I tried to calm down and the beeping sound stopped going any faster or louder.

"Danny?" all of a sudden I heard a sweet voice. I recognized it. It was sweet and I realized it was comforting and gentle. It made me relax more. My breathing was still shivering. The voice…it was so sweet. My thoughts begin to rumble in my head. The voice was concern yet soft and sweet just the way I like it. It's not like the ones that are annoying, disturbing and angry all the time. Pass through the beeping sounds and the pumping sounds; I could hear the sweet voice again.

"Danny? Are you awake?" It was so sweet and I didn't mind anything at all. The coldness melted and it began to be warm. The voice just made me warm. I wanted to respond yet when I made a tiny bit noise inside my mouth, under my throat…it felt rag and raspy like I have been in an iceberg for many months. I tried to make a sound yet I can't. My throat was in pain. I panicked yet I felt something touched my left hand. It locked with my fingers and it felt so warm and comfy. I felt even warmer and warmer. I just have to open my eyes even though I'm exhausted.

I tried once again trying to open my eyes. My eyelids open a bit and it closed again, it opened again half way there but then closed again and then it opened again still halfway there and I didn't close them anymore. I could see a bright light. It was too bright that I have to blink for a while. My eyes were really heavy but I have to see where the heck I am and…the voice. The light cleared yet I had a blurry vision.

I look at where I am sitting up and I was in a bed and I was wearing green hospital clothes. The room was white yet little furniture was here and there. There was a coffee table at my right with flowers and get well cards. I could see what was making that pumping sound and it was hanging in a pole. I tilted to my left ever so slowly and I could see what was making that beeping sound…it was a heart monitor. I was in a hospital.

Why am I in the hospital?

Suddenly, everything came back like a ghost overshadowing me. I closed my eyes and I remember I was walking in the park, there was snow, and I wasn't wearing my snow wear, cold, collapsed and…Jazz! I remembered about Jazz. She was there…she was there all along. I must've collapsed because I was staying under the snow for too long…without any coat.

"Danny" I heard that sweet voice again and I slowly opened my eyes half way there and saw a concern 16 year old girl right in front of my eyes with an orange hair and blue green head band. It was my sister, Jazz.

I gave a weak smile and she smiled too.

"Hey Danny…you ok?" She said ever so gently. I just felt even more comfortable. I tried to speak yet it was kind of hard. I finally opened my mouth and I can't believe what I just did. I spoke…finally!!

"I-I'm a bit f-fine" I stuttered with a rag voice. I was still shivering and I just can't stop it. I don't even feel cold or anything at all but just warmth, warmth that came from the touch of Jazz's hand that is locked on my fingers, warmth that came from her sweet voice. Jazz took out her fingers from mine. I lost her soft touch yet it cam back. Jazz caressed my hand with her smooth fingers. She didn't caressed my palm but at the back of my hand. It comforted me a lot and made me even warmer.

"W-what happened?" I know what happened but I just want to see Jazz's part of the story. I just don't know how she manages to get me to the hospital. I also wondered why not at home. She knows how to explain back to mom and dad. Jazz still caressed my hand but her other hand then combed my raven hair. It felt relaxing.

"Well" She started but began to be even more worried than lately. "I saw you walking at the park. You weren't wearing your coat. I went towards you and after that you…" Jazz paused for a while and looked at my heart monitor. I just stared at her face. She stopped combing my hair and placed her hand down. She also stopped caressing my hand but she didn't let go. She looked back at me with those worried eyes "…you talked to me about how your life was going…rough……I know you are hurt Danny and I just thought about it. You were tired everything…everything that you are going through; the ghost fighting, the restless homework and school, our protection and your secret…I know it is hard for you Danny…"

She paused again. She looked like she was in a verge of tears. She knows that she can't stop them from falling down. I can't believe it. I hurt her because of what I said in that time…in that moment when I was in the park while I was taking to Jazz about how hard my life is. I just hurt her. I didn't mean it. I didn't physically hurt her but I emotionally and mentally hurt her. She was thinking that she hasn't done anything better for me…for me to be in the best life I ever have. I never have…the best day of my life or anything of that…it's just a tough life for me.

Jazz wiped away her tears and looked at me once again. "…but yes, I know I'm always there for you and you then said…I'm the only one who understands you…it sort of touched me or hurt me…I don't know…" Jazz stuttered and let the tears roll down from her eyes. I looked at her and thought of how much pain I have caused her. I just didn't mean it. I clenched Jazz's hand and I could feel heat on my eyes like I'm going to cry. I just didn't mean to hurt her. "…after that you collapsed right in front of me…you were actually staying in the snow for too long without any snow wear or anything…so I brought you to the hospital when I suddenly realize you have a sickness; colds…thank God you are ok!"

She stopped and hugged me. It wasn't a bone crushing hug but just a simple one when comfort comes to exist. I tried to hug her back but I can't. She just hugged me and I didn't hug her back. I could hear her cry silently as possible. I just knew she was hurt right in her heart. I just knew it…it just made me want to kill myself for doing that. I did that before but it was another story. I made Jazz hurt when she was annoying and all with the "I-want-to-help-you-in-your-ghost hunting" situation. That is already over and here she is crying…because of me.

I just hurt her. The heat in my eyes broke off and I started to cry quietly and slowly. I didn't mean it. I'm so stupid for talking to her like that. I just want to bang my head in the floor or wall or something. I just hate myself right now. I closed my eyes tightly as Jazz let go of the hug. I just knew she is looking at me. She held my hand again, fingers locked on mine. I felt her other hand caressed my left cheek. I opened my eyes and still crying as hard as I could.

"Danny, are you okay?" Jazz asked me with concern. I just looked at her teary eyes. I just wanted to let those tears to go away. It just tells me that she's hurt. I could feel the hand that was caressing my cheeks used her thumb to rub away my tears. I tried to calm down yet nothing happened. I just cried and cried and I could feel something painful in my throat and also in my heart…it was something heavy. I could hear the heart monitor getting faster and louder. I realize the tears that are rolling down from my eyes were making me colder by the minute. It's supposed to be hot tears but it wasn't. I could feel the pain in my heart grew as soon as I thought of Jazz.

"I'm sorry" I said in crackling voice. I clenched my eyes as it hurts so much to think.

"What?" Jazz gasped at what I said.

"I'm so…s-so sorry Jazz" I stuttered with my gasping voice. I opened my eyes and just looked at her painfully.

"Danny, it's not your fault" My sister held my cheek again, trying to comfort me one more time.

"IT IS!!!!! I'M SORRY!!!!" I just can't handle it anymore. I sat up and hugged Jazz ever so tightly. I just hate myself right now. I didn't want to hurt Jazz in the first place….Never. I didn't want her to get hurt in one particular reason. I just knew. I know that Jazz is my sister and she is the only sister I have. She's the one I can look up to. She helped me through these days and weeks when I'm down. She helped me through everything. I just gave something to her that she didn't deserve. I didn't even plan it. I just did… and she said that it wasn't my fault.

That is when I come to realize, I remembered what I talked to Jazz about.

"I…I-I'm just scared" I said with effort. I closed my eyes as I said that. I couldn't believe my voice sounded like depressed. I am telling the truth to Jazz. Yes, I'm scared. I'm scared of what is happening to me and I'm scared of what's going to happen if I stay like this. I'm scared of how I came to be may bring the ghosts on the target of my love ones. I'm a 14 year old boy risking for the ones I cared about. Clockwork told me that. I was then scared if I give up on that and I shouldn't be. I 'm just scared

I remembered that what I said to her didn't mean to hurt her at all.

"Scared?" I heard the voice of Jazz. She was concern. She didn't mind how cold I am but she minds how scared I am. I sighed. The coldness overpowered once again. I didn't care again. I tried to regain control but nothing happens as usual. I was minding of where I am and Jazz's presence. I'm minding on how this will turn out to be. I'm too depressed that I can't even think straight. My head has gone spinning slightly.

"What are you scared of Danny?" I heard Jazz's voice again. It was more concern than ever. I faced up and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were glistening with concern and full of fear. She was really concern for me as I always expected.

"I'm always here for you" Jazz said. I widen my eyes at what she said. She said that when something went into my mind. She then gave me a reassuring smile to me. Yeah, she's always there for me. She always comes into my room and asks me what happened to me. She always asks how my life is going. She is always there coming into my room now and then. I always remember that she gives me a reassuring smile whenever she leaves the room.

I remembered that Jazz was the one who I was referring to. I wasn't scared of her. No, I was scared of everything, my life and everything that is happening to me. Still, I always think the things that I have gone through, I told her all along and I knew that she was hurt…she wasn't hurt mentally…

"I-I'm just scared…of everything" I stuttered as I remember the things I have gone through with my life. I'm sure Jazz knows how I feel. "I-I always protect Th-this town but… do they understand?"

I could hear that the footsteps behind me stopped for a while but then continued.

"No one does" I sighed. "I only hope they do"

She wasn't hurt of what I said…I just knew. I was trying to tell her what I have been through. I just couldn't take it anymore at that moment. I knew that I have to tell her what was going on with me ever since I kept everything from her. I kept everything from her as a secret. It was a great mental secret that I have kept from her. It just hurts when I say these things to her. It hurts like what I feel right now, feeling the heavy weight upon my shoulder and on my heart…

"I'm beginning to wonder whose the joke around here" My voice sounded hurt and I swear that I could feel Jazz flinch. I always knew that I was the joke of the town but I also think that the people around me are jokes too…yet how about Jazz and my friends?

I looked up above and saw the snow falling down. I remembered what I thought. Every snowflake that is falling down is the same form but I'm a…different snowflake. I'm just not cut out to be a hero but I don't want to give up on it. I'm just falling down to pieces of what I'm thinking. I am looking for the ones who understand me…but I care for everyone.

"Jazz, I just know that I'm different" I looked downcast as I close my eyes "…and…it hurts"

She wasn't hurt. I just knew deep inside me. I told her what I needed to tell her. I told her the only thing that she needed to know…

"I always think who really trusts me and un-understands me" I coughed as the pain I feel was worsening. I was then about to say what I truly feel. Jazz knows what I'm going through. She has already passed my age already. She should know how it feels but she doesn't have a life of being cramped up in the world that everything is your responsibility. The whole world will be.

All of a sudden, under my pockets, I could feel my hands become numb and even number by every minute or second. It felt like you stayed in a certain position for too long while you are asleep but it is more of placing your hand in the freezer. I could still feel my hand become cold but it's just numb and I couldn't feel a thing but coldness. I didn't mind it anymore as I continued to talk to Jazz yet I begin to feel dizzy.

She just needed to know how much this means to me…

"I realize right now, Jazz…" I stopped walking and I mentally took a deep breathe. I know I should tell her how much I should thank her for everything she has done for me. She was always there right beside me. Jazz is always there for me and she always tells me that she cares. She brings me a lot of love from what she always tells me.

I could hear the sound of footsteps stop as what Jazz did. I closed my eyes as I again mentally took another deep breathe. "…that someone does understand me"

As I said that, my arm became numb. I shivered hardly as the coldness again attacked me by overpowering my body. It was beginning to be too cold for me to handle.

"Danny?" I could feel Jazz touch my shoulder. It was warmer than ever than the coldness I feel inside my body. I was warm and something that I shouldn't be afraid of. She was comforting me with her soft and loving hand. It was what I wanted but I can't take it. She was just trying her best to comfort me but not just yet. My mind begins to be spinning around yet I still continued just to tell Jazz one important thing that she should remember. I now think that I don't care if I die unless Jazz is always there for me. She's my sister.

She needed to know what she does everyday for me that she never knew…

Suddenly, coldness went into my feet. I slowly open my dull eyes half way there and I could see snow covering my feet. I could feel my whole body begin to be colder and colder and numb. I don't know if I could even stand up anymore. I couldn't feel my arms shaking anymore or even my hands and shoulders. I can't even feel the warmth where Jazz is touching me (shoulder). My body was numb and I couldn't feel a thing. My mind begins to panic but I have to stay awake.

She's the only one that keeps me standing tall. She tells me a lot of things that makes me smile. It was breath taking…

I blinked as the coldness overwhelmed me. I have to tell her how much I want to thank for her. I slowly looked to my right to see Jazz. I could only say one thing to Jazz. Jazz takes care of me like she's my mother yet she's my big sister and older than me. She always tells me what to do even though I'm not following her and that's how she should be. Jazz is like a great sister for everyone and she always tells me what is right. She will never give up one me like a friend. She will never hurt me like the people should be. She will never leave me alone like a sister.

She was the only one who…

"Y-You understand me, Jazz"


I felt myself calm down and I even stopped crying yet there were tears still rolling on my cheek. I just opened my eyes and stared at nothing. I looked like I came to realize something. I do. I realized that Jazz was the only one who makes me happy. Yes, she's annoying and a simple basket case but she saved my life by how life could be for me. She wanted to help me in all those ghost fights but all she did is supporting me. She understands me.

"Y-You understand me" I said in a hushed whisper.

"Danny?" I heard Jazz's voice.

"I remember…" I said with a hushed whisper again. I know that I have no reason to cry right in front of her. "Y-You understand me, J-Jazz"

"Yes" I could hear her voice and it sounded like she was about to cry again. Yet, it has a hint of relief. She hugged me tighter and tighter as if with joy. She hugged me tighter as if she knew that I'm out of my depression "Yes, yes, yes, Danny!"

I let go at hugging her and lie down as I felt all of a sudden exhausted. I could feel that I have wrinkles under my eyes and hair is messy. My tears vanished from my eyes and I smiled at Jazz. I was glad that she was here for me. Jazz held my hand again with her finger locked in mine once more. She smiled back at me.

"I'm thankful to be your sister, bro" my smile has gotten wider by the minute she said that.

"Me too" I whispered quietly but enough for Jazz to hear it. My eyes were too heavy that I closed them and went into a deeps sleep. This day may be better and better. Jazz will always understand me no matter what. Why? It's because she is my sister. My big sister, she will always understand me and will always help me get through it.

Yet tomorrow may be the only thing I'm going to look after. Jazz has always told me every now and then. She always tells me to do this because it was the right thing to do for my secret and for me. I didn't accept what Jazz said but maybe…just maybe, I might be able to do it for me and for her.

I have to tell mom and dad my secret.

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