Unwanted Treasure

By: Sailorjj07

1. Birth

A/n: My first Zuko and Katara. I dunno what exactly to rate this so, I'll rate it M for now, since I'm not sure if it's one or the other. I'd love for people's thoughts. I think it's more T than M, but to be on the safe side...I may or may not drop it down.

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"You have to push, Katara."


"You have to! Do you want your baby to die?"

"It's that bastard's baby! HE SHOULD BE PUSHING, DAMN IT!"

The nurse grimaced as I glared at her fiercely. My contractions were so painful, I felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside out.

It was all his fault too; all of this I blame on Zuko. This baby, my pain, my heartbreak. It's all that bastard's damn fault.

I hate him. I hate him for what he's done to me.

But I won't condemn my baby. I won't blame a child for something his or her father has done. I braced my arms against the bed, and began to push, surprising the nurse at my strength. She rushed to activity and that's when he came in the room.

"Is she-?"

"Get the hell out! I HATE YOU, ZUKO! I HATE YOU!" I screamed, and with each word I pushed harder and harder to get my baby out. Damn him for taking away my concentration; I didn't want him near me at all.

His face was sad as he came towards me, in which the vase near him shattered from the explosion of water inside. He stopped, only to be careful of the broken shards, and kept coming closer, staring me down with his golden eyes. I could feel my eyes tearing up, blurring Zuko's face as he got closer and closer.

"Stay away!" I cried, choking back a sob as I gave a hard push, in which the nurse mumbled something and continued to get everything ready; my baby was coming.

"I won't. Katara, you are the mother of my child. I'll never leave you." His stare was unbroken as he finally reached me and the dam broke; I sobbed like a mourning widow and prayed to the Moon Goddess that she would pick one of my pains and make it go away.

"You left me before! Where were you when Azula put me and my baby's lives in danger? You weren't there when I almost lost your child!" I kept sobbing, pushing all the while. I could feel myself almost fainting, because it was all too much.

Tears shone in Zuko's eyes too, even in his scarred eye. He took hold of my hand, his gaze still sad, filled with regret and...loving. I hadn't expected that. Nor did was I prepared for his words: "Katara, calm down, love. I am here now. That's all that matters. We can worry about all that later, ok? You and our baby are more important. You have to live through this and you won't when you're screaming at me."

"Well if you weren't so damn-."

"Your anger is justified, love." Then he leaned ever so close to my ear and whispered, "Breathe Katara."

I gasped as memories of the last time he said that to me flashed in my head... And then, I pushed all the air out. I breathed, in and out, as if his command was mine to obey. I breathed and pushed, pushed and breathed, and soon enough, my baby's wail pierced the air as she - which the nurse had proclaimed as my baby girl left my womb - took her first breaths of air in her tiny lungs.

The nurse made quick work of cleaning her, cutting her cords and wrapping her up. Soon enough she was in my tired arms, still crying loudly.

"She's...she's-" Zuko was beside me, one hand on our baby's tiny cheek and the other behind my back. I rocked her gently, hushing her slowly as I kissed her face gently, my lips brushing across both her cheek and her father's fingers.

As I quieted her softly and she opened dark blue eyes, I whispered to Zuko, "She's Takara. My beautiful treasure, Takara."

And then, sleep claimed me and I was carried off into darkness.

End Chapter 1

A/n: Tell me what you think! Oh and in case you're wondering Takara means treasure in Japanese.