Unwanted Treasure

By: Sailorjj07

13. The Ninth Month

A/n: THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO REVIEWED! This was an awesome story and I had so much fun writing it! Maybe I'll write something like this for another genre? I could call it the "Unwanted" series, haha. Anyway, thanks again everyone.

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"Katara....Katara, wake up."

There was a voice hovering over me and it was familiar. I wasn't sure who it belonged to, but was definitely feminine.

"Oh come on, Katara. Takara's awake and she'll start crying if you don't pay attention to her. She's selfish, like her Daddy."

"Hey, I'm right here."

"So? I'm older than you."

'Takara...? My beautiful baby girl...'

I bolted up in the bed and a loud giggle came from the left side of my bed. Takara was gently handed to me, and she yawned cutely. For a month old, she was so plump and adorable!

I looked over and gave a cry of delight, grabbing hold of Sonatia with my free arm. "You're here! You came!"

"Well, of course. I'm the Fire Lord's family doctor now. Oh, and I have a HUGE new candy store here. It's great!" Sonatia grinned, stepping away from me. Zuko pressed a kiss into my cheek and then rolled his eyes as Sonatia winked at him.

"You can still call me Zuko, Sonatia." He said, crossing his arms over his bare chest. I kissed Takara's cheeks, while she cooed happily at me, making happy faces at her.

"Oh, but Fire Lord Zuko sounds so much better! And royal! I work for a royal family! Ooh, this is so great!" Sonatia cried, nearly dancing around the room in her joy.

I smiled at Zuko and kissed his lips gently, "Thank you for this wedding gift, your majesty."

"Ugh, not you too! You call me Zuko, peasant girl." Zuko said, putting his arm around me. He pulled me into his lap and pressed a kiss into my shoulder, not really caring that Sonatia was there.

"Zuko...you'll pay for that later. And stop that, you'll teach Takara bad habits."

"Katara, my husband is on his way too! Zuko gave him a job distributing candy all over the world! Our dream has finally come true because of you guys!"

"And you helped me take care of myself through-out my pregnancy. Thank you."

"Eh? Its nothing. I love you guys! You remind me of Twin and myself when we were younger!" Sonatia said, still swaying in happiness.

Then I noticed her bump. "S-Sonatia, are you-?! You're having a baby?"

"Well, yes! I am old enough, you know. Plus I'm already married," Sonatia stuck her tongue out at us, but it was more to tease Zuko than anything else.

"We're married too!" Zuko cried, holding up our hands that had our wedding rings on them. Yes, we were definitely married. I sighed as I remembered the ceremony that had taken place about a month ago.

About four days after I gave birth to Takara, Zuko and I were eloped in the palace. Two days after, we had the biggest wedding ceremony in Fire Nation history, with attendees from every nation.

It was so much fun, with everyone smiling and happy for us...And my wedding night...well, that's really none of your business.

"So have you seen Toph and Sokka yet, Sonatia?" Zuko asked, still holding me in his lap. I played with Takara, but listened for Sonatia's answer.

"Ooh, they went to go talk to Toph's parents this morning. It was my idea, haha! Sokka's gonna ask them if he can marry her when she's old enough! I had Aang take them with Appa-!"

"You sent the AVATAR to go with Toph and Sokka?! Sonatia, really, what're you thinking? Using the Avatar like a messenger boy..." Zuko heaved a loud sigh; he probably thought he'd never hear the end of this from the council.

"But-! He was so happy to go do it! Ever since you've introduced us, he's been helping me with my ideas all the time."

"Sounds like Aang has another crush..." I whispered to Takara, who giggled and held onto my finger.

"You think so?" Both Sonatia and Zuko asked me curiously.

I nodded and smiled at them both, "Aang has a thing for older women. But I never thought it'd go as high as your age! We really need to stop that before he falls for someone like...Azula, or something."

"Now that would be," Zuko started to say.

"Just gross." Sonatia finished for him, the two wearing disgusted expressions on their faces.

I laughed and slid off of Zuko's lap, handing Takara to him, "So...My dear husband, can Sonatia and I go furnish her rooms? Pleasseeeeeeeeeeeee? We'll be back in about three hours. And Takara loves going to meetings with her Daddy."

Zuko shook his head as Takara giggled at him, blowing a spit bubble. Zuko popped it and kissed his daughter's cheek, "Fine. She's probably more interesting than those blubbering old fools anyway."

"Well, of course! She's my daughter, after all," I said, smirking at Zuko as I got out of bed. I had on my sleeping clothes and hugged Sonatia as soon as I was up, "I have to get dressed and then we'll go to all the furniture stores and have your rooms exactly to your liking!"

"Ooh and with the Queen with me, I'm sure to get lots of discounts!"

"Duh! I'm the Fire Lady, after all!" I walked over to Zuko's side of the bed to kiss his cheek again, but he turned his head and our lips collided, filling me with warmth. I pulled away, smiling warmly, "Zuko, you're in so much trouble when I get back."

"What for?" Zuko had a smirk on his face, because he already knew the answer to my question.

"For," I leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

He kissed my lips again and then pushed me away gently, "Then hurry and get back to me. I'll wait on my punishment happily."

"Bye, my loves! Takara, be a good girl for your Daddy." I kissed my baby's forehead and then looped arms with Sonatia. I had to go get dressed first.

"You two are so cute!" Sonatia said, as we walked along the hallway. Several maids bowed in my direction, and I smiled back at them, while we headed for the baths. "So where did you get Takara's name from?"

"It's a Fire Nation name. It means 'treasure'."

"Ooh, how lovely! For a while there, I thought she would be an 'unwanted treasure', if you know what I mean."

I stopped in mid-step at the truth behind Sonatia's words. At the start, I hadn't wanted to have a baby. I was afraid. I didn't want her father to be Zuko either. But slowly, he began to warm my heart like no other...and my unwanted treasure was more than just wanted, she was longed for. My baby had done so much before she even came into the world. She had given me the will to live when there was none, she had brought Zuko and I closer, and she even touched the heart of my family. Now, we're closer than ever before.

My baby girl was marvelous. She was my beautiful treasure: Takara.

End Chapter 13