Monday 30th August

Major Case Squad Room

Eames arrived early, furious about traffic, the rain and juggling some files, her jacket, her purse, keys and cup of coffee. She dropped the half eaten blueberry muffin trying and failing to put some of the items on her desk.

"Dammit Goren! Must you leave your…" she muttered before stopping herself and glancing around. Just glad the few people already there didn't seem to notice.

His leather folder sat in the centre of her desk. It was here and he was not and would not be anytime soon. Probably still stuck in the Holland Tunnel or had that camper van impounded by the New Jersey State Troopers as a threat to public safety.

Eames moved the folder aside, unable to understand why he left it behind. Goren was almost glued to that folder, like it was an extension of him. Underneath was a gift-wrapped parcel. The card was in his writing, with her name on it.

She tore off the paper; smiled at the Number 2 Yankees shirt, which was signed by its usual wearer and then read the note.

"I expect to be very busy until the end of October. But another cop gave me your number and I'll call you then Alex. To arrange a time and place for a foot massage"

She doubted Derek Jeter would call, but she could hope. It would also give her time to work out how the hell Goren fixed that one.

Her smile was broad across her face by then and after momentary hesitation, Alex picked up Bobby's folder and slid the zip around. Inside was a brief message.

"Alex. I left this because the names and numbers of my helpful contacts are in it. Hope you can make use of them in the next few months. Please take care of it for me until I come back...but most of all…of yourself"

It was signed"Rob".

"Rob?" Alex said softly to herself. "Yeah? I guess I could get used to that Goren"